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Etiqueta a tu amiga Directioner.


Cómo se encuentran con lo del temblór del día de hoy.. deceocon toda la fuerza de mi vida que solo halla sido el susto. Que está noche tengan paz, para consiliar el sueño

Al fin eres tú. Capitulo XVl.
Penny Om.3o

No supe que más hacer. Sentí que mi corazón bombeaba al nivel de una taquicardia, y aunque no había observado a aquel sujeto, podría reconocer esa voz en cualquier sitio de este mundo. Era la voz de Max. ...

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Novelas Zayn Malik y Tu. added a new photo to the album: Oblivious — with Penélope Vale.

Inconsciente.- penny om

Una vez en la delegación (donde exactamente fuimos, al parecer no dieron bien las indicaciones o yo esperaba algo más de tecnología ). Baje del vehículo, adentre al inmueble. Aunque era un lugar muy rustico y algo clásico, no dejaba de ser hermosa su arquitectura, por lo visto este pueblo era mágico, era aquí donde decían que todos los edificios tomaban vida a partir de la media noche. Porque de tan bella la ciudad, tenía que resplandecer al alba y ...

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Novelas Zayn Malik y Tu. added a new photo to the album: Oblivious.

Inconsciente. Penny om.
-Buenos días,_ salude con cierto recato.
-No creo que los tenga_ contesto el hombre de los lentes_ ¿qué demonios hace usted aquí?. Creo que he dejado muy clara la orden, la de permanecer en su casa o un lugar aislado. Ya lo saben todos. El toque de queda, termina a las 10: 00 am y aún falta aproximadamente 30 minutos.
-Disculpe señor comisario_ el segundo hombre hablo. Me parece que este caballero jamas a estado en el pueblo. ...

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Al fin eres tú. Capitulo XIII._
Penny Om

Después de las dos semanas dosificadas a través de un tratamiento psicológico. Decidí volver a mi vida normal. Regrese a la escuela, obviamente más inmutada, mucho más cohibida, con el terror de cruzar palabra con Sadie o jojo. Y el temor de cada día, que Gigi comentara algo sobre mi condición actual…
Cambiaría el área que cursaba… tome teatro (me burlaba de tal ironía; las expresiones corporales, no son lo mío y como segunda mate...

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Al fin eres tú. Capitulo Xll.
Penny 3o

En frente de la casa de Alicia se hallaba la camioneta de Dan Cohen. Una vez que Alicia recobro el conocimiento bajo de ella. Como pudo camino hasta la entrada, lo único que pudo notar fue que el rosal que se hallaba a la puerta de su casa, pero no decidió quedarse.
Sabía que tendría problemas con sus padres, eso era lo que en ese momento le preocupaba, en frente del portal de la casa ya dispuesta se proponía a entrar cun...

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Capitulo XI. Al fin eres tú.
Penny Om.

Un rio de sangre impacto el suelo. Todos se sobrecogieron, pero nadie miro lo sucedido. Poco a poco intentaron observar la masacre, con terror verificaron el hecho; Alicia seguía de pie.
Se sintieron aliviados… pero cuando observaron su mirada cambiaron repentinamente de opinión; no era la Alicia que conocían, esa chica exótica con la expresión de inhibición ante un público, la muchacha que desbordaba de talento aun con...

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“El hijo secreto del príncipe”
Capítulo 13

