Merry Christmas everypony!

Happy Hanukkah everypony!

Happy Hanukkah!

Kind of excited for the holiday episode!

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Video on TODAY: Karen Davis, vice president of community relations for Hasbro, presents TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda with a donation of $150,000 worth of toys for the 18th annual toy drive.

Bronies of Other Nations! If any of you may read this, please share anywhere you may have donated so that others can read about it.

Sorry for spamming everyone's pages.

I find the Canadian Salvation Army confusing and unhelpful when it comes to giving toys. The American one is confusing in this respect as well, which is why I spent more time talking about Toys for Tots.
So, um, sorry, and good luck.

Aussie Bronies:
If you live near Victoria there's apparently a donation event called a "Toy Run". It appears to involve motorcycles.…/christ…/toy-run-2011.html
Apparently "Santa will arrive on his famous tuk tuk". I assume that this means something in your country. I also assume that it's awesome.

The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory (NT, VIC, TAS, WA, SA): contacts, help, donations, volunteering, stores, job, church, spirituality, prayer. Help on family crisis, homelessness, drug alcohol and gambling addictions, domestic violence.

Bronies of Great Britain and Ireland:
Your Nations' Salvation Army website says that they are accepting toys all the way up until the 16th! So check out the following webpage:…/AD0E7DC981AEEDC480257942…
Go forth and give!

From Saturday 19 November until Friday 16 December The Salvation Army is asking the public to donate new, unwrapped toys and gifts for children, teenagers and older people this Christmas.

My Fellow Ameribronies
and to all others who may have let the time for toy donations pass:

Do not despair! You may not be able to give ponies, but you can still give!
Check out the website's other ways to help page....…
There's plenty of ways you can still help all the little fillies and colts!

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A group of Bronies and other like-minded ponies working to improve the world! Check out their Facebook Page: Facebook Or their Website: Website

Also, I did some more research, so here's an update on the whole Salvation Army thing. According to their website, while they do not approve of homosexuality it does NOT affect their charitable works. Here's their position statement:…/B6F3F4DF3150F5B5852574340…
Make of it what you will.

Here's the last warning. To all you Ameribronies who have not donated yet but plan to:
I'm having trouble finding specific dates for other charities, but in order to get toys out in time for the holidays, I'm sure they'll be ending soon too! So everypony who still plans to donate, do so soon!

Just a heads up! Tomorrow is the first day of December and many Toy Drives stop accepting donations soon. Toys for Tots stops accepting on December 4th! So if you're planning to donate, and you haven't yet, make sure you know how much time you have left.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Ameribronies! And to the rest of you: Have the greatest Thursday imaginable! Unless it's already Friday... Globalization is confusing...

I'd also like to put out a renewed request to all non-American bronies who might know good places to donate in their own countries. The website is kind of weak in that area...

I received an e-mail today from a Brony concerned about the practices of the Salvation Army. Apparently the Salvation Army, due to it's particular religious affiliations, discriminates against gay and lesbian people. You can find more information in the controversy section of the Salvation Army Wikipedia page.

The Salvation Army will remain in the "Where to donate" section of the website, but I felt that everyone should have the information to make an informed decision of their own.

The Salvation Army in the U.S. has been the topic of some controversy about alleged discrimination against homosexuals in their hiring practices.[38][39]The New York Times reported that the Salvation Army believed it had a firm commitment from the White House to issue a regulation that would overrid...

Don't forget to fill out our survey once you've donated:

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