Obama & Democrats' Immigration Flip-Flop
The Truth About Chain Migration
Obama & Democrats' Immigration Flip-Flop
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Linda Davis
· January 27, 2018
I applaud the efforts that Numbers USA are putting forward and the respect they are showing to our Constitution. They are getting their message out in all the right and lawful ways. It is ran in an... organized manner with responsible people that are trying to bring some form of fairness to our citizens and to the legal immigrants that understand and respect our laws and for that we give them a big welcome. Numbers USA is the America that will revive our great nation and keep it on coarse among all the chaos. It certainly takes someone at the helm always. It appears that they have it all under control. See More
Michael Lee Pemberton
· January 21, 2018
The Treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo ended the Mexican War in 1854. Mexican citizens residing in the territories conquered in that war were given a maximum of one year to liquidate their assets and move t...o Mexican territory. DACA was a grievous error by an ignorant administration and a malicious executive attempting to bring the Democratic Republic of the United States to ruin and collapse. Treason is the charge I bring against anyone who proposes to subvert or interfere in the arrest and deportation of any and all illegal immigrants. What part of illegal do Democrats and RINOs not understand?
Every foreigner entering the sovereign territory of the United States of America since 1854 with the intent to evade our immigration requirements is a criminal. These people have rationalizations and excuses, but no mitigating circumstances sufficient to abrogate our law. There are over two thousand people of Irish descent living illegally in New York alone, and I would not extend amnesty to them. Why would I consider amnesty to nearly a million Mexicans, Central and South Americans, Chinese, Arabs or anyone else?
They are not being condemned to involuntary servitude, unlawful detainment or extermination, only a return to those countries from which they came. Their family members are not being denied the opportunity to accompany them, join them later or to visit them. The 14th Amendment must be changed to exclude birthright citizenship to progeny of non-citizens.
Each immigrant must qualify on their own merit and have a responsible sponsor to support, assimilate and educate them to American society. Immigrants must be disabused of any thought of making America tolerate their native language, native culture, native customs and native law. Their probation must continue until they are able to read, write and converse in American English, are capable of being self-supporting, and have demonstrated convincingly that they have transferred their complete loyalty from foreign princes and potentates to America.
No longer should we tolerate anyone that endorses the violent overthrow of our Constitution, Law or government to remain among us, whether they be Anarchists, Communists, Socialists or Islamists. These people do not qualify as loyal citizens and deserve denaturalization and expulsion to whatever country will accept them. Colonists loyal to the Crown of England took to their heels and fled to Canada during and after the American Revolution. Let these modern traitors flee there as well. Let Canada accept our present day rejects and illegal immigrants as they do refugees from the Middle East.
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Matthew P Durham
· January 30, 2018
"Some people say that mass immigration into the United States can help reduce world poverty" ~Roy Beck

Who are "some people"? I've never heard of this theory before....

" The only place that 99.9% of these people can be helped is where they live. Let's help them there." ~Roy Beck

We are helping people where they live right now through charities like CARE, Oxfam, World Vision, and other Non-Governmental Organizations, however, sometimes it's not safe for people to stay where they live.

