The former showrunner has made available part of his draft script for charity project A Second Target for Tommy, and there are some interesting changes

I've have literally dozens of emails over the past month asking why we weren't doing an ebook version of A SECOND TARGET FOR TOMMY and a dozen more since we sold out of the paperback.

Since we sold the half dozen over-prints in about twenty minutes, it seems a bit unfair not to let people who perhaps were put off by the heavy shipping aborad, or whose pay cheques arrived just too late to pre-order so...


Get it while you can - Steven Moffat's in it, as are all sorts of other very talented writers!

Less than a tenner too!

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James Robert Crews Wylder
· December 24, 2017
Fantastic publishers of weird Science-Fiction and non-fiction examining it. Their Faction Paradox book line is a particular favorite of mine.

We have at 8 extra copies of A SECOND TARGET FOR TOMMY which the printers printed over and above our order (there may be more but I need to keep a few back to allow for copies lost in our rubbish post!) - and they're available on the website now!

If you't have a copy, snap one up now, while you can - there'll be no reprint ever!

All copies of A SECOND TARGET FOR TOMMY have now been packed!

Guess what arrived today? I'll give you a clue - there's a Scotch bloke called Moffat in it...

Obverse Books is with Cody Schell and Blair Bidmead.

The City is full of strangers and these are their tales...

Edited by Liz Evershed, with stories by Kara Dennison, Jay Eales, James Bojaciuk, Paul Hiscock, Alexandra Marchon, Robert Shepherd and Richard Wright...…/stranger-tales-of-the-city/

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Christian Cawley finds much to recommend in Simon Bucher-Jones' Impossible Planet Black Archive.…/doctor-who-the-black-archiv…

Doctor Who: The Black Archive 17 Review

The website is moving to a new host with superfast servers - just completing testing of the new site just now. May be a little bit of downtime over the next day or so as the move is completed - sorry about that!

A SECOND TARGET FOR TOMMY will be sent out on the weekend of 17 March!

Simon Bucher-Jones's excellent Black Archive on The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit two parter is now in stock and will be sent out early to pre-order customers!

The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit (2006) are an ambitious attempt to depict two cinematic impossibilities on the budget of a BBC television production: a black hole – the impossible singularity where the laws of physics break down – and Satan, the adversary, and destroyer of the laws of Go...
Our good friend the fabulous writer Tommy Donbavand, having overcome throat cancer, has now had the shattering news that he has a tumour in his lung. As a result he continues to be unable to do the school visits which generated much of the income he needs to support his family.

Less than 30 copies then we're done.

Do tell anyone who was thinking of getting a copy of A SECOND TARGET FOR TOMMY.

The order has been placed with the printer for A SECOND TARGET FOR TOMMY, so there are now only a limited (and pretty small) number of copies left available - there won't be a second print run and the book will be coming off sale as soon as this one is sold out.

So if you want a copy, best buy it now! (even if you don't want to read it, these kinds of books tend to get very expensive second hand - buy two copies and keep one to pay for your retirement yachy)

Announcing our new Range Editor

We're delighted to announce a new addition to their editorial team, with the appointment of Paul Simpson as a new Range Editor for the Black Archive, our series of acclaimed critical monographs on individual Doctor Who stories.

Sci-Fi Bulletin managing editor Paul has been helping out behind the scenes with the Archive for some time now, and joins as the range expands to a monthly schedule and gains a sister series, the Silver Archive, covering... shows other than Doctor Who.

Paul is an experienced editor and author, with over 30 books to his credit, and editorial experience with Titan, BBC and Virgin Books, as well as DreamWatch and Star Trek Magazine.

Stuart Douglas, publisher of the Black Archive, said:

"When we realised that we would need to take on a third Range Editor to cope with our new schedule, Phil and I both immediately thought of Paul. His wide and detailed knowledge of genre television has already proven invaluable on previous Archives, and I'm very much looking forward to see what he can bring out of our authors as editor."

Philip Purser-Hallard, the Black Archive’s founding Range Editor, said:

“I’m delighted that Paul’s stepping up his involvement in the Black Archive – he’s an excellent editor, and a wise and knowledgeable Doctor Who fan. With our increased output of titles this year and into 2019, we will be relying on him to help us maintain the high standards our readers have come to expect.”

Paul himself is delighted to be joining the team. “Even for someone who's been a fan of Doctor Who since the late 1960s, the Black Archive has been a constant source of new ways of looking at the show, and I'm looking forward to working with Stuart, Jim, Phil and the writers on the forthcoming Archives.“

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It's that time of the month again...

The new Black Archive, THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET / THE SATAN PIT is now available for pre-order. To be published on 1 March 2018, Simon Bucher-Jones discusses black holes, the Devil and the meeting points of science and religion, amongst others....

The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit (2006) are an ambitious attempt to depict two cinematic impossibilities on the budget of a BBC television production: a black hole – the impossible singularity where the laws of physics break down – and Satan, the adversary, and destroyer of the laws of Go...
Obverse Books updated their cover photo.
February 14
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