Although this might be the NEW normal, it's not normal.

Australia has started 2013 with a record-breaking heat wave that has lasted more than two weeks across many parts of the country. Temperatures have regularly gone above 48°C, with the highest recorded…

Oh look, it's July 1st and the sky has not fallen in. And we have a price on carbon. Amazing!


Great article!

If Treasury modelling is right, about half of household carbon cost will be included in energy bills, which are now about 3% of household expenditure. That means the carbon cost on energy adds about 0…

Which celebrity should get a KeepCup?

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KeepCup is with Tess Vizcarra.

The picture of Colin Firth with a KeepCup got a lot of love. This got us thinking; which famous figure would you like to see using a KeepCup? Let us know Who? and Why?, and we’ll see if we can arrange it….complete with a note from the winning post- be creative!

Dear Ryan Gosling...

Let's get on with it!

Time, popularity, history and a dearth of pythons: these are the reasons why Tony Abbott will backtrack on his “blood oath” to repeal the carbon tax if he ascends to the prime ministership.

At long last, a blog post ... our eco house journey begins.

Beyond the Stars: Our Eco House Over the last few years I’ve dispensed a lot of advice to clients and friends on how to make the home they’re building or

Check out this video -- carbon neutral funerals available in Perth!

Green Endings by Oakwood Funerals provides families with a natural, green way to have a funeral service, helping you create a more personal farewell. At Gree...

99% of published scientists agreed on anthropogenic climate change. More than 50% airtime to sceptics. Grrrr.

Check out Perth's newest free magazine focused on whole health -- and while you're at it, check out One Green Step's article 'Easy Changes that Don't Cost the Earth.'

Attended the launch of Green Endings by Oakwood funerals. Such a great service -- a truly sustainable way to depart this life! Check out their website

Dealing with the death of a loved one and making funeral arrangements can be painful and emotional. But by honouring their beliefs it is possible to create a more meaningful and personal farewell. This is why Oakwood Funerals is introducing Green Endings.

Take that, sceptics.

Last December’s meeting of the American Geophysical Union featured three of the world’s leading climate scientists: James Hansen (NASA’s chief climate scientist), Elco Rohling (National Oceanography Centre…

Among the many reasons I dislike shopping at Woolies and Coles: I'm convinced I throw out (compost) more food because the fruit and veg goes off so fast! Grrrr.

Standing ovation for PM at #CarbonExpo, and by far the best speech of the conference

Finally! The carbon tax is through the Senate. Here at Carbon Expo there's much celebrating.

Wow, check out this article in Rolling Stone!

It's near midnight, and I'm holed up in a rickety hotel in Proserpine, a whistle-stop town on the northeast coast of Australia. Yasi, a Category 5 hur

Thanks to everyone who has emailed asking where the next blog is ... sorry, one's coming soon!

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