Today I'm writing a scene in my book with a tiny house. You know, one of those on wheels that you can pull like a trailer, or put it up on blocks and live in it. Naturally, I researched pictures. (One really should be accurate in description.)

The story line is this: the boat Cyd is living on is on vacation, Teddy is reporting on a tiny house and has to stay there. She's invited Cyd to stay for a few days. So, will it be a cheap place to stay? Or will it somehow get mixed up in murder? Or, just maybe, Cyd will discover that her friend Teddy is getting interested in the former childhood neighbor, Doug?

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Finally, not snowing on the third day of spring. But... measured at 14 inches yesterday! Looks like this today.

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Second day of spring and still snowing. About ten inches so far.

My blog will be back in action in seven to ten days! Well, actually, it seems to be in action if you look at it, but I can't do anything with it (as in change or add anything). It had an outdated something or other that is being updated (which included my credit card number, of course).

I think I should put out an ebook collection of my Jo Durbin series. How does this look for the cover? Price? Let's see, the prequel novelette is free, Book I is $2.99, and Book 2 is $3.99. I could go $4.99, $5.99, or $6.99. That's a total of almost $7.00. That leaves out $6.99, for sure. $5.99 sounds about right, but maybe I'll go $4.99. That would be Book 2 plus a dollar gets you two more books. What do you think?

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Last night I read a whole book. Okay, it was a short one. Author James Scott Bell's recent book, MARKETING FOR WRITERS WHO HATE MARKETING. I'm a big fan of his writing books. This one says blogging is a big time-suck. I agree, although I was trying to write a blog twice a week until my blog developed a problem. (Hacked?) He suggested an author newsletter and maybe one social site. I'd already decided my favorite is this, my author Facebook site. Of course, he had LOTS of information about the major lure to readers - actually writing the book.

We watched "The Right Stuff" (I think it's called) last night. We'd never seen it before. All about the beginning of our space program, with (actors for) John Glenn and the others, and their wives, and the problems. Great movie.

Several days ago we went to see the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra. It's a group that performs original arrangements of historic music. For this show, almost all the music was written by George M. Cohan. I remember seeing him in movies waaaay long ago and know he was famous for "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy." I didn't know he'd written hundreds of songs, music and lyrics, and written the stories for quite a few Broadway plays back in the day (before me), and even danced and starred in most of them. He was from a traveling show business family - his parents, his sister, and him. For our program they had George himself. Okay, a man named Colin Pritchard in the role, singing and tap dancing. It was a fun evening.

Still struggling over my blog that's off in la-la land somewhere. Does anyone know how to upload a backup to a blog? I've got plenty of backups, but no instructions on how to load them. Sorta useless!

Happy to tell you about this upcoming book!

Killer Debt, Michael Stoddard American Revolution Mystery #4 by author Suzanne Adair, is now available to pre-order at .

Her campaign provides visibility to Revolutionary America's history as well as to her award-winning series. Killer Debt makes a great gift for you or any friends or family members who enjoy reading historical fiction and mysteries.


Check out all the perks on the site. And look for links to the first chapter of Killer Debt in PDF form and to a video of Suzanne reading the first chapter at IllogiCon 2018 in January.

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Frontier justice, redcoat-style in book 4 of a detective series set in Revolutionary North Carolina. | Check out 'Killer Debt: an action-packed historical mystery' on Indiegogo.

My favorite mystery reads today are digital sleuths. Since I'm still having problems with my blog, so today, I put it up on Goodreads. Unfortunately, I can only put book covers up there, not the image I add to this post.

Favorite mystery authors today, Donna Andrews and John Edward Mullen. See blog at:…/16462225-mystery-by-mainframe

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I love serindipity! (Okay, I'm a poor-spelling writer.) Anyway, the other day I decided my main character, Cyd, would not read a bit of news as she passed a news stand.Her friend (that I invented in that moment) Sara June, who was the high school catcher to Cyd's pitcher would tell her as Cyd got some food from her kiosk. Now, today, Cyd is infiltrating a meeting to see what it's all about and wouldn't you know, Sara June showed up. Why, I wondered? Of course, she's catering, and has a few choice words to say.

My pantser mind must be working overtime!

Did I tell you I have one of my books free on Book Funnel through February 28th? It's A Knucklehead in 1920s Alaska, stories of my dad when he was working in Alaska for college money. It's at

When I had it free on Amazon before, it was a copy with some formatting problems that probably made it difficult to read. Fortunately it was only up for about a month, but still... I now have it available in all markets and for all e-readers.

Nineteen-year-old Bill Collins travels to Alaska in the 1920s to work and save for college. He finds adventure, misadventure, and not much money. He faces hardships, finds friends, and has experiences that change a boy into a man. During three summers and one winter, Bill survives hunger, earthquake...

Don't you just hate it when you plans to write first are disrupted by (you name it, in my case, non-working stuff) so you just give up and play solitaire?

I'll try again - evidently the first one didn't go through to

I'm wondering if anyone can help out. My blog ( administration page is frozen with the following notice.

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I'm hoping someone can unfreeze my blog site so I can continue to add post. Thank you very much for any help.

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@wordpress Can someone tell me how to unlock my blog administration page? All I get is the following:

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Thank you for any help (from anyone).

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Supper last night did turn out okay, so I've used that recipe on today's food blog. (Don't know how long I can keep up posting a recipe a week. May change the focus eventually. (What do you think?) Any way, my 2 recipes are how to make a whole lot of shredded chicken for future meals, and one of those meals - ta da - Spinach, Mushroom, and Chicken Quesadillas! It's at:

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