"I've attended [The Sellers Conference, formerly] SCOE ten times since 2006 and always learned new things that helped my business grow." - Kelly Loach (online seller)

Welcome to The Sellers’ Conference!


Why Should You Attend?

•TSC is focused on busy small business entrepreneurs and family businesses
•Featured in Forbes as one of the top 11 entrepreneurial conferences in 2016.
•We bring the best experts together for you
•We have a proven track record of increased sales for sellers
•Our speakers, well-known and respected in the online selling industry, will give you step by step info on making more money and saving valuable time.

The Sellers’ Conference (formerly SCOE) is the longest continuous and most well-respected conference for online sellers. Established in 2006, we understand that businesses must adapt or die and we’re here to help! Our speakers and exhibitors keep you absolutely current with trends, technologies and inside info, so you’ll stay ahead of the competition and insure your ongoing business success.

Join our community as we explore new and innovative opportunities that will help you grow your online business.

September 6-8, 2017 | Motif Hotel in Downtown Seattle

Registre here:

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"This was my favorite meeting all year!" - Jason Kilar, (Former Amazon Executive VP and CEO of Hulu, current board member for DreamWorks Animation and CEO of Vessel)

Limited time left for you to use the coupon at the link for this year's SCOE conference in Philly!

Announcing Changes to SCOE, The Sellers' Conference (for Online Entrepreneurs)!
Over 75% of attendees report a substantial increase in income. Now we're more focused than ever!


Are you confused and short on time? Do you need to know -

What actions will bring you the most return?
What trends can I quickly adapt to my business model?
How can I understand Amazon and other marketplaces?
What is private labeling, and is it for me?
Who are the people to ask?
How can I build a professional network, and share knowledge and ideas?

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Do you need some inspiration for creating a product video? Here are 9 product videos that do a good job promoting the brand while sharing useful information. How many product videos have you created for your business?

Creating a product video can be a good way to deliver useful information about a product, as well as to convey the essence of your ...

Did you now that it is best to post on Pinterest 8pm-11pm on Saturdays or that you'll get more Facebook engagement if you post on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Find out the best time to post on social media. What times do you find that posting works the best for you?

What really are the best times to post on social media? Data from 7 studies agree—and disagree. Here's a summation of everything we could find.

Are you looking for an easy way to have people pay you through PayPal without having to give them your PayPal email address? Set up your own custom account link to make is easy to request money.

Post it. Text it. Tag it. Share it. Shout it. And let your friends pay you back in a tap or two. Grab your PayPal.Me link today.

We learned a lot about using IFTTT (Short for “If This Then that”) at IFTTT is one of the most useful services on the web, allowing users to easily plug various apps and services together to automate tasks. Here are 21 incredibly useful "recipes" for business users that you can use to take some of the grunt work out of your day. How do YOU use IFTTT?

Automate your way to an easier life online with these IFTTT recipes for business

Imagine being 11 years old and having the commitment this little girl does. What could you accomplish if you focused on just one thing every day?

“Imagine 100 million Viviennes standing for what they believe in. Imagine what that looks like. We’re taking the spotlight off of Vivienne and shining it on to the hearts of the next 100 million people who will stand for what they believe in.”

Stop chasing shiny things and focus only on the important things that will make your business grow. Before you head in the direction of the next shiny thing, ask yourself, "What does my Road Map to Success say I should do"? Learn more about building your Road Map to Success at .

It takes effort to keep everyone on the same page, and they end up with conflicting directions that confuse the team, say no to 10,000 good ideas

Is the temperature outside too hot to handle? Instead of staying in and watching TV, spend a day watching these 21 short videos that will teach you more about business from the people who know all about being successful.

You can spend $250,000 and three years of your life to get an MBA or spend a day watching these videos. Your choice.

YouTube has recently released YouTube Cards, which allow viewers to interact with your videos, even on mobile devices. This is actually pretty cool. I’ve been a fan of YouTube annotations, but the big Achilles heel has been that they don’t work on mobile, where a huge percentage of views happen. Now, YouTube is offering Cards, which do work on mobile.

Discover how to use YouTube's new Cards to create interactive videos that work just as well on mobile devices as they do on laptops and desktops.

Do you want to make your Facebook feed better? Follow these tips from Robert Scoble and you'll be well on your way to having a better Facebook experience.

Robert Scoble updated his status.

Facebook tips.

1. SHARE three posts from someone else about stuff you are interested in. If it's your friend's kids, you'll see more kid photos. If it's tech/e...ntrepreneurialism, you'll see more of that.

2. Write five original posts about the same topic. You'll see even more of that same topic on your feed. I remember when I wrote about the Napa earthquake. My feed, within 30 seconds, became nothing but earthquake news. Most of the time I write about tech news and post videos with entrepreneurs, so most of my feed is exactly that.

3. Turn off as much privacy as you are comfortable with. Especially let people follow you, instead of friend you. Then post some things to public. You'll find your posts start getting an audience you never knew existed. Most of you are WAY too private. By the way, you can still post to just your family even after you turn on following. Each post has its own privacy.

4. Make sure your bio is up to date and public. Most people don't make it easy to find them. You'll find coworkers and friends start finding you.

5. PUT EVERYONE in either "close friends" or "acquaintance" lists. That makes your feed dramatically better (I've done this on dozens of people's accounts and it always works). Remember "Close Friends" will give you a LOT more notifications and other things. I only have 10 people on close friends. The rest on acquaintances.

