The Wolverines are up, Nebraska is holding, OSU is down.

So, you think you’re still going dancing?

NCAA Tourney Profile for the Ohio State Buckeyes --> So many interesting questions.

Have the Bucks peaked?

Can they salvage a 2 or 3 seed in the NCAA Tourney?


What is the ceiling for this team?

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A talented but slumping Ohio State team gears up for the NCAA Tourney.

Reevaluating after the recent roller coaster


This article is neither impulsive nor hyperbolic.

What your favorite Big Ten team is doing, or should be doing, this offseason.

#PowerPoll time y'all!

Remember that time your teams all played football? Me neither, but I tried to write something about it anyway.

I'm sure Minnesota will bounce some point.

Remember when we were a top-15 team? It seems like so long ago...

However, due to segregation of the era the State of Mississippi had a rule that no public university team could play against another team which had African-American players on it. Thus, Mississippi State had declined the 1959, 1961 and 1962 NCAA Tournament invitations and shunned any post-season play. However, for 1963 the Mississippi State players decided that they wanted to participate in the NCAA Tournament.

Showing what extreme lengths a few guys went through just to play a basketball game.

Nebraska, Michigan, both with eyes on the tourney...

Three Big Ten teams are locked to make the tournament but the conference could see as many as 6 teams get in. What do they need to do to make it happen?

Underwood, under the gun at Illinois.


The present is bleak, but the future doesn’t look much better

Sparty up! OSU way up! Penn State is coming on strong!

Purdue drops two chances to put its grip on the league while Michigan State may now be #1 in the country but #2 in the league.

Some good, some bad. More discussion of the Big Ten's hoops student sectionc -

Part II! Today we’re sitting down in one of the empty seats in the student sections of the other seven B1G basketball teams. If you’re mad or confused to see your team on this list, (a) I don’t...

How about that! #gobucks

Purdue loses first conference game of the season

Oh my god here comes NW hoops!!!!!!!

Michigan State keeps the dream of a one-seed alive, Ohio State creeps farther north, and Northwestern makes a push to join Maryland and Nebraska.


Ohio State, Nebraska, and Michigan State are all chasing multiple big commitments on National Signing Day

Percentages dictate that your team probably sucks.

Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s puking?

1996 Nebrasketball, with Sweet 16 level talent and mess of a locker room.

A seemingly lost season that led to Nebraska’a only national-level basketball championship.

Some good spots to watch #B1G hoops -->

Just in case you wanted to travel somewhere else to watch bad basketball this season