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"the prince's secret son" Chapter 13 Zayn was told that ______ he couldn't have heard the conversation. He was on the terrace and the glass that separated them was too wide; besides, he had not raised his voice at any time. But when he opened the door, he was afraid that he would have heard something that would bring him down. - I woke you... " No, you didn't wake me -. She said -. It was your absence. ______ grabbed him by the hand and took him inside the suite. Then he looked him in the eye and he had the same feeling he had always when they were together, who had found the right woman, who was the love of his life. But I was putting him in danger with his lack of sincerity. - is something wrong, Zayn? Zayn didn't answer. He just took her to the bedroom and closed the door. - what's wrong? - she insisted. He put his hands on his face. He loved his mouth and his nose, a nose that gave him an interesting and compelling look at the same time, like demanding respect. - you're gonna be mad at me. - you're scaring me, Zayn. Tell me what's going on. He took a deep breath. - my father called me on the phone and asked me to return to montedoro immediately. She thinks I owe her an explanation for Liliana and I need to talk to her in person, before she finds out about third parties... she thinks I'm the one who must tell her that she's been waiting in vain and that I've married another. ______ let go of his hand. - and what do you think, Zayn? - that my father is right. She ran a hand through her hair, nervous. He felt the wish of acariciárselo, but he did not dare. - are you implying that princess Lili was waiting for you to ask her hand? - yeah, I guess I was. And I can't let you find out about the press. It would be truly unforgivable. - truly unforgivable? -. - well... just unforgivable. Bear in mind that Lili is like a sister to me. And no one wants to hurt his sister's feelings. I understand. —______... Zayn tried to hold her, but she turned away. - tell me something, Zayn. Why did he expect you to marry her? - I told you, Lili and I have been friends since childhood and we love each other very much. Besides, our two families have always thought that I would be the right woman for me, in many ways. - in what way? Zayn was about to drop a sigh of impatience. - in matters relating to the interest of the state, so to speak. Montedoro and alagonia have had their more and their least over the years. - you mean you've been at war? - no, no. Small countries like ours do not usually declare war. In montedoro we don't even have a permanent army -. Explained Zayn -. But there have been discord... the most recent, when Lili's Father, King Leo, wanted to marry my mother. She gave him long because she wasn't in love with him and because I was afraid Leo could take control of my country. And then, he met my father. - don't tell me... it was love at first sight... he declared in humor. - that's what my parents claim. King Leo got so angry that, in revenge, he imposed commercial sanctions on us. Fortunately, it all ended when she met lady Evelyn Dunlyle, Liliana's mother, and fell in love with her... Evelyn passed away a few years ago, but she was very close to my mother and contributed to normalizing diplomatic relations. Now we get along so well that we love liliana like she's from our own family. - in other words, you're telling me that your marriage to her would have improved those relationships and that now, after leaving lili in the lurch, you're afraid she'll cry to her father and complicate everything. " I have not left her in the lurch -. She said vehemently -. I have never given her to understand that i wish to marry her. I give you my word ______. ______. I have only received kisses on my cheek, kisses from brother. - but he got his hopes up and thought he was gonna marry you, right? He thinks he'll be your wife before the th of June. He nodded, resigned. - yeah. - your explanation is hard for me to believe, Zayn. If it's true you haven't given her hope, why did she expect you to marry her? He has no feet and no head. Unless He's an idiot, of course. - Lili is not an idiot. It's just romantic, delicate and too... imaginative. - I mean, you idiot. - no, not much. He's an excellent person, very good heart. ______ shook his head. - you gave her hope, didn't you? " No -. He insisted -. Although I admit I should have been more blunt in my refusal. " Oh, come on, Zayn... she said, staring her green eyes -. maybe it's true that you haven't encouraged her in any way, but you allowed that situation because it suited you. You thought if you didn't find the right woman, you could marry her at and solve the family problem. He raised his hands in gesture of surrender. - okay... yeah, that's right, that's exactly what I did. - and it wasn't right, Zayn. - no, he wasn't. I haven't been right with her. All the more reason for me to travel to montedoro and apologize in person. ______ sighed. - it's the least you have to do. Zayn panicked. If ______ he got so angry with him about the Lili affair, he'd lose his mind when he knew about Trevor. Besides, he was beginning to be ashamed of himself. Suddenly, his life was full of lies. He'd even been about to lie about his trip to montedoro so he wouldn't have to explain to her about Liliana. - we'll leave after breakfast -. She said -. you can go straight back to montedoro. Lani, Trevor and I will take a commercial flight. I'm sorry. I'll take them to Dallas. - no need, Zayn. I'm perfectly capable of... Zayn interrupted her with a tone of voice that did not admit discussions. I'm sorry. I said I'll take them to Texas and take them. Montedoro can wait. ********************* Half an hour later, they were lying in the bedroom bed. But separate and not even brush. ______ knew that zayn was going to do the right thing; he had to travel to his country and talk to that woman. But he didn't like him at all. She felt disappointed and angry because her honeymoon had ended in a bad way. For the first time, he was aware of what it meant to have married a prince. The day after his wedding, he was forced to return to montedoro to speak to a princess and to prevent a possible diplomatic conflict. With a princess she wanted as if she were a sister. With a princess who, as she said, was beautiful, romantic and delicate. And she was neither beautiful nor delicate. He closed his eyes hard and wondered if he would have made a mistake when he married him. It had been taken by the heart, just like with Ryan and Peter. But Zayn wasn't like them. Zayn hadn't lied to him. I had told her the truth about Liliana last Saturday, before I asked her to marry him. And when his father called him to ask him to come back to montedoro, he decided to be honest instead of making up an excuse to save himself the bad drink of talking to her. