Dream big dreams, bigger than you can comprehend, greater than you can imagine. Every great moment in history started with a dream.
Dimiena wants to be a teacher when she grows up. In her village, it is a luxury for a child to receive an education, an expense that no family can afford. That is why she and other children are so eager to go to school for the first time. Through @educationforthenations we have been able to give children a chance to learn to read, write, and receive an education that will allow them to rise above their circumstances.
A heartbreaking 2.5 million Haitians live in extreme poverty and are unable to feed their own children. Today, is the day that we change that! Will you help us change the lives of children without food to survive? The WAMH feeding program will feed 250 children who struggle to survive every day. A gift of $5 will save a child by feeding him for a month. Click on the link in our bio to provide food for a child.

“Encourage each other by lifting each other up”
1 Thessalonians 5:11

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This Christmas, as we celebrate the most precious gift of all: the birth of our savior and the sacrifice that he made for us, we hope you are reminded of the love He has for you!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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We give because so much has been given to us!
This #givingtuesday we are giving back because we believe every story matters! Comment below with your favorite organizations that are helping children in need and we will pick a few to give to today. We love supporting like minded causes.

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Every child in every nation deserves a home, a family, a safe and loving place where the can experience the love of Christ.
Orphan care is the heartbeat of our organization. This #orphansunday we will continue to make a difference in the lives of children around the world. Will you join us?

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We don’t see poverty, we see futures. We don’t see lack, we see abundant opportunity. We don’t see hurt, we see hope.
After all, it’s what we believe, not what we see.

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We met this sweet momma and her malnourished baby in the village. Our heart breaks to see so many desperate mommas trying to fight for their babies survival. It is in these moments that your generosity opens doors. We are able to feed families, meet their immediate needs, and introduce them to the one who meets all of their needs, Jesus!

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We believe the weakest and the poorest among us should never carry their burdens alone.

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"I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst." - Jesus John 6:35

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The greatest gift in life to give is the outpouring of our love to those in need.

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What we do for ourselves dies with us, but we do for others remains forever.

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When we provide food and clothes and spend time with the children in the villages we serve, we are providing a way for hundreds of vulnerable children to experience the love of God.

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With 80% of the world living in poverty, a majority of children in third world countries are caring for their younger siblings, helping to provide food to feed their family and stepping in as care takers while their parents are also working. When we feed families through our feeding program, we are able to eliminate young children from being forced into labor.

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Guess who got his teeth cleaned for the very first time? But more importantly, guess who stole the dentists mask to complete his ninja turtle outfit? Now, that's an unforgettable day!

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Always look for joy in the places that everyone else looks past.

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When we arrived in her village, she was getting her hair braided. Running from her hut, she greeted our team with a huge smile. Her joy and sweet personality stood out above the rest of the children we met. But this moment is so special to us for another reason. Just minutes after this picture was taken, this little girl gave her life to Jesus! We cannot wait to see the plan God has ahead of her.

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