Calligrapher Tim Leigh is left handed. He noticed that a 45 degree angle is the same right side up or up side down and so...
Stacy Annon got one of the first Orbital Easels. Stacy is a gourd artist and uses the Easel to make the linings for her gourd purses and boxes. Here, she demonstrates her technique at the Washington State Gourd Society show in Moses Lake.
We said we would show you some RP Myers' work. This Mobius sculpture is local, Northwest Walnut. This piece has striking figure and color. The pedestal is white alabaster. The finish is lots of coats of wipe-on Polyurethane.

Here is a little video about the Canvas Model as well. This works especially well for oil painters who use framed and hard media.

With this version of the Orbital Easel, your medium is held on the easel surface but is free to rotate, tilt and swivel to whatever position you need. This e...

We just got a call from an oil painter who was asking about the different bases. We were happy to speak with her and sent her a link to this video It tells the story for those who might not know.

There are two available bases for the Orbital Easel. The Tripod/Clamp base and the Desktop base.

An interesting nib's-eye-view of Calligraphy in action.

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SO sparkly! 😱😍

Credit: Charlart Script

Lorenzo Quinn, son of Anthony Quinn is a world renowned sculptor. His pieces are all over the world and most are really big. Waaay too big for the Orbital Holding System but we love his works!

This is from a showing at Grays Harbor College. The artist is Eric Faramus. They appear to be oil on canvas. We don't know much more. We only really know that we like his work a lot.

Waste no paper!

A different type of Art added 18 new photos — with Armaan Bhati.

Beautiful illustrations on old paper by Mark Powell

Wendy Mersman sent us kind words about her new Orbital Easel:

"I used it all weekend and was thrilled. I worried about the sturdiness and it didn’t move at all unless I moved it. Thank you!"

As we always say, when artists can do what they do best, the world is a better place and we are happy to be able to help.


Check out Wendy's fine art on her website. She works in colored pencil on paper and art board. Really love the colors and the variety.

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Kathy Collaro sent us this example of her work. It's Prismacolor pencil on paper. Love the splashing water.
We sort of doubt that this was done plein air...
Colored pencil is noted for not being a particularly fast medium to work in.

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We ran across this pastel painting from a show we attended in Eugene Oregon about 2013. Apologies to everyone as I cannot remember the artist's name.
But the reason I'm posting it here, aside from the fact that it is a stunning piece of work that we got to see being made, was that it was done on sanded paper. This was an 800 grit industrial sandpaper that was very dark gray in color. The piece is about 24 inches tall.

Alyona Nickelsen uses Fisher 400 sanded paper for her pencil work. It's available as paper and as mounted board. UArt sanded paper and panels are available in grits of 400, 500, and 600.

Everyone we have talked to who uses this paper says it is an entirely new dimension in pastel and colored pencil painting. We have experimented with it and have to agree. It is definitely worth giving it a try.

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Paulette Morrissey needed a special sized larger easel as she does larger colored pencil paintings. This one is 28 x 22 inches. As you can see, Paulette does very fine work. She must be constantly working as she now has 3 Orbital Easels. She also wanted us to know that she rather liked them...

"I just wanted to let you know I got my custom easel and have it set up in my art room, and it is perfect!!! Thanks so much, you did a great job on it. These are the best easels."

Again we blush but thank you Paulette Morrissey and thanks for sharing your work. Anybody who does such a fine portrait of a '57 Chevrolet is aces in our book! Wonderful studio!!

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Well, this sign on a federal highway didn't ACTUALLY say that but it would have been nice of the Department of Transportation to do that for us.

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WOW! What a stunning painting by Geraldine Boley! We find ourselves thinking "how can you pet a painting?" followed by "how can you not?"
Freya is old Norse for "lady" and this one knows she is a goddess.

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Art by Geraldine Boley added 2 new photos — with Margaret Young and Geraldine Boley.

Latest cat just off the easel. This gorgeous creature is 'Freya', Pastel on 'Pastelmat' 12 x 16" (30 x 40cms).

Paulette Morrissey has two Orbital Easels. She is a colored pencil artist and like most of us, can't force ideas to stand in line and wait their turn. I don't even know HOW many projects I have any more! We have to thank Paulette for the kind words she sent:
"I just received my second Orbital easel from you. I got spoiled after the first one, and don’t like drawing without it. Now I have them on two tables. Everyone who sees them is so intrigued by them.

I’m a colored pencil... artist, and with these easels I can draw as long as I want to, without the usually backaches. It’s great! I just want to say thank you for such a well made, useful product."

She sent along a photo of her studio. What a GREAT place to create beauty in the world!

I think we are turning a shade of cadmium crimson...

Thank you Paulette!

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We love gourd art and gourd artists. This looks like something out of an Arthur C. Clarke story.

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David Huang added 3 new photos.

Here is the 2nd of the latest collaborative pieces made with David Barnhill. This piece is a bit bigger than the other at 1.75" x 3.5" x 3.5", yet still within... our goal of making a new smaller, shallow vessel. One this one I tried something different by setting the mokume gane part with a bezel set as though it was a stone. I hadn't done a bezel in years, but I feel like it worked out well. For me the advantage was getting better interior access when leafing, and being able to do the patina on the mokume separate from the patina on the rest of the piece. The disadvantage was an annoying soldering job getting such a large bezel soldered down.

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Not sure if we posted this before but this is a beautiful graphite portrait by Francis Sandall

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We thought we would answer a question or two in a video.

Here we answer some customer questions. The Tripod Mount Base An Easel "Extender".