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. I felt zayn's presence beside him; he couldn't hear his breath, but he knew he was awake, tense and as worried as she was about what happened. He didn't feel strong enough to forgive him. He didn't feel able to hug him and tell him quietly, with a smile and a kiss, to go to montedoro. But he understood his situation. He put a hand in the empty space between them and moved it slowly into his body. He did the same thing. And his hands were found. ______ he stood still, but he didn't break the contact. And soon after, he fell asleep. ******************************* Zayn had ordered a car to be waiting for them when they arrived in Dallas. While they were carrying the luggage in the vehicle, he got off the plane and said goodbye to them. Trev threw himself into his arms. - bye, Zayn! Kiss! Zayn gave him the kiss he had asked for. - see you soon, Trev. - soon! Soon! - be good to Lani and your mom. - I'll be.. Zayn left trev in's arms and turned toward ______. - can I talk to you for a moment? Alone? - of course. Lani entered the car with the little one and closed the door. Zayn raised a hand and briefly caressed ______. - you haven't forgiven me yet, have you? She didn't answer the question. He looked away and said: - have a nice trip. - damn it, ______... Zayn closed his arms around his body and kissed her. ______ he wanted to resist, but he could not; without knowing how, he found himself pressed against him and returning the kiss with passion, desperately. When they left, she didn't know whether to slap her or make love to her right there. - kisses don't solve anything, Zayn. He nodded. - I know, I know perfectly ______. he said -. But I couldn't leave without giving you a good-bye kiss. She looked at him and thought he hadn't told the truth. Sometimes a kiss could fix many more things than all the words in the world. - tell the princess to... - yeah. - I'm looking forward to meeting you. He took her hand and gave her a kiss in the palm like the first day, when they had dinner at Rosewood Mansion. I'll be back soon. I'll only be gone for a week. ______ he thought a week wasn't enough. I already told you, but you wanted to insist again. - I need a month to tie up the loose ends at the firm, Zayn. And that, if you keep your word to find them important customers to make them happy. - I'll keep my word. But I still hope you can speed things up. - I can't. You'd better get to the point. - all right, I'll try... and when I get back, you better make me a place in your house -. He said with tenderness -. because I can't live without you. She raised her eyes to heaven, in a gesture of despair. Her words had touched her. - you can't live without me? Come on, Zayn... He smiled. - well, maybe I can live without you, but I don't want to. I love you with all my heart, you know that. - and you know that you'll stay at my place. I don't want to live without you either. As angry as she is. - excellent. - at the end of the day, we just got married... Zayn kissed his hand again. And he did it so intensely and sweet that she is with pleasure. - a week. It'll only take a week, like a lot -. assured -. I'll miss you so much, I'll call you all the time and you'll get sick of me. - sick of you? That's impossible, Zayn -. replied in a whisper -. I'll run on the phone whenever it rings... - a week. Just one. Zayn kissed her in the mouth and turned around. She looked at him while he was coming up the plane of the plane and shook his hand when he turned to say goodbye again. Then he disappeared inside the apparatus. ********************************** Zayn's private plane landed at nice airport at a.m. but the journey to montedoro was so short that, an hour later, he had already reached his palace rooms. At eight, Caroline De Stahl, her private secretary, took her the five newspapers she read every day. Three of the five had published the photographs they had made to ______ and him in the lobby of the hotel, and the three opened the issue with headlines about their wedding. He took a look at the clock and calculated that in Dallas it must have been one in the morning. ______ he had already slept. But he called her anyway. - good night, _____. - in case you hadn't noticed, it's more than one-protested, half asleep. - I miss you. I wish I was with you. - what's this? An obscene phone call? He laughed. - if you want it to be... - are you in the palace yet? - yes, in my rooms. Caroline, my secretary, I just got the papers up. We're the news of the day. - what papers? Zayn gave him the names and added: - I'm sure you can read them on the internet. You can see that they have investigated, because they refer to you by your name and one of them is said to be a lawyer in the bar. - Oh, no... I wanted to talk to my colleagues at the firm before the voice came out -. complained -. have you talked to Lili yet? - no, but I'm gonna talk to her this morning. - so, good luck... call me later and tell me what happened. Zayn pictured it in bed, with his hair stirred and his eyes squinty and felt sorry for her. - I don't know if it's a good idea. - why? - because you'll be sleeping and I'll wake you. " you have awakened me, Zayn -. replied -. and I will not keep an eye until I know how your encounter with Lili went. Zayn felt guilty. - I shouldn't have called... - yes, of course. But call me as soon as you talk to her. I mean it. "Okay -. He said," I... ______ he didn't let the sentence finish. Call me. - all right. She cut the communication and zayn stayed alone, separated from his wife halfway around the world. No more company than his feeling of guilt. Two hours later, Zayn was in the room of Liliana's suite. He'd been there minutes, sitting on a couch, waiting for him to show up. I didn't know if he had already heard of his marriage with ______, but he was hopeful about it because lady Solange Montano, who was the cousin and secretary of Lili, had treated him very kindly when he invited him to sit. One of the doors, the one to the private stays of the suite, opened at that time. Lili came out in white, with broad pants and a long jacket. His blue eyes shone with joy and his hair, as blond as always, fell above his shoulders. She was beautiful. When I saw her, Zayn felt worse than ever. I loved her very much and disliked the idea of hurting her. - Zayn. Liliana walked towards him and hugged him. Zayn saw his golden hair and wished to be elsewhere, far from there, so he would not have to tell him that he had married a fascinating brunette, who had stolen his heart. - I'm so glad to see you, Zayn... He carraspeó, nervous. - I came as soon as I could, Lili. I have something important to say. - Oh, wow... really? - he said with a smile of happiness -. Finally.. Zayn was afraid he'd pass out. After all, she was a fragile woman. - I think we'd better sit down. - yes, of course. - Liliana took him to the blue couch and sat down -. Well? What do you have to tell me? He didn't know where to start. - Lili, I'm... I'm so sorry. The brightness of Lili's eyes went out a bit. - you're sorry? What do you mean? - I know you've always thought that you and I would get married. I know I was wrong to let things go on like that and... - Zayn-interrupted him. - yeah. - you're not gonna ask for my hand, are you? No, Lili. I'm afraid not. I came to tell you I'm already married. Lili suddenly turned pale. It looked like he was gonna faint. And Zayn took her in his arms. _________________________- There's Zayn. That's what happens to you. - Karly ♥
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“El hijo secreto del príncipe”
Capítulo 12