6. Unfriend people who do not post to Facebook or engage with anyone else. You'll find your posts start getting reach they never did before. Why? Facebook only releases your posts to a few people at first and watches what they do with it. If you have friends who never like, never share, never comment, and never post their own things, THEY HURT YOU.

7. Make sure you like, comment, and share other people's items. That teaches Facebook what kinds of things you like to see in your feed.

8. Hide things you don't want to see more of. For instance, I hide almost all selfies, things with quotes, things with memes, things that make me stupider. Funny, now Facebook is showing me far fewer of those things. (Each post has a "I don't want to see this" item in the drop down on right side of each post, which is how you hide things from your feed. I use that every day on many posts and Facebook continues to get better because of that).

9. Unfollow people who are too noisy. Even your real life friends and family. If you put them in lists (you did follow #5 above, right) you can still see all their things by clicking on the list. But your main feed will get dramatically better.

10. Check your event page at least once a month. Make sure you decline things you aren't going to and accept things that you will. That makes those events go viral and helps everyone's calendar out.

11. Check ALL of your Facebook settings once per month and make sure they stay the same. Really important on mobile apps. I find if I delete the app and then reinstall it, all my settings go back to default. Understand each setting.

12. Turn on all security features like two-factor authentication. People who do that generally don't get hacked. Don't care? You will when you get hacked. Do the same for your email and other social services too.

13. Make sure you have at least 10 public posts if you are trying to make friends. Make sure those posts say something about you and your passions. If they are only selfies, don't be shocked when people don't accept your friend requests. (I won't accept ANYONE as a friend if they don't post at least some geeky/business items to public).

14. Don't let people post to your profile without your approval. I find that people who do that usually have crappy content and it almost always is a flag.

15. Make at least 400 friends. People with fewer than that number of friends almost always are crappy at Facebook.

16. If you are going to friend someone with 5,000 friends you MUST have at least 50 common friends first. Why? They can't add more friends and use this as a sort of social proof to make sure you aren't a jerk (jerks generally don't keep that many friends). If you are going to friend a normal person, then you better remind them how you know them and it helps to have at least five common friends first, so they know that you aren't just a spammer.

17. Most content does NOT get to you. If you want to see more from specific people, VISIT THEIR PROFILES at least once a week and engage on their content. Or, even better, put them in a list and visit that list. Lists show all. Your main feed only shows you the most popular stuff from them (and that's not really true, Facebook's algorithms look at a variety of things to figure out what to show you). In general you are only seeing one out of 10 of my posts, if that. So you gotta visit my profile more often to make sure you get it all.

18. On Mobile, make sure Facebook's app can know where you are. That not only makes features like Nearby Friends possible, but also makes your feed have a few items from your location.

19. Mostly post using Facebook's native tools/apps/web site. Those who repost Twitter into here tend to be crappy at Facebook and engagement. Same with those who mostly use Buffer or other tools like Hootsuite.

20. Engage in your own comments, as well as those of others. For people like me I look for signs you will engage and not just post. Plus, it helps you learn from others and encourages them to comment, which helps get your posts more reach too.

21. You can reorganize the stuff on the left. I show how I do it in comments, but you on the web version of Facebook you can click little icons next to each item and reorganize them. I put lists up top so I can get to those fast.

22. Treat Facebook like a meal. You wouldn't just serve me pasta with no sauce, right? So, if you only have a feed with your kids photos, that is like pasta with no sauce. You DO have interests other than your kids, right? Same for those who post only selfies. You only interested in yourself? Or those who post only animals. You only interested in animals? Or, those who only post memes. Really? That's what you want to be known for? OK, but I don't need to stay your friend, either. Make sure you make your friends smarter and show that you have a diverse set of interests.

Got any other tips for making your feed rock? Leave them here.

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Are you using all of the services that Pinterest has to offer?

Imagine this: To unwind at the end of a workday, a Pinner explores their home feed, discovers a camping tent they like and saves it to a board. This inspires them to plan a backpacking trip, using Pinterest to research hiking trails and campsites and figure out exactly where they can buy that tent. …

You can build an eCommerce website easily but if you don't have a commitment to the community it serves, chances are you won't make it. How are you making your online store stand out and be part of the community?

Google wants our online store is your flagship store and a commitment to web demands a commitment to community

Are you struggling with an overflowing email inbox? Add automation and create tasks from the emails and clear your inbox in no time. How do you use automation in your business?

The Zapier Monthly: Inbox Zero Edition | Vol. II, Issue 3 Every month, we'll teach you how to use Zapier to solve a problem or reach a goal. This month, we're tackling Inbox Zero—the never-ending quest to clear all of the emails out of your inbox—with automation ...

Have you considered sharing short video content as a social marketing tactic? Do you think video is only for the big brands with big budgets? If you haven’t explored short video for your business, you may be missing out on an opportunity for more reach and shares.

Have you considered sharing short video content as a social marketing tactic? Here are six ways you can use short video to grab attention. .

50% of us play background music while studying or working. But, according to focus@will, it's the wrong music! Mainstream music lowers comprehension and creates distraction because it is designed to connect with you intellectually and emotionally. Focus@will says that its technology delivers various "Attention Amplifying" music channels scientifically designed to engage with your brain's limbic system. Let us know your results if you try it.

Achieve higher levels of focus and concentration through music based on neuroscience

Google is giving businesses more control of photos displayed with their search and map results, today announcing an update to the Google My Business product.

New photo section includes the ability to choose between profile, logo and cover images as display for maps and search.