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Our 2018 OCP schedule...... Just gonna post some to get the year started 🇺🇸🇺🇸 if youde like to come in to help pack up some hugs & stuff or if you have any items to drop off these are the days we are here...

& anyone!! Any age!! is more than welcome to come in to help ... but do to our limited space just please make a note of when theres schools or groups coming in so we arent too crowded!!

We are located at .......
120 jessie street/ po box 175
Manhattan,il 60442

THANK YOU soooo much to all of YOU!! our AWESOME VOLUNTEERS & SUPPORTERS for you ongoing LOVE & SUPPORT for our HEROES!! they are sure to feel every hand & heart in every package!!

10th..... 10-4

15th..... **ABRAHAM LINCOLN CEMETERY** WREATH CLEAN UP...... 9AM until done


14th......10-4 (TROY SCHOOL 11-1)
19th...... 6-10

14th......10-4 ( GIRL SCOUTS 330-5 & ELWOOD BUILDERS CLUB 330-6)

11th......10-4 (ELWOOD BUILDERS CLUB 330-6)

Add a HERO🇺🇸🇺🇸 or questions

Drop offs ( if the above dates dont work)
Dj......... 815 739 6944

Want to bring in a group or scouts?
Trisha 815 671 9357. I am open to staying later on a wednesday if anyone would like to come after school with scouts or groups

THANK YOU!!! We are BLESSED with the BEST!! our brave MILITARY HEROES & all of YOU who LOVE & SUPPORT them!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

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2/14/2018....... big THANK YOU to the great TEACHERS & 5th grade STUDENTS from TROY WILLIAM B ORENIC SCHOOL for all of your help putting lots of LOVE & stuff in each & every package!!! sooo many hands & hearts for our HEROES on VALENTINES DAY & every day!! ❤️ the kids did a wonderful collection of goodies..decorated boxes & wrote letters to be included so we know our troops will be soo happy when they get their mail!!! big THANK YOU too to the PARENTS & our OCP VOLUNTEERS who... helped out..were soo great & patient with the kids throughout the day!! 50 kids plus all of the adults in our small office is alot but it went smooth with everyone rotating stations & getting to do a lil bit of everything that was going into the packages!! also THANK YOU to carol & OPERATION FREEDOM for more scripture cards that will bring much comfort to our HEROES.. to mrs rampala & ELWOOD SCHOOL for the cute Valentines & pics & to all of YOU who continue to support our HEROES through OCP!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

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Kevin Vaughn Harvey
· October 21, 2017
Great organization that really came through for my Soldiers upon our arrival to Afghanistan.

It’s great to know that we have the support of those back home.
Theresa Rompala
· June 8, 2017
I think is a great place to have so close to home. It gives my students and family the opportunity to give back to those who sacrifice so much for us.
The people here are welcoming and feel like
Thank you for everything that you do.
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Larry Metzger
· November 8, 2017
I will be taking anything you may wish to contribute along with Christmas cards wishing soldiers a merry Christas or whatever. Any questions message me
Beverly Armitage
· August 19, 2017
I thank God for an organization that gives us the opportunity to give back to those who are fighting for America. Thanks to all of you. God bless you all.
Debbie Bishop-Bennett
· July 15, 2017
Love the fact that we are still all volunteer and every package is full of love and support for those who serve.
Judy Shulk
· November 8, 2014
My family has been going for a few years. We love the packing! We've even been able to do a few Shop n Drops! We get there and talk and work and time flies because we are with friends! It just makes feel great knowing that someone special is going to open this package and see all the goodies, see the notes and know we care!!! Love the Wreaths Across America ceremony! Everyone should try it! You will love everyone! It's addicting!!! See More
MarcyJo Nelson Chachakis
· June 8, 2017
Having a Soldier that deploys, I know what getting a care package means and I know what how a Soldier feels when he gets nothing. Thanks for making sure no one is forgotten.
Mj Cecconi
· November 29, 2014
Was happy helping these wonderful volunteers pack boxes for our troops! Amazing people with big hearts! Thank you all for your warm welcome!
Kathryn Fajfar
· June 17, 2013
Have volunteered here for around 6 years now, and absolutely love it! Supporting the troops that keep us safe day in and day out is a GREAT feeling!
Donna Voight
· March 11, 2014
I have volunteered at ocp for the last 5 years . And I will keep doing so until we are not need any more . God Bless are men and women here and over seas
Nick Steichen
· September 27, 2013
As a veteran I will support my brothers any and every way I can until the day I die
Laura Pryzbylo Rippon
· November 14, 2014
These guys are the hero's here at home keep up the amazing job you do
Mary Catherine
· November 14, 2014
Amazing group dedicated to our service members all over the world!
Valerie Mohr
· January 13, 2014
My cub scout is still talking about helping packing for the troops! we will be there again!
Michelle De Leon
· November 5, 2013
This organization rocks! As a currently deployed soldier who just received an OCP box I have to say: Thanx for making my day!! XO
Nancy Rodriguez
· December 24, 2013
Amazing what we all can together. Thanku so much.
Wendy Hougas
· January 2, 2015
What a wonderful group! Our GS troop loved coming and helping you all out!!
Mike Broome
· December 3, 2013
Love my neighbors, working for our heros
CeCe Carter
May 17, 2013
Love that site supports our troops!!!
Joseph Flatt
· November 28, 2014
She is a great woman