Orcas reported to be heading into Admiralty Inlet:
April 21 - 9:34 a. - Orca NW of Admirably Inlet, SE of buoy "SA", headed SE into Admiralty at 0934.
James Greenway

Gray whale deep in Penn Cove, possibly heading eastbound:
April 21 - 8:35 a.m - While driving, spotted a gray whale off San de Fuca in Penn Cove. Saw spout and tail; only a quick glance. May be headed towards Monroe Landing..
Steve Shelley

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Jami Cantrell
· August 15, 2017
Orca network and the founders are amazing! Susan is so incredibly kind and informative. Through this site I got the opportunity to volunteer at the Langley whale center and I have met some of the most... awesome people I've met to date. Not to mention the orca network has helped me see whales 4 times this year! Which those who know me know how far I've traveled to try and see them in the past. Thank you for everything!! ���� See More
Jana Zilkova
· September 8, 2017
Even though I don't live close to the sea, thanks to the organisations, such as Orca Network, I can follow all news, read interesting research and explore the world of orcas in the open ocean. You are... doing an amazing job! See More
Steve Smith
· October 18, 2017
Orca Network connects people to wildlife, and connects advocacy to ecosystems, creating a community of informed, inspired people.
Harley Alan Clark
· March 27, 2018
A well executed and focused plan to bring Tokita back to Washington .
Also an enviromental plan for Salish Sea paralleling other concerned groups.
Theresa Bass
· September 11, 2017
Plenty of information on whale captivity. Like all the pictures of the Activists involved. Love this page
Dawn Shaver
· August 19, 2017
I think this is an amazing page. Wanting to know what I can do (besides educating people) to help protect them...
Casey Pruett
· July 19, 2017
I love keeping up on the local pod news, and the other visitor cetaceans too!
Aletha McGee
· May 16, 2017
Wonderful work connecting the public and keeping us informed about what's going on with the PNW Orca populations. Thank you!
Christina Tregoning
· June 13, 2017
Love everyone and everything about this page orcas are my absolute favorite #freelolia
Debbie Stewart
· June 6, 2017
The name says it all - connecting people and whales! Love you guys! Thanks for all you do!
Barbara Wallace
· September 15, 2017
Please donate to the Orca. They need us and we need them�
Rhema Neas
· May 24, 2017
I have found wild orcas several times because of this great resource !
Pam Helms
· July 16, 2017
I thinks this site is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
Jamie Taylor
· May 22, 2017
I like it because you know where these brilliant whales are and thank you orca network���
Minnie KC
· January 29, 2018
Thank you from the heart...
Mahalo Nui Loa. Merci. Dankeschön. Mille Grazie. Muchas Gracias.
Axel Birnbaum
· March 7, 2018
Muss das denn wirklich sein das wir die Meere so verschmutzen sind wir denn keine intelligente Spezies. Echt traurig
Fekete Krisztina
· September 19, 2017
Would Lolita remember her family?
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