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"the prince's secret son" Chapter 12 " I now pronounce you husband and wife -. said the justice of the peace -. you can kiss the bride, Zayn. Zayn lifted her veil and looked at her. He then bowed his head and gave him a sweet and perfect kiss; a kiss that contained the promise of his love, his devotion and a future full of happiness. ______ closed his eyes and wished that the moment would never end. After the ceremony, they went to dinner at a private lounge in the high Sierra Restaurant. The food was excellent and the company, even better. Even Trevor had a big time, because he was able to play with the three sons of Celia and Aaron and the three of Fletcher and Cleo, who were also present. When they finished eating and toasting, they had a huge cake, crowned with yellow roses. Celia was dedicated to making pictures of zayn and ______ while they were giving pieces of cake to each other. After a while, the children began to show fatigue. Lani offered to take trev to the suite and, shortly afterwards, Celia and Cleo left with their respective children. Aaron and Fletcher stayed for a few minutes because zayn wanted to talk to them to invite them to spend a few days at montedoro, an invitation they accepted. And finally, the newlyweds stayed alone. Zayn gave him a kiss on his lips and said: - Oh, my wife, my princess... She laughed. - that's it? Have I become a princess for the simple fact of marrying you? Zayn nodded. - yeah. Although you've always been a princess in my heart. She laughed again. - you know you're a sweetheart? Just then, the expression of ______ it became bleak. - what's going on? - nothing... I just thought about your mother and your family. They're gonna take a good surprise. - a happy surprise. - so you haven't told them anything... - I told my father. I told him... everything... He informed you -. I suppose, at this hour, my mother will already know that I have married the woman of my life. - what did you mean, you told him all about it? - he asked with suspicion -. sounds strangely mysterious. He patted her cheek. - well, there's no mystery. I talked to him this morning before I took you to the airport. He gave me his blessing and told me that he burns in desire to meet his daughter-in-law and his son. - didn't it bother you that you didn't marry Lili? - my father believes in love, he just wants me to be happy. And he knows I'll be happy if I'm with you. - and your mother? Zayn kissed her again. - I know she'll be glad she's happy too. The Hall door was open at that time. He was a hotel waiter, who rushed to apologize. Oh, excuse me. I'll be back later. - don't worry, we're leaving ______? said Zayn -. you want us to try luck at the casino, ______? - I've never been good with gambling... Zayn smiled. - don't say that out loud. The Goddess Fortune could hear you. Zayn spoke to the waiter to take care of the veil and the bouquet of ______ and take them to the suite. The bartender got engaged to it and zayn gave him a very generous tip. - take the rest of the cake too, please ______. - as you wish, madam. During the next two hours, they dedicated themselves to playing roulette at the casino. _____ he had more luck than his whole life and, when he got away from the roulette wheel, he'd won over $ As they walked, he leaned over zayn and whispered: - Joseph's following us. He kissed her in the head. - Joseph follows us all the time. It's his job. Are you kidding? You mean he's been there every time I've been out with you? - she asked, surprised. - yeah, always. - how is that possible? I haven't seen him before... - because he has to be discreet and remain invisible. - well, he does very well. - Joseph will be very happy when he knows what you said. He's proud of his work -. He said -. but tell me, what do you want to play now? - did we try blackjack? - that's done. They left the blackjack table shortly after ten o'clock, with ______ something richer and happier. - didn't you say you're lucky? - Zayn joked. - I think it's for you. You make me lucky. They had already arrived at the high saw and were heading to the elevators when zayn took her in her arms to kiss her once more. And they saw a flash. " wow, I like you so much I even think I see stars said she, smiling. He didn't smile. - they're not stars. They're the usual jackals. - how? - the paparazzi -. He explained -. We'd better hurry. Zayn accelerated the pace, but a man approached them a microphone and began to bombing with questions. - do you enjoy your visit to America, your highness? Who's the woman dressed as a bride? Have they been married? " no comment said zayn. Joseph showed up just then and pushed the reporter away. Zayn took the opportunity to enter an elevator with ______. - well, it looks like we're safe now. - damn it, I should have thought this would happen-he protested. Joseph reached them when they had not yet arrived at the suite. - is it settled? - your boss asked. - no, sir. There are too many journalists. I've asked them to refrain from taking pictures, but I'm afraid they've already made a few. Zayn released a curse and opened the door. The suite was silent. Trevor had a good time in bed and Lani had retired to his bedroom. - I'm sorry about what happened. - he apologized. - why? It's been very fun... - anyway, I should have guessed that some paparazzi would see us at the casino and that he'd run his voice-he said. She patted her cheek. - it's not a big deal. I don't care if they take me out in a magazine. - but that's not what I thought. - what do you mean? - I meant to keep our marriage a secret for a few weeks, until you travel to montedoro. We would have made a public statement, reasonably discreet, and one of the palace photographers would have been responsible for taking pictures and distributing them among journalists. "Oh, come on... we were just in the lobby of the hotel -. said she," by -. - no, I guess not. - forget the matter and think about how much fun we've had. A few pictures won't change that. Plus, I've won almost $... this is the first time I've ever won anything in my whole life. Apparently, marrying you has had the same effect as tattooing a four-Leaf Clover on my forehead. He made a laugh. - well, there's no clover on your forehead. - you're wrong. It's there, but you can't see it -. Joked -. I insisted it was a completely invisible tattoo. - Oh, yeah, wait a minute, I see it...