VIEW VIDEO! Celebrating 50 years as the Department of Plant Pathology - view our video from July 1 (more pics and the program video will also be posted in the near future)…/plantpath.osu.…/plantpath50video

Special thanks to our musicians - Traditional Irish Music - David Coplin, fiddle - Carol Smith, fiddle - Sheree Green, fiddle - Stuart Brand, fiddle - Larry Dulin, flute - Rick Nelson, guitar - Chris Young, harmonica - Dave Scardena, bodhran

If you see the spotted lanternfly in Ohio let us know!

First encountered in the United States in Pennsylvania in 2014, the spotted lanternfly had spread to New York, Delaware, and Virginia by early 2018. The invasive insect threatens Tree of Heaven as well as grapes, hops, and fruit trees, and it has a penchant for hitchhiking. Anyone sighting spotted l...

#InternationalWomensDay salute to Dr Fredrica Detmers, Ohio State's 1st MS-botany grad in the field of plant pathology (rust fungi), she earned a PhD-ecology and was a faculty member in Columbus, later became the 1st PhD plant pathologist on Wooster campus. AAAS Fellow 1915

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Bull family to the rescue: Couple sets up an emergency fund for CFAES students.

Unfortunately, there are far too many instances where many good students, for whatever reason, run short of funds to be able to finish. Sooner or later, everyone needs a rescue. Often that crisis occurs during college. With that in mind, Col. David and Dr. Nancy Bull wanted to create a unique emerge...
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Ohio State - College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

By learning to fight harmful plant diseases, CFAES scientists are increasing yields, making more food available for a hungry world. #WhyScienceMatters

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Ohio State - College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

There is no Thanksgiving holiday in Tanzania, but individual villages celebrate the harvest in there own way. Most include food, music, and dancing. Some donate... part of their yield to local churches. These celebrations occur between August and December, the end of the harvest season for most cereal crops. Hellen Kanyagha is a Ph.D. student in Plant Pathology.

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Ohio State - College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Deo Massawe is from a village in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. While Thanksgiving is not an official holiday in Tanzania, there are many local harvest cel...ebrations. Most take place between August and December, and many coincide with religious holidays. Deo is a Ph.D. student in plant pathology.

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Ohio State - College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

There are 111 military and veteran students currently enrolled in CFAES. Thank you for your service!

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Cecília Freitas is with Madeline Horvat and 5 others.

The Taylor lab always wins the best Halloween costumes.

Terry Niblack Appointed Senior Associate Dean September 29, 2017 by ball.1893 at 8:25pm A transition priority since my arrival has been to fully consider our CFAES Leadership Team and address open leadership positions. I just announced the launch of two national searches for the Associate Dean of Re...
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Ohio Youth Institute

And we missed a shout-out to one more Wallace-Carver fellow from OSU. Congrats also to Caleb Mathias on his fellowship at ARS in Illinois!
“I was excited to in to the world of chemical engineering and assist in creating bio-products that will help keep our drinking water clean of harmful pesticides and move us towards a sustainable future."
Placement: ARS, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research - Peoria, IL

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Join us as Plant Pathology Celebrates 50 years
July 1 (Columbus) and July 2 (Wooster)

From Larry Madden
Greetings to our alumni, current and former students, faculty and staff, and friends. The Department of Plant Pathology is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of our department (as a stand-alone unit). We are very proud of our department and we are grateful for your many contributions to our success over the years.


You are all invited to our celebration on July 1 in Columbus, with a visit to Wooster on July 2. I know that it would be very difficult or impossible for many of you to attend, but we hope that many of you can come to Columbus for our mid-day party. The details are given below. There have been a lot of changes in Columbus and Wooster over the years (decades), and you might enjoy touring the two campuses.

RSVP: or

If you can’t attend, we would still like to hear back from you. It would be wonderful if you could send us a recent photo. We would also love to receive a video with anniversary greetings. We will share these at our event; we will also put them on our website after the party.

Please send any files to Monica Lewandowski ( ). Contact her if you make a large video file, and she will tell you how to get it to us. We can also send you a copy of our new history book (by Randy Rowe) after the event.

50th Anniversary of the establishment of the
Department of Plant Pathology
Looking Back While Moving Forward
July 1, 2017 - 12 noon
The Ohio State University - Longaberger Alumni House
2200 Olentangy River Road, Columbus OH 43202
Complimentary Buffet Luncheon
Family/Guests welcome

The July 1 event will feature the book release of
Plant Pathology in Ohio
A History of the of the Discipline at The Ohio State University
and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
by Randall Rowe, Professor Emeritus
- Complimentary copies of the book will be available -

July 2 in Wooster
You are also invited to a casual lunch at the
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
Selby Hall, Wooster

RSVP by June 15 on our website at,
by tel. 614-292-3518 or by e-mail:
Transportation from Wooster to Columbus (July 1) and from Columbus to Wooster (July 2) can be arranged; please indicate transportation needs and contact info on the RSVP.

Logo artwork, featuring Guignardia on Aesculus, by Karasi Mills

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Photo (below): Randy Rowe (right) with Michelle Drobik, reference archivist in the OSU Library Archives. Rowe is examining the course catalog collection and discovered that the subject of plant pathology was taught from the early beginnings of the university in an Economic Botany and Vegetable Path...

Congrats to ASHLEY!

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Ohio State - College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Ashley Rector is planning to go to medical school. She chose an undergraduate degree from Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences because food is so closely related to human health. Ashley is graduating with a degree in plant pathology.

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OSU Soybean Pathology added 2 new photos.

We can grow healthy plants! But this will soon be inoculated. We are also drying soils from our winter sampling for baiting for Phytophthora!

Congrats to our PHARM student organization on the New Activity award for Examine the Famine at the CFAES Celebration of Students Banquet! More congrats to Ashley Rector-Outstanding Senior, Annie Means-Outstanding Internship, Monica Pennewitt-Ray Miller Scholarship. And thank you to all who contributed to my Outstanding Service to Students Award!

This was a lot of fun to shoot! You too can turn Green and White into Scarlet and Gray!

Through their involvement in 4-H, these students (and faculty and staff) were led to the Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environme...