Aloha Olamau Race Fans and Participants,
We are very sorry and apologize for the delay, unfortunately we will be canceling Olamau 2016.

Olamau 2016

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Team 404 battling!!
OPT battling
The start
Olamau Race updated their cover photo.
June 2, 2014

Wa'a Va'a Olamau 2016

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Aloha Olamau Race fans and Participants,
We are sorry to report that we are canceling Olamau 2014. Olamau race will resume on June 8, 9, 10th of 2016! We look forward to an Amazing race in 2016 with well over $100,000.00 in Cash and prizes! Our mission is to create one of the finest races in the World, with passionate and enthusiastic paddlers and supporters that allows for innovation, technology, custom shapes and designs in progressing Unlimited and Outrigger paddling. Stay tuned for updates on the 2016 Olamau race, participating crews from around the World, sponsors, and broadcasting partners for Olamau 2016! Mahalo for your support and cooperation and get ready for a huge Olamau 2016!

Aloha Olamau Race Fans and Participants!

It has been a while! But here is a cool article about Olamau Race by Red Bull!…/red-bulletin-wave-warriors-0212…

The worlds most grueling outrigger canoe race on a 100-mile route around Hawaiis Big Island.

Aloha Olamau Race Fans and Participants!
Here is a short video of Olamau 2013 by Olamau Patrol, Kaikea Nakachi. Enjoy!

As a member of Olamau Patrol I had limited footage, but here is a quick view of the 2013 Olamau race.

Aloha Olamau Race fans and participants!
For those of you who wanted to see the final day times and splits, here they are!

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Aloha Olamau Race fans and participants!
Some cool articles on the Olamau race were posted on Sunday. Here are the links if you didn’t get a chance to check them out!…/local-…/shell-swell-olamau.html

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The second annual Olamau Unlimited Canoe Race came to an end Friday as Tahitian team Shell Vaa cruised across the finish line at Kailua Pier after three days of racing that covered more than 100...

The Governor's proclamation to Olamau Race

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Aloha Olamau Race fans and participants!
We have noticed some concern regarding the money distribution. The total prize money is set at $50000. Olamau race has set daily incentives of $2500, $1000, and $500 for the top 3 finishers of each day, whether male or female. That leaves $38000 of prize money left over this year. There were 15 male entries paid, even though only 14 participated, and 5 female entries. The pot was split according to the entries; 75% of the pot was given to the men because their entries were 3 times the size of the women's entries. We appreciate everyone's feedback and we will continue striving to make this one of the best races in the world. Mahalo!

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Men's Olamau Money Prizes
5th Pflueger Honda $1,375
4th OPT Va'a $2,500
3rd Mellow Johnny's $4,500
2nd EDT Va'a $9,500...
1st Shell Va'a $22,500

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Women's Olamau Prize Money
3rd 404 Women $1,625
2nd Na Hoa $2,500
1st Pacific Wahine $5,500