-Zayn gave him a kiss in front and another on the tip of his nose -. and I'm glad you had fun. - you don't know how much. Zayn took her in arms and took her to the master bedroom. While crossing the hall, they saw that the hotel waiter had kept his word and had raised the veil, the bouquet and the wedding cake, which he had left on the table, stuffed into a box. Already in the bedroom, she closed the door and zayn took her to the big bed and left her on the floor. After that, they kissed again. It was a long kiss, no rush and so intense that ______ his legs were bent. When they broke the contact, he turned her around and she, who guessed her intentions, pulled her hair out so she could get her zipper down. ______ took it off and approached a chair to leave it on the back. " come with me he said gently. - right away. She walked to the dresser, where she left the earrings and the pearl necklace she had inherited from her grandmother. And finally, he took off his bra, shoes, white lace socks and a blue league he had bought at the boutique. Only then, he turned to him. - it's your turn. He whistled and looked at her with desire. - don't move. Be right back. Zayn entered the bedroom dresser and came out in a matter of seconds, with two condoms he put on the bedside table. " they will not be necessary said she. Zayn looked at her with surprise. - are you sure? ______ nodded. - we both want kids, don't we? - of course. - in that case, can you think of a better time than the present? Zayn gave him a smile. - you amaze me, o ' Shea Bravo-Calabretti. - well, you shouldn't be, Zayn. Now I know what I want. I want you and I want to have a big family. I want more kids. I mean it. He took a step towards her, but _____ he raised a hand. - not yet. First you have to take your clothes off. He didn't discuss it. He undressed himself quickly, without losing a second. And when it was over, she came up and hugged him. - I think I'm the happiest man in the world. - and I, the happiest woman on earth. Zayn kissed her and she knew she would never get tired of her kisses. He had found everything he had been looking for; what he had already given up to get when he first saw him at the mall. Their kisses inevitably led them to touch. Zayn investigated every curve and every line of his body. If anyone had asked him at that time, he would have said that nothing or no one could separate them. Zayn didn't know what woke him up. He turned to the woman who was asleep next to him. The night light was off and the room was dark. He could hear the soft and regular breathing of ______ and glimpse his features in the shadows. He smiled. I was really in love with her. He knew he was gonna get mad when he found out the truth, but he was a smart woman and he also knew that he would understand and that he would forgive him for what he had done. At the end of the day, everything had worked out. She wanted to be with him and he wanted to be with her and her son. They could get over it and move on. She felt the desire to touch her and to make love again, but she preferred not to disturb her. It had been a long day and I needed to sleep. He fell down again and stood staring at the roof. He had always cherished himself to be an honest man, and he felt uncomfortable for not being completely honest with her. I had even considered not telling him anything; at the end of the day, it was not so important. I was still thinking about it when his cell phone started vibrating in his pants pocket. Zayn got up very carefully, so he wouldn't wake up ______ and he approached the chair where he had left the garment. The phone had stopped vibrating, but had a voice message. It was his father's. Zayn went into the bathroom and listened to him. " Zayn, call me as soon as you can, he said. I need to talk to you about liliana ". Surprised, calculated the time difference with montedoro. There would be eleven o'clock in the morning, a perfect hour to call. But she couldn't talk in the bathroom, because she was in danger of her waking up, so she went back to the bedroom, put on her underpants and pants and came out of the room. Afterwards, he went to the terrace of the suite and closed the sliding glass door. His Father responded immediately. Hi, Zayn. I guess I must congratulate you... Zayn sat on one of the chairs on the terrace. - yeah. I'm the happiest man in the world. - How's the boy? - Trevor's a marvel. It's better than I imagined -. He answered -. but you'll see him soon and you can judge yourself. - I'm looking forward to it. When are you bringing them? -______ says he needs a month. I'll go back to montedoro, stay a week to settle the unfinished business and go back to Texas. - they told me you had a run-in with the press... Zayn didn't bother to ask how he knew. I could have told Joseph or anyone else. The news was flying. - yeah, they hit us at the hotel and they took several pictures. I'm afraid there's nothing to do now... you saw the wedding dress of ______ and they would have assumed we were married ______ he said. - that's for sure. They'll publish it at any time. - I know. - I've called you because Liliana's here, in the palace. And he doesn't know you married another woman. - it's true... Zayn stood up, approached the railing and leaned on it. - and your mother wants to talk to you. He always said you were the most considerate and caring of his children. - are you implying that you've been disappointed? - well, don't worry about it. He'll get over. - but you'll keep our secret, won't you? His Father sighed. - of course. I haven't told anyone, not even your mother. - I suppose I should have called Lili and informed her of what she was going to do, even if we were friends since childhood... but I didn't find the right time. It's gonna be really hard for her. - and you're sure that woman is the one you were looking for? Zayn responded firmly. - yes, I am. - be honest with me, Zayn. Have you married her for love? Or did you get married for the boy? He insisted. - I got married for love. - but you don't trust her so much to tell her the whole truth. Zayn felt hurt. Unfortunately, I was right. - I've made a decision, Father. I will face the consequences. His Father remained silent for a few seconds. Zayn assumed that he was going to give him one of his sermons about loyalty, responsibility and honesty, but he took a good surprise when he spoke again. - I understand, son; I understand your dilemma perfectly. However, you need to talk to Liliana as soon as possible and in person. He doesn't deserve to know about third parties. She's an innocent victim of the circumstances. - I agree with you. I thought I'd be back on Tuesday, but I'll try to move the trip to Monday, I mean, today. - do what you can. Zayn said goodbye to his father and cut the communication. When he turned around to get back inside the suite, he found out ______ he was on the other side of the sliding door. He had worn one of the hotel's white coats and looked at him with eyes full of questions. _________________________- You must have heard the rayis???? - Karly ♥
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“El hijo secreto del príncipe”
Capítulo 11

