Optimus Tuition Centre was celebrating success.
January 13

Congratulations to our students who has gotten A1s for their O levels
Gabriel Lim - Chemistry/Physics
Aden Low - Chemistry/Physics
Elke Goh - Elementary Math
Elke Goh - Additional Math


Congratulations also to other students who have made good progress in their grades:
Faith Wong - A2 for E. Math
Hui Qi - B3 for E. Math (she said she had never passed a single Math exam until last June, when she first joined us.)
Hui Qi - from failing to B3 for Chemistry/Physics
Vernice - from failing to B3 for Chemistry/Physics

We celebrate their success and appreciate all the hard work that they have put in and wish them all the best as they continue to pursue higher education!!!

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Congratulations to Jaden, from Hong Wen Pri, for scoring 246 for his PSLE and a A* for Math!! Well done, Jaden!!

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Alithea Lim, P6, from Pasir Ris Pri, scored 265 + 2 for PSLE this year!!! She is our highest scorer for 2017!!! Congratulations Alithea!!!

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Congratulations to Russell, for scoring 245 + 2 for his PSLE!!!

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We are starting our Secondary 1 to 4 classes (2018) in November first week. Call, whatsapp or sms us @92328577 for more details.

Nicholas, Sec 2, took Math under Mr Shafie. He came in this year, failing his Sec 1 Math, with F9. We gradually saw him score E8, C6, B and now A1!!! It was a consistent improvement on his part....of course, with some nagging from Mr Shafie....Well, finally, the efforts paid off!!! Both the student and teacher are happy!!! LOL!!!!😊

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Congratulations to Corwynn, Sec 2 NA. He scored A2 for both math and Sci this round. He has been consistently doing well in NA and this round, his score offered him to take Express. He is very hardworking. He has been aiming to go back to the Express stream and now he feels more confident. At the end of the day, we don't just aim for results, we hope our students grow up to be confident individuals, pesevering even when the road is tough and being willing to pursue one's dream!! We are proud of you Corwynn!!!😀

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Congratulations to Feng Yang, Sec 2, ACS (Barker). He managed to get an A1 for his Science!!

But we want to applaud him for his math too, cos his syllabus was different from most of his peers in Sec 2. He was doing some Sec 3 topics for SA2 and initially, it was quite challenging and he wasn't that confident in doing well because the paper seemed to be pitched at a higher level. Thank God, he was very hardworking, practised and practised, and he did well, especially for Paper 2!!! We are proud of him for all the efforts he put in!!!

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Noah was too shy to have his photo taken...he said to take only his back profile...And so here he is.....😂😂😂

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Noah, Pri 4, just joined us for Math after SA1 through a referral. His score for SA1 was 70+. He was very eager to learn new methods and was very hardworking in doing the work we gave him. His efforts paid off finally!!! He scored 93/100 this round!! His results showed it all.

Congratulations to Jace Tng, Sec 2!! She has been working hard on improving her grades and her efforts paid off!!!

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Alden, P4. He was scoring about 70+ for Science in SA1. Mom was a little worried, so she sent him for Science tuition. He came under Mr Shafie for about 4 months. He told us he is very confident now. For his recent mock paper in school, he was scoring 95 and above. We are looking forward for good news from him soon for his SA2.😊

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Beatrice Lim, Sec 2 student from Whitley Sec, joined us after SA1. She was getting Bs and Cs in her Math for tests. But she finally got her A in the recent CA. Well done, Beatrice!!

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Corwynn, Sec 2NA, got top for his SA1, in his cohort in his school. We didn't know about it until one of his schoolmate told us about it. When asked why he didn't share with us, he told us it is better to stay humble and work hard for the next one. We are glad that he didn't let success get into his head and become complacent. Instead, he promised to work hard towards final year exam!! We applaud him for his attitude towards his studies!!
He is also actually a very caring boy too, just to add on.

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Develop lifelong learning!!

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How to identify a reaction as being redox by assigning oxidation numbers to all elements and checking for elements being oxidized-reduced.

Congratulations to Aden Low, Sec 4, KCPSS, for achieving an A1 for his Science MYE. Keep up the good work, Aden!!

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Congratulations to Russell again, P6, Pei Chun Public School for achieve good grades in Science. This certificate was awarded by his school teacher. He joined our science program last year and has been making steady improvement with each major test or exam. We are so proud of you, Russell. Your hard work has paid off and thanks to the tutors who have been helping him!! 👏👏👏

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