We would like to thank everyone for your interest in Ohio Mulefoot Farm. We have sold our last pig and have decided to not persue the Mulefoot breed any further. So we will be signing off of Facebook. Thank you.


Getting into Mom's food bowl.

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born 8/1/2012. 4 gilts and 2 boars for sale.

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6 month old gilt pic#2

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6 month old gilt for sale

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We have a new litter of piglets born 8/1. All are doing great. 4 gilts and 2 boars. Pictures will be posted soon. They should be ready for sale mid September. Any interest please let us know.

Well it's been awhile since we last updated. But we only have 1 gilt left for sale. Just sold another gilt today. They are in the pasture and keeping cool in the mud and happy as can be.

Update on our current stock. The first litter is sold. We currently have 4 gilts and 1 boar from the second litter for sale. These little piggies are 5 weeks old and will be ready to go by early May.

Ohio Mulefoot Farm added 4 new photos to the album: March 2012 Mulefoot Litters.

Springtime is here. We currently have 8 gilts and 2 boars.

Good article about heritage pork highlighting Mulefoots and Berkshires…/2012/03/13/gIQA3H5hPS_story…

Mulefoot and Berkshire pork yield outstanding results in the author’s kitchen and on the grill.

Happy to report that our other sow, Irma, had her litter of piglets today. Came home to 5 new piglets. Everyone looks to be doing good. Pictures will be posted soon.

Christine Ryan-Nelson

To preserve the breed standard of the Mulefoot Hog by selling only registered purebred hogs who have been pasture raised free of any steroids or inhumane influences.

We currently have 4 gilts and 1 boar for sale. Please send us an e mail for any information or questions.