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"the prince's secret son" Chapter 11 - wow, it looks like when you hit a man, you take it seriously. It was five to ten on Sunday afternoon. Zayn had told him he'd be back at eight and they'd fly to Vegas on a private plane. She had promised her that she would be ready by then. - don't you think that's crazy? - he asked ______. - no way. I knew he was your man as soon as I saw him. - really? - yeah. - yeah. That's what you were looking for. - in my crazier fantasies...-he joked. - that have come true. He's smart, refined and charming, plus immensely attractive... and he seems like a good person -. said his friend -. Plus, he gets along with Trevor and, above, he's a prince. What more can you ask? Honestly, I think you've made the right decision. ______ smiled. - Oh, Lani... you're the best friend I could have. - if you say so...-Contadores. - will you come to Vegas with us? - of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world. - Oh, I'm so glad... ______ he approached her and hugged her. - do we have to carry a lot? - asked. - no, just need to spend the night. Tomorrow I'll take the day off, but I have to be at the firm on Tuesday and start fixing things to move to montedoro. - Oh, my God... you're marrying a prince and you're moving to Europe. I can't believe it. - not me. I'm constantly wondering if it's really... - well, it is. Come on, show me that ring. ______ raised his hand. " it's beautiful, absolutely beautiful -. continued lani -. But I'm going to miss you so much. What am I gonna do without you? - you don't need to miss me. You can come live with us. - with you? On a permanent basis? - yeah. I'd love. Lani blinked. - are you serious? - absolutely. I've already talked to zayn. - I, living in montedoro with a prince's wife... can't deny it sounds interesting. - well, you don't have to make the decision right now. Think about it. Lani gave him a pat on the shoulder. - I'll think about it. And thank you. - don't thank me. I'd miss you, too, if you stay in Texas. I'd be very grateful if you decided to join us. - okay, I promise I'll think about it... but we better pack up. It's getting late and we have to fly to Vegas. ****************** During the flight, Zayn told him that he had two second cousins in Las Vegas, Aaron and fletcher bravo, owners of one of the city's casinos. - they're Blake Bravo's sons, though of different mothers. If they were my brothers, I wouldn't want them anymore. She recognized the name instantly. - Blake Bravo? - Oh, I see you've heard of the infamous Blake... ______ nodded. - he died in Oklahoma ten years ago. His story came out in all the newspapers. Zayn also nodded. - no wonder. There are few men who kidnap their own brother's son in exchange for a fortune in diamonds and marry a bunch of women from all over the country without divorcing them. - he was a very busy man...-contadores her. - I wouldn't define it with such kindness. But, in any case, Aaron and Fletcher are their children. The flight took three hours, but they won two for the time shift, so they landed at international airport at ten and ten in the morning. The Limo driver who was waiting for them put the luggage in the trunk while zayn's bodyguard, who had traveled with them, sat in the vehicle. Minutes later, they arrived at the hotel high Sierra, whose manager was Aaron Bravo; the establishment was on Las Vegas Boulevard, right in front of the entrepreneur casino, LED by Fletcher. Aaron was waiting for you at the entrance. He was a tall and attractive man, with brown hair, who received them very kindly and introduced them to his wife, Celia, a redhead with great eyes. Celia accompanied them to the suite, divided into a living room, an American Kitchen and four bedrooms with their respective bathrooms. Zayn's bodyguard, named Joseph, was to be housed in the next room. As they had to get the marriage license, Zayn and Joseph went to town hall and ______, lani and Trevor stayed in the suite. An hour later, the two men came back with the license. - do I have time to relax for a while? " Celia has strongly recommended the hotel's spa... - yeah, there's plenty of time. The wedding is four-answered Zayn -. Why don't you both go? I'll take care of Trevor. ______ he hesitated; he was about to marry him, but he had not yet become accustomed to the idea of leaving trev in his position. Luckily, Lani realized what was going on and decided to give him a hand. - I haven't finished the chapter I'm writing. You go, I'll stay with zayn and the boy. - are you sure? - of course I do. Trevor, who was playing on the floor with his truck, called Zayn immediately. - come and play, Zayn! ______ left them in the suite and went to the spa. On his way, he stopped at the hotel's florist and commissioned a bouquet of yellow roses to bring him to the wedding ceremony. When he had already enjoyed a good massage and a manicure and pedicure session, Celia showed up with Fletcher's wife, named Cleo, and the two women accompanied her to the high Sierra Boutique. ______ chose a dress with no sleeves, White Silk, with shoes to play and a short veil. Celia took care of her clothes to the suite, helped her dress up for the ceremony and accompanied her to the florist to pick up the bouquet. Shortly before four o'clock, the two women entered the hotel room where weddings were celebrated. They were all there. Aaron, a dark-haired man who had to be Cleo's husband, Fletcher, Lani, Trevor and, of course, Zayn. It wasn't going to be a very crowded ceremony, but the heart of ______ accelerated when the wedding March began to ring. I would have just been happier if his grandmother, Ellen, had been alive and present in the room. He smiled and started walking down the central corridor. I was sure I had chosen the right person. He was going to marry a magnificent man; with a sexy, smart, funny and honest man who would be a good father to Trevor and a good husband to her. He was going to marry a man of honor. With a man unable to lie. _________________________- And got married super fast 😱 I want someone like this 😭 - Karly ♥
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Capitulo X.
Al fin eres tú.- Penny Om.

