Twitter had something to say about me taking Hibou for the day.
Harriet wishing you Happy Thanksgiving!
Snake shedding part 5 . So cool!

Ohio Nature Education is a private non-profit volunteer organization which provides a home for over fifty wild animals that can no longer live in the wild. We incorporate these animals into environmental education programs for all ages.

Ohio Nature Education is looking for part-time and full-time interns. These internships are designed to encourage individual growth in the fields of environmental education and interpretation, natural history and give a view of the non-profit... sector. Individuals will learn to develop skills in caring for captive wildlife, conducting programs for all ages, staffing displays and hands-on work with animals. These positions are unpaid and available for three and six-month commitments. College credit can be earned by completing the appropriate paperwork through the applicant’s educational institution. Resumes can be sent to

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Ohio Nature Education is seeking both full-time and part-time interns. Candidates will assist with environmental education programs, public displays and animal care.
Johnstown, Ohio · Full-time job
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Help Save Our Hummingbirds is with Kathy B. Turner and 37 others.

Please Read Caption!!!
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The store bought nectar is junk!! It causes a slow death.
It's filled with chemicals, dyes, preservatives and petroleum based.
The only store bought nectar SAFE for Hummingbirds is #EZNectar.
At EZNectar, they actually care for the birds, unlike the other companies who only care about lining their pockets.
I used the red stuff 3 to 4 years ago. The minute I found out how deadly it is to hummingbirds, I changed out the nectar immediately!! I Made my own with sugar water only.
Sugar water is all they need. 4 to 1 ratio .
Example... 4 cups water to 1 cup pure cane granulated sugar. No dyes needed.
No. You do NOT boil the mixture. You boil water (if you must boil) Then, you measure out 4 cups water, add your 1 cup of sugar, stir, then.... let cool and fill a clean feeder!
I've had up to 25 to 30 on my back porch last year and the year before.

*ABOUT RED DYES/THE DANGERS OF!…/feeding-hummingbirds…/…/…/…/solution-…/…/feeding-hummingbirds…/…/top-5-reasons-to-no……/red-alert-for-humming……/popular-food-dyes-linked-…/……/food-dyes-linked-to-cancer-adhd-a……/ingredients-concern/food-dyes……/the_hidden_health_risks_of_food……/are-you-or-your-family-eating……/20/…

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Here is more on this unfortunate situation.

Manon VanSchoyck is with Laura Zitzelberger.
23 hrs

Hard to know what to believe in these times. Sad!

The nonprofit that runs the popular Bat Zone in Pontiac is facing shutdown amid financial troubles and the termination of its co-founder.

Hope to see you all there!

Tue 9:00 AM ESTOhio Union at The Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OH
199 people interested

So sad! Another non-profit founder pushed out of his own organization just to have it be disbanded! What a shame.

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Organization for Bat Conservation & Save the Bats

It is with great disappointment we announce that the Organization for Bat Conservation will be closing its doors. This decision was made by our all-volunteer Bo...ard of Directors that oversees the organization after careful consideration of all practicable options to continue operations.

Our animal ambassadors, staff, volunteers and friends have helped us inspire an appreciation for bats among countless people. We treasure all of your hard work, your dedication to our organization, and the love you've shown to the animals and to our mission. The animals continue to be our utmost priority and we will make sure they have happy, healthy new homes. We are working diligently with experts in the field to select the new homes that are best equipped to care for the animals and to transfer the animals safely.

We are also making sure that our educational mission lives on through other organizations.

**Please continue watching our social media channels in the days and weeks to come, as more news about the animals and the continuation of our mission will be available soon.**

Thank you all for your support in the past and in this difficult time.

If you have a recurring donation through an animal sponsorship, please enter the email and password you used to set up your profile at to cancel your donation. #SavetheBats

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So true!

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Opossum Awareness & Advocacy

Opossums have feelings, too. Check your facts or you might embarrass yourself.

Here’s an easy way to help the critters at Ohio Nature Education.

If you shop at Kroger’s you can make Ohio Nature Education your Kroger Community Reward recipient.

Go to and click on enroll. You must have a valid account at and must sign up online to participate. Kroger’s will make a donation to O.N.E. each year based on your total purchases at Kroger’s. Please remember, every little bit helps.

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We take our job to educate seriously. Therefore we encourage you to view proposed hunting regulations presented to the Ohio Wildlife Council. It's not only about deer but includes a proposal to allow bobcat trapping in Ohio. Information including how to have your voice heard on the proposed regulations at Open House events are listed below.…/ohio-wildlife-council-receive…

Another example of non-lethal methods of dealing with nuisance situations.

The city’s mass transit company has launched a six-week pilot program.
Ohio Nature Education updated their cover photo.
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Ohio Nature Education updated their profile picture.
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A special note to the couple who was asking about kestrels today at our program. Please see this link

Also the Merlin I spoke to you about is and has been at Union Cemetery all winter.

I have some info for you regarding who to contact for info on kestrels. Feel free to call or email me.

Our smallest falcon, the kestrel is also the most familiar and widespread in North America. In open country it is commonly seen perched on roadside wires, or hovering low over a field on rapidly beating wings, waiting to pounce on a grasshopper. Kestrels nest in cavities in trees; in places where th...

Today Ohio Nature Education had a program at Oakland Park Nursery, Birding by Ear. This fun program teaches how to identify birds by song. Also a few of our birds made an appearance. Hibou the great horned owl, Oz the barred owl, Otis the screech owl and Teddy the red tailed hawk.

Families are invited to join us for this display featuring LIVE nocturnal animals.
Whoooooo could that possibly be?

Thu 7:30 PM EDTPataskala Public LibraryPataskala, OH
13 people interested

Children 6 years and up are invited with their families to learn about the amazing world of owls with Mrs. Van of Ohio Nature Education. Live owls included.

Sat 10:00 AM EDTMarion Public LibraryMarion, OH
1 person interested

Preschool aged children and their parents are invited to visit with Mrs.Van of Ohio Nature Education as we learn about and see live owls.

Sat 9:30 AM EDTMarion Public LibraryMarion, OH