I find Numbers USA to be a dehumanizing organization that reduces the value of a human life to no more than a number.
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Claudia Treviño Bl
· February 8, 2018
Yes it needs to be reduced...we cannot bring entire countries and just drop them should move to one of the countries of the people you want here..why the heck do we keep bringing in people ...who want to change our country to the one they left? See More
David Monreale-Fragale
· January 29, 2018
The information presented from this group is grossly inaccurate & highly sensationalized. Seemingly intentionally so to mis-inform the public & generate funding for its staff. It is a great place to b...e insulted & called every name in the book, by a group who's hate filled rhetoric, borrowed from Fox News Entertainment Co. shows their ignorance & denial. See More
Bonnie Merrell
· January 22, 2018
Yes! End chain migration policies! Perhaps it would be wise to return to policies we had post WWII? Make it mandatory that ALL who enter MUST read/write English, have job skills needed in America, to totally support themselves, and be willing to pay for their own medical/dental/ education costs for at least the first decade they live here or until after they have passed all requirements to become an official citizen. Be willing to NOT need any "freebies" should also be mandatory as well IMHO.... See More
Robert Winkelmann
· January 25, 2018
Complete idiots. Strange the last time we had an amnesty it was 1986 and it was Republicans who gave five million a free pass. Somehow the nation didn't cease to exist nor was their any economic chang...e. Maybe we need to get everyone who supports this nonsense propaganda to go out and work for less than minimum wage harvesting our food from the fields. But hey when Republicans grant amnesty it's cool. But no one else. See More
Emily Ragan
· January 21, 2018
I was glad to hear people having a conversation. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree! All the people I know don't support DACA. We support our President! We want our boarders secure. We want health... care at a fair market price. We want jobs for all people that want one. We need welfare reform. We need and want law bidding citizens! We welcome immergrants who come the right way. We the people love this country! We love our family's two
We want you to stop changing history to support political agendas. We want you to tell the truth! We want to know why the press started lying. We want grown-ups running our country! Please do your job and take care of our people! You forgot you work for us! We don't like how you use hush money ( taxpayers money) to make sexual harassment suits to go away! We don't like it that You sold uranium1 to Russia behind the Americans peoples back! You don't have the right to hold America emotionally hostage
You can't break the law and expect that our younger generation will pick up the tab for your lack of wisdom. These are trying times , even uncertain! Its time you start standing up for your constituents and the American people and our children! They are dreamers too! May God bless you and guide you! God bless our police offers and our military and there families. God. Bless our schools, God bless our all of our government! For the government rest on Gods Shoulder! Amen! Oh and one more thing Media stop lying!
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Ronald Nelson
· February 15, 2018
It's time to deport the US Senate.... how about throwing all of the existing proposals with their Senate Sponsors under a Big Bus and then deport what's left. We simply need to dismiss any new legisl...ation until we demonstrate we can ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAW... too 'H' with the Senate, they don't represent us ... They have more compassion and obligation for Illegal Aliens... let them join them... deport the US Senate today! See More
Sandra Smith
· February 23, 2018
I applaud the efforts that Numbers USA are putting forward and the respect they are showing to our Constitution. They are getting their message out in all the right and lawful ways. It is ran in an or...ganized manner with responsible people that are trying to bring some form of fairness to our citizens and to the legal immigrants that understand and respect our laws... See More
Lylah Guzzetta Saunier
· January 22, 2018
This is a crucial issue for America! America is being destroyed from within and most people are too lazy to even realize what is happening - wake up people!!
Pants Spadafore Peters
· February 2, 2018
Turn off Fox News and pick up a newspaper you brainwashed fool. You are being led by the nose by Hannity and other sycophants. Learn what is actually involved in issuing a FISA warrant. Why are you st...icking up for Russian spies in the US? See More
Aaron Brewer
· January 21, 2018
Lol it's very very far right. Laughable ideas/opinions. Its simple minded, weak self entitled bullshit like this that keeps us behind in the world/acknowledging the fact that CHANGE Is the only thing... that is fact. See More
Tina Griffore
· January 23, 2018
The American people liked Trump's agenda on illegal immigration and the wall. We do not want Schumer's policies, if we did, we would have voted for Killary. They need to get behind the President and h...elp instead of blocking and hindering. I will do all I can to tell Congress to shape up or ship out. See More
Bryan Cahen
· January 27, 2018
A lying, bigoted corrupt organization. This is a Nativist organization, racist and bigoted in its philosophy. Almost ALL americans are a result of chain migration, given that a majority of their ances...tors were immigrants.
Stupidity and ignorance reigns within this organization. I pledge to take down this bigoted, lying organization.
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Tom Kunich
· February 9, 2018
I think that Trump offered the Democrats a more than fair deal. He would include twice the present number of registered DACA people. The Democrats turned their nose up at that and so it should now be ...completely off the table. We should offer NOTHING to DACA and treat them just like any other illegals. See More
Khatuna Batlidze
· January 30, 2018
My American true story.
I was transferred to Harris Beach in 2000 from Lester Schwab, for which I got credit, so, Harris Beach considered me as an employee since 1997. I had 20/20 vision then and it ...was a combination of circumstances and working environment at Harris Beach, which left me legally blind in 2003.
My life has been ruined because of my employer’s one negligent mistake. In summer of 2003, I suddenly started losing vision. On August 26, 2003, my employer Harris Beach LLP gave me separation agreement and fired me the very same day. On May 12, 2004 my attorneys - Mr. Gary Phelan and Ms. Tammy Marzigliano, from Outten & Golden filed a claim with EEOC which was dismissed. During almost four months of the EEOC's investigation I never met or spoke with my investigator. On November 19, 2004, I submitted my summons & complaint in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York. It was filed with the court and dated January 3, 2005. In my complaint I stated that, while working at Harris Beach, I suffered severe damage to my health causing me to lose eye-sight (non-hodgkin’s lymphoma) due to deteriorating workplace conditions and construction at the office (ongoing construction at the office of Harris Beach at World Trade Center lasted from May 2000 up until the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001). As a result of deteriorating workplace conditions, I developed a disability, eventually becoming legally blind. On September 12, 2005, I had my first mediation with the defendant. They offered four thousand dollars (4)!. My attorneys and I at the time considered it frivolous treatment of serious life-threatening condition. On October 5, 2006 I had my second mediation, the defendant increased the amount to twenty-five thousand. On July 13, 2007 we finally had our pretrial conference and I was offered two hundred thousand (court transcript Batlidze v Harris Beach LLP. 05 civ. 0086 July 13, 2007 page 45). I refused settlement because I considered the amount not reflective of the actual damages that I had suffered as a result of defendant’s actions. On December 14, 2007, the defendant filed renewed motion for summary judgment. On May 8, 2008, the judge issued the opinion and order granting defendant's motion for summary judgment. On May 9, 2008, the court closed my case.
I truly do not believe that the defendant and the court at the time treated me equitably and justly. My life quickly spiraled downward as the result of the defendant’s actions and the court’s lenient attitude towards the defendant. Being legally blind, I could not easily procure another job or attain a necessary status to maintain my daily basic activities. In April 2008, my ex-husband was arrested in Tbilisi, Georgia and my son Giorgi Eradze was murdered in July 2008, which forced me to abandon my residence in New York and I arrived in Georgia to start the murder investigation process. It all happened in 2008. My situation locally here may have something to do with the fact that some of my family members (including my brother) were wrongfully arrested and imprisoned here. When my brother was arrested in Tbilisi on November 11, 2016, police took some of my documents: Citibank statements, 401k statements, United States court documents, divorce certificate. I presently have serious reason to believe that my safety here in Georgia is in danger too.
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Patty Lorbach
· January 22, 2018
I am wondering if this post is real or generated by bots or a foreign government. There are a lot of stereotypical remarks. Many Democrats want border security and national security. If the reporting correct, Schumer agreed to fund wall. President Trump said he wanted to help Dreamers. See More
Larry A. Willman
· January 19, 2018
More than 800,000 illegals in our country,DACA and the democrats are saying we got to let them become citizens,wow!!!Only illegals have the voice with Democrats.When I grew up in Chicago people came h...ere legal to become citizens AND HAD TO PASS THE TEST AND TALK OUR ENGLISH NOT THERE COUNTRY.And don't forget the cities making it illegal to stop them or deport them,they are special above all born here and came here the legal way!!!! One other point ,never seen a poor black or white or Hispanic Democrat or Republican in Congress or Senate (Most are millionaires) and they tells us about the crumbs of $1000 to $2000 bonus given to employees WOW That a girl Nancy!!!Give me some crumbs this way!!!I will be happy!!! See More
Warren Jones
· February 15, 2018
Why were you celebrating today? The Grassley/Cornyn amendment got only 39 votes. To me, that means we lost today and will continue losing in the future. Thirty-nine votes for the most Conservative am...endment and Numbers celebrates. Which side are you on? See More