El psiquiatra escuchaba toda la discusión del otro lado de la puerta, estaba sorprendido de la asertividad y confianza de _____ (era así como la había nombrado.). sabía que su deber era demostrarle a ella, todo su potencial y de lo que era capaz de hacer.

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“El hijo secreto del príncipe”
Capítulo 9

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"the prince's secret son" Chapter 9 Zayn was staying on the last floor of Rosewood Mansion, in a suite with over square meters of pure luxury. The Hotel service had left you a bottle of champagne and a glass bowl, full of oranges from montedoro, on the dining table. Zayn took off his jacket and tie, invited her to sit on the couch, served two glasses of champagne and started peeling an orange, which gave it slow, guy to guy. - she's great...-she said. He bowed and kissed her first with tenderness and then, with passion; to literally leave her breathless. " how sweet said he. ______ looked him in the eye, aware that his comment did not refer to the taste of the orange, but to his mouth. And I was already considering the possibility of taking him out on the couch and holding him when he reached a remote control and pushed him. The screen of the huge tv was lit immediately. She was perplexed by seeing the images of a well-known series; but zayn had no intention of seeing any series: he changed channel to a music chain, where at that time they had a romantic song. - come here. Zayn took her hand and took her to the terrace, where the lights of downtown Dallas were shining in the dark of April night. And they danced. It was a dream. The two together, hugging silently, enjoying the music, without uttering a single word. They had no need to talk. So, he put a finger under his chin and she looked him in the eye, trying to remember that he still didn't believe in love at first sight, that he didn't think he could meet a person and know, at that very moment, that He was the love of his life. To meet a person, time was needed. Time to understand his character and time to discover whether his relationship had any chance in the long term. But when zayn looked at her that way, she was more than willing to believe. - I see you, I see your soul. ______ smiled. I had reminded Trevor, who said the same thing when they were playing hide-and-go and she was hiding badly on purpose. - I know it sounds ridiculous -,-he continued -, but it's true. - I didn't laugh at that. It's just that you reminded me of Trev. - Oh, well... I'm glad that reminds you of your son ______, he said, " keep looking at her -. and I'm glad to see you, to know that you are what I've been looking for, even if I didn't realize it. Until yesterday. I know that, with you, I'll be a better and happier man. I know I won't be bored by your side. I know you'll always be a challenge to me. And I want to give you everything; absolutely everything your heart can want. - you're tempting me, you know that? He gave him a kiss on his lips. - I hope so, because I haven't met anyone like you. You amaze me, I want to always be with you. I don't want to lose you. Zayn kissed her again. And ______ she felt deliciously lost. I didn't know the path he walked. She ______ Gabrielle O ' Shea, who had always known what she was doing and where she wanted to go, was getting carried away. She wondered what would happen if she lost course; who would help her to retake it. His parents were dead. His dear grandmother had died. His previous boyfriends had gone. I just had Trevor and Lani. And now, to zayn. Warning ⚠️ hot part not fit for minors ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ After he had convinced himself that he would never find the man he was looking for, that prince had managed to conquer his attention and get to the bottom of his soul with sincerity, tenderness and desire. They danced a little more, never to stop kissing. She patted her arms around her neck and stroked her dark hair. He broke the contact for a moment, but just to look her in the eye, kiss her and hug her with more force. He loved the pressure of his hard chest on his breasts. A moment later, Zayn went back and kissed his cheek and forehead before biting his ear lobe gently. ______ he wished to melt against his body and to be part of him, mentally and physically, somehow. So Zayn dropped his left strip of the dress and licked his shoulder, causing him a thrill of pleasure. They didn't dance anymore. They were in a corner of the terrace, behind a plant. Zayn dropped the other strip and let the dress fall to the ground. ______, who had no bra, felt the breath of fresh air of the night. When she shut her mouth on the nipple and started sucking it, she sank her fingers between her hair and felt faint. She was very excited. He felt an electrical current that came out of his chest and ended between his legs. Zayn followed a little more, with a slow and rhythmic rhythm that tore a whimper and his absolute