Notstandskomitee live at Garrison Toronto
Notstandskomitee at Münzviertel Strassenfest 2010
Notstandskomitee encore at Baustelle Festival Hamburg

A new release on vinyl is in preparation which includes an extended version of Maschinenangst which was originally released on the second Notstandskomitee CD Strom 1997.

The concert from 2. March 2018:

Notstandskomitee concert with tracks from the new album The Golden Times at Teerpappe at Astrastube Hamburg, Germany, 2.March.2018 https://notstandskomitee.b...

Notstandskomitee plays live 2. March in Hamburg in the Astrastube

Fri 8:00 PM UTC+01Astra Stube Musikkultur e.V.Hamburg, Germany
93 people interested

Notstandskomitee is working on new album due for 2018...

demo for the upcoming Notstandskomitee 2018 album

stay informed with all news around Notstandskomitee through the new block 4 newsletter:

In October the socalled organic reach of Facebook declined once more dramatically, meaning that our posts are not reaching you anymore. Facebook altered their m...echanism what posts are shown to you to sell more ads. It also became difficult to invite a certain amount of people to Facebook events, hurting underground artists, independent lables and small spaces.
They need to make ends meet but so do we. We tried ad campaigns in the last months to get the word out about our activities but the results are not convincing. Clicks and likes came in but frankly, these people doesn't look like they listen to our music and fancy our art. Don't get us wrong, block 4 embraces everyone and there have been recorded cases of Texas housewives listening to our music in the last 3 decades of Block 4s existence, but 100s of them smells like click farm.
So we decided to try something new for us, a monthly newsletter so you don't miss out anything. Its hosted through Mailchimp, be one of the first to sign up here:

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Yesterday's studio patch for a new track. Nearly used all my patchcables...

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The new Notstandskomitee track Ungetuem can be found exclusive on this compilation by Silent Method Records, currently as download but soon also on vinyl and cassette.…/z-e-n-va-compila…

First official video for the new album The Golden Times by Notstandskomitee, made for the track Exhaust. contact: booki...

The Notstandskomitee concert at Fraction Bruit #17, Loophole Berlin, 27.5.2017 with tracks from the new album The Golden Times:

Notstandskomitee concert with tracks from the new album The Golden Times at Fraction Bruit #17 festival at Loophole Berlin, Germany, 27.5.2017 https://notsta...
Notstandskomitee updated their cover photo.
May 25, 2017
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Be the first to listen to one of new Notstandskomitee tracks tonight. Block4 set the release date of The Golden Times album to this Friday!

The Golden Times are coming,
out exclusive on Bandcamp in May 2017:

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And the name of the new album is The Golden Times,
out exclusive on Bandcamp in May 2017:

Industrial / IDM outfit Notstandskomitee release the new album The Golden Times in May 2017. for booking or press inqui...
Notstandskomitee updated their cover photo.
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