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Ashley Julian McFarlane
· January 13, 2017
I'm not one to complain & avoid confrontation when at all possible but, today at the Brigham city location was so ridiculous & disappointing. I ordered a quart ...of soup specifically for DINE IN for my 2 daughters & I. They packed everything to-go. I went to ask for 2 empty bowls so i could feed my hungry girls the soup. The apathetic, unconcerned girl behind the counter refused, saying I had to purchase the bowls if I wanted them. "That's just my policy" she said. What???? We frequent both Ogden & kaysville locations & giving me a soup bowl with the soup I ordered so we can eat the darn soup has never been a problem. I finally had to leave my girls alone in the restaurant for a minute while I went to my car to find some change to pay for the bowls so we could eat our soup. Then she acted put out that I even came back to buy the bowls with the change & hesitated putting it in the register. she mumbled something about needing more money or a different count of change. I didn't even understand what she was asking as I gave her more than enough to pay for the bowls. I just told her to keep the change & walked away. Absolutely RIDICULOUS. Won't be returning to the Brigham location. Learn how to treat your customers the right way. See More
Rylee Scott
· December 15, 2016
This is the worst old grist I've ever been to. The customer service was absolutely horrible. The lady who seemed like the manager (not positive) was SO rude. The bread was dry. I was very disappointed. I love the one in Ogden and Kaysville. You definitely need to work on customer service.
Jessica Olsen
· December 24, 2016
Great food, horrible customer service at the south Logan location. I've been going for years but the last few it just keeps getting worse.
Maria Hauth
· November 8, 2016
I live in Texas now and visit this place every time I visit. Love it!
Kellie Hayward
· November 24, 2015
Bagels from OGM are my favorite, but I frequent an OGM shop for sandwiches, too! :3 ♥ The service at the shop in my area has been kind and well-provided, which ...helps my rating of OGM heighten.
The workers are kind while taking my order and knowledgable of specials/prices/'how many' of somethings are left... if I happen call in to prepare my order even before I arrive at the shop.
The shop is a simple environment; nice for relaxing if I choose to stay to eat. My experience with the women's bathroom has been that it was well-cleaned; not stinky. Tables were wiped of others' food messes. Rubbish on the floor was swept.

I recommend OGM for one's self or for a date night if y'all are craving a sandwich on delicious bread. (PLUS: The music played is not so loud that communicating with another is difficult/barely possible! Woot woot.)

Ordering is easy (and there is more than bread/bagels there! Jams, honeys, desserts, sandwiches, drinks...) If you are not satisfied with the listed food, you can grab a paper and circle which ingredients you want to have in your meal. (If their sandwiches don't have ham and you want ham, circle it on the paper with the other ingredients that you want on your sandwich.) It is simple, efficient, easy for you and easy for the workers; they look at your paper and put it all together. You only need pay and then get for your deliciousness when they call your name to the counter. :3
If there is a line and you are waiting a while, you can go choose a seat anywhere you'd like even before they call your name to get your food, and then wait in comfort rather than stand around.
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Jade Robinson Bricco
· June 24, 2015
I've been here 3 times and everytime has been good. I really love the sandwiches mostly because the bread on it is so good. You can tell they make there bread a...nd it taste really good. Only complaint about the sandwiches is sometimes I get crappy scrap pieces. Like today for example the tomato on my sandwich looked odd so I pilled the bread off to find I had the very end of the tomato, the part when you cut the tomato that you usually throw away. Then the other piece on that same half wasnt even a piece it was like the skin of the tomato... I just took it off. The other have was like that too. Not desirable to eat. I never had that problem til today, usually my sandwich is awesome. Soup is to salty and not to my liking, I've never had the baked goods, but I'm dying to try the Raspberry Roll. So I will soon and update this about that. (: See More
Amanda Colvin Brasted
· September 22, 2016
Today was awful! The workers today grr!! Don't ever go during HS lunch hour!
Lacey Barnes Garlock
· December 11, 2013
What I ordered: a french dip off the "hot sandwiches" menu.
What I got: a cold roast beef sandwich with a bun fresh from the fridge and au jus sauce that was at best.
What I ordered: hot chocolate.
What I got: warm brown water.
What I ordered: a raspberry roll.
What I got: the most strenuous workout my jaw has had all year. And it didn't even taste like raspberry.