surrender. - come on, let's go inside. She shook. - yeah. Oh, yeah. ______ tried to reach the dress to cover up, but zayn shook his head and sucked his nipple again. - you're so beautiful... They entered the hall and went to the bedroom. Zayn knocked her down in the white bed sheets with great delicacy, as if she was afraid that she would break up; as if it were the most important thing in the world. Then he got up and took off his shirt, pants and underpants before sitting in bed to get rid of his socks and shoes. He had such a beautiful body that ______ he ate it with his eyes. His legs, covered with black hair, were long, strong and powerful; the muscles of his arms, his chest and his stomach were perfectly defined. He laid down in bed with her and kept kissing until he ______ couldn't wait any longer. I needed it. And I was prepared for him; for that night, for the night of the next day and for all that could come. He was still wondering if that was a dream. But if she was, she wanted to stay asleep. - they're so delicate...-he said, closing his hands on his breasts -. They're perfect. She believed him. Seduced by the magic of her caresses, she was willing to believe anything that would caress her. Zayn dropped a hand, put it under his panties and started stroking it. She dropped a drowned scream. His body seemed to vibrate with heat and excitement. It was wet, burning and on the verge of climax. If it had been possible, he would have clung to that feeling and would have stayed in it forever; but he knew it was not possible and, moreover, it was already late. Before she could react, her magic fingers dragged her to orgasm and ______ she couldn't do anything to abandon her pleasure and scream her name. - Zayn. - yeah, keep it up. ______ he got carried away until the last waves of pleasure disappeared. However, Zayn was not finished. And she seemed very good to her. I would have been delighted to have touched her forever. - Oh, yeah. Zayn stroked her and ______ she patted her finger on her lips. - you know you're a good kisser? - he said -. but now it's my turn. Zayn had no objection. ______ he wanted to touch it all, everywhere; and when he closed his hand on his sex and he sighed, she received the sound with satisfaction, as if it were a drink of good wine. He wanted it with all his being. And I wanted it whole. Yeah. - I need you, Zayn. I want to make love to you. - wait. She moaned, frustrated. - I don't want to wait. —______... - what? He went away for a moment, went back to bed and gave him a smile. He had a condom in his hand. ______ blushed. - I can't believe... how could I not have thought of that? I'm never so irresponsible, so stupid. - don't worry. This is about two. It's enough for you to remember -. He observed -. and on the other hand, I recognize that your forgetfulness is a compliment to me. It means that I've managed to excite you and stop thinking. - but I should have thought of it anyway. He shook his head. - you look so beautiful when you turn yourself in. - I'm not beautiful, Zayn. We both know that. - of course you are. Come on, give me your hand and stop arguing with me. ______ he gave it to him and he put the condom in his palm. - do you do the honors? She made a laugh. - of course. - put it on. - put it on, now. She put it carefully and knelt in bed with intent to stay up, straddling her body. But he didn't protest when he hit her, knocked her back and separated her legs. —______... ______ he closed his eyes and he penetrated it gently. It was a glorious feeling. She didn't look like anything she'd ever felt until then. Zayn started moving. ______ closed his legs around his waist and clung to his strong neck. I was lost, flying, burning. And at the same time, he felt free. There was definitely nothing that looked like that moment of magic and beauty. Nothing like them, together, turned into one being. Nothing at all. -______... whispered zayn -. ______... She turned her head, even with her eyes closed. - I was asleep... He kissed her on the cheek. - I know, but you have to wake up. ______ he opened his eyes. - what time is it? - more than three o'clock in the morning. Zayn was on the side, leaning on an elbow, with the sheet above the waist. ______ moaned, sat down and brushed his hair off his face. - you're right. I should go home. - wait. She smiled. - what do you want? - I... ______ took a surprise. His eyes were shining strangely, like he was nervous. He, a prince of montedoro, was nervous. - are you all right, Zayn? Zayn took her hand and turned her to give him the sweetest and sweetest kiss in the palm. ______ is. For a moment, he had a feeling I was going to tell him something completely unexpected. And when he had already convinced himself that the imagination was playing him a bad pass, he put something in his palm and closed his fingers. - marry me, be my wife. _________________________- I 🙋🏼 🙋🏼 ♀️🙋🏼 ♀️ I if I get married 😍😍😍😍 - Karly ♥
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