A preview of Constance in the Darkness: A Musical in Miniature
Constance in the Darkness: A Musical in Miniature
Open Eye presents Khephra: A Hip Hop Holiday Story, Shá Cage's exciting new holiday show about a young girl's journey from Africa to America and how she finds her true voice through poetry and hip hop. This exciting 50-minute one act, intended for families and audiences of all ages, is written in poetry and verse, integrating elements of drama, movement, and puppetry. Get your tickets now! Photo by Mark Vancleave. #khephrahiphop
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Frederic Posine
· July 14, 2017
I went to see Jacques Brel: When we have only Love. Everything was great. The show was fantastic, tickets and drinks reasonable and the place is very cosy and warm. I loved the experience and I will go back.
John Chouinard
· August 13, 2017
A great intimate space makes one eager for fine entertainment--- which we received!
Joan Kahle Berger
· March 11, 2017
"The Red Shoes" is wonderful - so creative, unique and mesmerizing. Bravo to Kimberly Richardson, Joel Sass and the crew! Lovely, small theater with a good view from every seat. Highly recommended.
Julie Barnes Weaver
· December 22, 2016
Fascinating productions. Intimate space. Amazing Performers! Put Open Eye Figure Theatre on your list of places to check out. I'm so happy I found it!
Evis Harville
· March 13, 2017
What a wonderful and quaint theatre. People were friendly and the performance was excellent. We need more of these little gems in our lives.
Liesl Wiborg
· March 10, 2017
Beautiful space! Cozy and eclectic.
Incredible performance of "The Red Shoes!!! Every brilliant detail -set, music, lights, effects were as honed as the performance! Bravo indeed!
Karen Sather
· March 7, 2014
A lovely place to ride the wave of imagination and refresh ones soul! Gosh last time I was there was in Tesla's honor! I must be on Mars!
Vicki Beebe
· September 14, 2016
Fun theater. Small, but just right!
The acting company did a great job.
Ryan Nelson
· July 25, 2015
Thanks for a great show off 16th, today!
Everyone had a wonderful time.
Karen Pieper
· July 23, 2013
Super creative and fun. Simultaneously traditional and contemporary always timely
Jessica Patrick
· March 7, 2015
This was such a quiet, thoughtful, and exciting display! Thank you.
Brian Wene
· April 13, 2014
Just saw the Full Moon show!! Absolutely WONDERFUL!! Check it out!!
Brian Strub
June 18, 2012
Great fun for all ages!

By Chris Cinque

On view: February 22 - March 11, 2018
Artist reception: March 7, 5:30 - 8 p.m.


This series of mixed media paintings is based in the story of the ancient Egyptian goddess Neith, the creator of both primeval time and the everyday. One of her many aspects is that of the Cow of Heaven. Each morning she gives birth to the sun. It is said she does this parthenogenetically, meaning without a male partner.

It is also said that Neith created the world by "speaking seven magical words". What could they have been, these powerful words that created the world?

"I used a combination of painted and found papers, acrylic paints and medium, pastels and stenciled drawings to create this series. The drawing of Neith, which I made into four different-sized stencils, is my own version of what she might have looked like.

"I love all kinds of paper. I tear it, sand it, paint it, burn it, glue it, glaze it, layer it, scribble it, splatter it and mark it with gestures using ink, graphite, acrylics, chalk, and oil pastels. I worked as a writer for many years, but in my visual work I found something that goes beyond language: an attempt to touch a primal, psychic place both in myself and the viewer." - Chris Cinque

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A preview of Constance in the Darkness: A Musical in Miniature