I will give you one star since lunch for two only came to eleven dollars, but we won't be back.
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Summer McCafferty
· December 19, 2015
I was there last night with my family. Ordered our food like usual. It took them 15 minutes to get our food and there was 10 people in the whole place. I went u...p to see what's taking so long and they gave our food to someone else. Then when the people who had our food came up the girls tried giving us the food after it was touched. Very frustrating and unprofessional. Sad part is i loved going there See More
Cherie B Nelson
November 8, 2013
We LOVE Old Grist Mill! Their raspberry rolls are awesome and the lunch combos can't be beat! But the customer service could definitely use improvement. If y...ou ever need anything such as an extra spoon or a to-go container, they seem seriously upset and I receive the "stink eye" every time... And heaven-forbid if you ask for an extra bowl! And a couple times our raspberry rolls have been doughy in the middle still and when I told them they could of cared less...
That being said, we still love it and come weekly! Just realize that you come for the food and NOT the customer service!
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Jeremy James
· January 20, 2015
I have been getting bread from the Grist Mill for awhile and I love it, but recently I decided to try their bagels. I didn't think you could get a decent bagel ...anywhere other than Einstein's but I was wrong. They have amazing bagels and alot more. No more driving clear to south Ogden. Great bagels are minutes away! But get there early, they clear out fast! See More
Tommy Thorpe
· July 17, 2014
Can't figure out how to cut the sandwich in half, twice in the same week. Never coming back. Not that big of a deal but really is it rocket science? it's a sandwich and you stick a knife through it not halfway through it
Katie Cawley Leavitt
· November 19, 2013
I only come in once in a blue moon & it's always so unorganized. The employees don't say thank you, have a horrible day or anything. What is the point if asking for my name for the order if they don't call my name?
Audrey Mae Peterson
· April 29, 2015
Love the mint brownie. Love the breads... Have yet to have something not good from here. I Stop by every time I am in BC or N. Ogden.

Great friendly staff too.
Tara Wheeler
· March 7, 2015
Best bread anywhere! I love their sandwiches. How could you not? It's the only place I've seen that has miracle whip!!! It's my fav!
Jake Wolford
· May 20, 2015
Grist Mill is great, simple, and affordable. I love getting the soup and sandwich combo. Two meals for under $8!
Tommy Magnusson
· September 7, 2015
I love this place so very yummy sandwiches they have just awesome place
April Johnson
· December 23, 2013
The best bread in the world
Jason Billings
· January 31, 2016
Best restaurant in Brigham city Utah area and box elder

Don't forget to order you Thanksgiving rolls.
Wheat, White, & Butter Rolls available!
Brigham: 435-723-6228
Logan North: 435-753-6463
Logan South: 435-755-0262...
Kaysville: 385-209-2084
Ogden: 801-392-8801

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Brigham location is OPEN for Labor Day!!

Old Grist Mill Bread Company updated their profile picture.
July 7, 2016
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Ogden Old Grist Mill will now be open until 8 PM on Fridays and Saturday this SUMMER!

Brigham City Location will be open on Memorial Day (May 30). All of our other locations will be closed.

Old Grist Mill Bread Company updated their profile picture.
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Old Grist Mill Bread Company added 8 new photos to the album: Now Hiring.

Now hiring signs...which one do you like best?? We had so much fun making these!

We are OPEN at our BRIGHAM location today! Come see us! (sorry our other locations are closed!) HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Old Grist Mill Brigham and Ogden are NOW HIRING. We have some employees leaving us to go back to school in the next couple weeks. We are wanting YOU to be trained by them before they leave (they are the best people & trainers ever)! Come in today, comment, or send us a message and we will send you and application to print off, fill out, and turn in!
6AM-2PM (Must be 18 years, Brigham Location)
7AM-3PM (Must be 18 years Brigham & Ogden Locations)
9 or 10AM-around 3 or 4 PM (Must be 18 years Brigham & Ogden Location)

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Did you know that an Old Grist Mill will be opening in KAYSVILLE here really soon?

Old Grist Mill Kaysville

Old Grist Mill in Kaysville is NOW HIRING! We are looking for energetic, hard-working employees with outgoing, friendly and courteous personalities and people s...kills. Employees will be cross-trained to perform many functions, including baking, food preparation, cleaning, dish-washing, working the cash register and sandwich making. No previous experience is necessary, but could be helpful. We will be running three shifts with regimented start times, but flexible end times, depending on work-load for that shift or particular day. Shifts will typically be 4 to 6 hours long. We will be open Monday through Saturday. Morning, mid-day and closing shifts start at 5:00AM, 10:00AM and 3:00PM, respectively. All positions will be considered part time (< 30 hours/week). Must be 18 or older. Our current plan is to open the restaurant by mid-September. That means training/employment will begin around the last week of August. If interested and qualified, please send an email to and we will send you an application to complete and return. Thanks for your interest in Old Grist Mill Kaysville!

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The first minute is the BEST (no need to watch the rest).

Pooh tries to bake a cake (funny) People please download a edit funny Winnie the Pooh Clips. There are hardly any fan edits, and this show is soooo funny! (I...

Great words of advice! :-)

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OPEN today at our BRIGHAM CITY location. 7 AM-8 PM. Happy Memorial Day! (our other locations are closed today)

The best bread, soup, sandwiches, and cookies in Utah!
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