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Balassa Alexie

Nikolai Residents:
Raffle for a CORD of wood! Donated by Telida Village Council
$10 per ticket or $50 for 6 tickets!
Alaska USA transfers and Cash welcome!
C...ontact me to get in on this @2210 or 2322
we are at the $250 mark, looking to reach $400 total before we do the drawing!
All proceeds go to the Spring Carnival!
Please feel free to share!

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Balassa Alexie

50/50 Raffle Tickets for sale!
Half for the winner and half for the Nikolai School children's fourth grade trips.
Contact me to get yours today!
$5 Per ticke...t or $20 for 5 tickets!
Thank you for supporting Nikolai's youth!
Drawing will be announced!

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Congratulations to Nancy V. from Nikolai on winning the 271!
Thank you all for your support in the 2018 Nikolai Hutenodinech Sobriety Event!

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Afternoon everyone, here is the link for donations, please keep sharing we would love to assist the family as much as we can, thank you

Patrick unexpectedly passed away this morning in McGrath. He was 36 years old. We would like to help his family with the cost of travel and funeral expenses. Plans are to lay him to rest here in Nikolai. We will continue to post updates as we receive more information. Please contact Daryl or B...

Good Morning !

Balassa is on the hunt for canned or frozen veggies for our Elder lunches, she serves elder lunches twice a week ( Wednesday and Friday's)
Food for these lunches ARE limited, meaning the lunches wont last too long.
Please consider donating to our elders, we are accepting any donations, including entrees! ...
( 55 and older)
Thank you!
please bring donations to the Village Council office or give Balassa a call at 293-2210!
Have a GREAT day!

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NEVC supported the communitys fireworks display this year, here is some video!
NEVC supported the community's fireworks display this year, here is some video!

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Posted by Balassa Alexie
Balassa Alexie

Got some fireworks 💥 action!
Thank you Nikolai Edzeno' Tribal Council for ordering them! The community LOVED the display!
Happy new year

Good Morning all!
We sold out of the Chainsaw Raffle tickets!
A big thank you to McGrath and Takotna for joining in on the raffle, Nikolai thanks you for your support In the 2018 Nikolai Hutenodinech Sobriety Event! We hope to see you there!

Balassa Alexie

Spaghetti Dinner tomorrow night for Carl Gregory. He has to be in town for another week waiting to get another XRAY done to make sure he doesn't have to do
Garlic Bread
a veggie and dessert, $10 per plate!
Thank you for your continued support!
(He doesn't know that we are raising money for him, I thought he would love to be surprised!)
Please Share!

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Great news!
To speed up this raffle, it was decided to REDUCE the amount of tickets being sold, ONLY 60! we took away 20 tickets in the hopes of finishing up this raffle so we can work on the next one! Call Balassa at 293-2210 to get yours today!

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Balassa Alexie

We have 30 tickets left for the chainsaw raffle!
let me know if you want to get in on that! $ 30 per ticket or 4 for $100! (Saving you $20 bucks!
... cash Alaska USA transfers welcome!
All proceeds go to 2018 Nikolai Hutenodinech Sobriety Event!
IF we raise enough money, I would like to have a band come out here! so exciting!
so come find me or message me if you would like to purchase some tickets!
*Chainsaw is located in Nikolai, but willing to send to whoever wins!*

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Afternoon Nikolai:
After some discussion, it was decided to add a little savings with the chainsaw raffle tickets!
it is:
$30 each ticket BUT....
IF YOU Buy 4 for $100, Saving you $20! ...
cash and Alaska USA transfers welcome!
please contact Balassa via messenger or phone!

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Good Morning!
We would like to remind everyone that you are now able to purchase some chainsaw raffle tickets with an Alaska USA transfer!
If you are interested, please contact Balassa for the info!!

All proceeds are for the next Spring Carnival!! ( Mid-March )

Temporary position available must be Nikolai Resident- Community Planning Specialist ($20 an hour total 400 hours) details available at the office..Please contact NEVC office if you are interested- deadline to apply is December 22nd 9am.

We got all the presents wrapped!
Thank you for helping wrap Vicky!
And thank you to council member Martha Runkle for your donation of wrapping paper!
The kids are going to be super happy!

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