How would you describe open adoption in 50 words or less?

The third in a 5-part OA 101 series.

What is an open adoption? Lots of people wonder both before and after getting in to one. Is it easy or is it hard? Is it worth the trouble or not? Regarding these polarities, is it Either/Or or is it Both/And?

What has been your experience with unconventional grief in adoption?…/

Grieving someone alive is either called unconventional or ambiguous grief. This grief is focused on loved ones with mental illness, addiction, etc.

Parenting is hard. Parenting by adoption is hard. So worth it but hard! What do you think are some of the hardest things about parenting?

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Open Adoption 101: What even IS open adoption?

What is open adoption? People start out thinking it's about having contact between a child's adoptive parents and birth parents. Here's why contact is the wrong measure, and what a better one is.

Beauty in tragedy.

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PSA: Grab every box of tissues before you watch this 😭

What’s your favorite aspect of open adoption?

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Some tips for nurturing attachment in adoption:…/6-easy-ways-to-create-attac…/…

Easy, practical ways busy adoptive parents can create attachment and bonding with their adopted child-from Dr. Karyn Purvis, author of The Connected Child.

This month is Women's History Month and earlier in the month was International Women's Appreciation Day. I am proud of how far women have come and that because of the strides we have made, adoption is less forced and more open! Thank you to all the strong women who make change possible!

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How can you best serve your child when they are presented with hurdles like FAS or RAD? What resources have you found that are out there for parents and their children?

Shifting from an obligation orientation to a relationship orientation can help in adoption situations like this one.

A letter writer asks Carolyn Hax for adoption advice. The birth mother want the parents to tell the truth to the son they all love; the adoptive parents have been advised to let the son take the lead. Here's what I think.

In that time, something shifted between us. It wasn’t just the two of us forging a friendship anymore. Now there was another person there — a little life we were both tethered to.…/the-joy-and-sadness-of-adoption/

"It’s still not easy for her. Maybe it won’t ever be. Maybe it’s not meant to be."
When Hannah Mongie learned she was pregnant at 18, she knew adoption was the right choice. She recorded a heartfelt video for her son so he'd understand.

Resource for talking to kids about adoption:…/how-to-talk-to-kids-about-ad…/

Special Guest: Carrie Goldman This podcast will focus on adoption—what it is, what it isn’t and how to talk to kids about it when emotions and fear and love and hope are all wrapped up in it. There is some confusion about adoption and as an adoptive mother of my two kids, I’m excited to bring ...

“I knew that I had two different families always looking out for me.”

The lives of two Alberta mothers became intertwined nearly 25 years ago thanks to an open adoption they describe as kismet.“She just felt loved,” said Donna Hackman of her adopted daugh…

Please don't thank me for adopting my child!

I’ve heard it about a dozen times, usually from well-meaning strangers who realize our family was built by adopting. “Thank you for adopting,” they’ll say, “You did a wonderful thing.” The first couple of times I heard this, I just smiled, but now I say something.
Welcome to 30 Adoption Portraits in 30 Days, hosted by Portrait of an Adoption. This series will feature guest posts by people with widely varying adoption experiences and perspectives. By Stephanie Jessie Adoption is about legacy. As an African-American, kinship caregiving has always been part of o...