Is immigration higher than ever? We simplify it with plastic tubes. PETITION:

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Posted by NumbersUSA

Times have changed I guess.

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Did you know this?

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Do you stand with our brave border patrol agents?

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Everyone in America needs to see this.

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Members of Congress MUST end chain migration as part of any deal on immigration.

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Everyone in America needs to watch this.

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Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein sounded a lot like Trump in 1994 on the issue of immigration.

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According to DHS, the Schumer/Collins/Rounds/King amendment that the Senate will vote on later today would grant amnesty to more than 10 million illegal aliens -- including anyone who can enter the country before June 30, 2018!…/schumer-rounds-collins-destroys-abili…

Call your two U.S. Senators and urge them to OPPOSE the Schumer/Collins/Rounds/King amendment! (202) 224-3121!

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As the Senate begins debating immigration this week, they need to remember Pres. Trump's promises.

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More Congressmen cosponsor the "Securing America's Future Act"

Reps. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), and Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) have cosponsored Rep. Bob Goodlatte's H.R. 4760, the Securing America's Future Act. Their cosponsorships bring the total number of bill sponsors to 91.

Check out how Democrats used to talk about immigration.

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ICE Council Pres. Chris Crane voiced the union's disapproval of the White House's proposed immigration framework in a letter to Pres. Trump on Friday, saying that it fails to address the trafficking and smuggling of minors across the border, immigration detainers, and sanctuary cities.