Join us Sunday at 1:00 at the Oregon Municipal Building for the city memorial service where we honor the memory of the city employees who have gone before us. 🇺🇸

Today the Oregon Police Honor Guard participated in the Toledo Area Police Memorial Service to pay tribute to the area officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. A beautiful service to wrap up National Police Week.

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Steven Salander
· April 9, 2018
Very grateful for all you do. Officer Tucker has been extremely helpful as well as an officer that last name begins with a "G." I'm sorry I don't remember her full last name. I truly respect you all.... Thank you so much for all you do. See More
Suzanne Nevins
· May 4, 2018
Thank you to the police officer that went above and beyond to unlock my sons car door at Clay High School parking lot. �
Mike Cobb
· November 28, 2017
Most people don't like Oregon police because they do their job! Keep up the great work OPD!!
Kenzie Saunders
· December 24, 2016
Love it in Oregon, they keep the crime from the east side out and suppress the crime inside of Oregon as timely as they can. I garuntee you any experience you have with OPD will be met with respect an...d politeness and proper treatment on the officers half. Of course unless your the suspect then you may not like them very much. But thankyou to all the men and women in blue at Oregon police division, stay safe, thanks for keeping us safe! � See More
Amir Kadri
· May 18, 2016
This evening, my family and I had a great experience getting to know officer Angel Tucker. He was very polite and personable. We shared a lot of laughs during our conversation! I look forward to seein...g him again in the future! This is my first time commenting here so I will also take this opportunity to mention that I grew up knowing assistant chief Paul Magdich and officer Jerry Gomel and they are great people to know personally and for us to have on our city's police force. Thank you to all of our city's police officers! See More
Abeir Elbaba
· December 22, 2016
Lived in toledo all my life moved to oregon 5 years ago. I live on Brown i see these guys daily. Very nice and I honestly feel safe especially with incidents on a rise. Family owns a local business an...d OPD really has been there for us! Thank you for doing what you do! Thank you for always putting our safety first! It's not an easy job risking your life for others. God bless See More
Jennifer Evans
· September 8, 2017
I followed car 125 all the way home today from Central/Cherry St. Not once did they even attempt to go the speed limit as they continually pulled away from traffic while speeding. So, I'm confused? Th...e law only applies sometimes while driving a cop car? See More
Niki Hayden
· July 1, 2014
I just want to thank all the officers. I work at a hotel in Oregon 3rd shift and as a woman working alone all night there can be some scary moments. I had to call the police tonight on a group of rowd...y guests and before I even got off the phone with the dispatcher the officers were already coming thru the door. This wasnt the first time ive had to call and im sure it wont be the last, but every time they have been here in a mater of a few minutes. I may never be completely comfortable with working alone all night but you guys make me feel alot safer, so thank you very much See More
Jim McCourt
· November 21, 2017
Always professional, and there when you need them. Every officer I've met has been nice.
Sal Briner
· May 25, 2017
The Oregon Police are the Best ... when called ,it's like they are just around the corner ...they take care of us .... We lived in North end of Toledo for 28 years would take at least 10 to 15 m...inutes for response ( lived in bad area ) Now live in Oregon for 17 years ....couldn't be happier ♥ See More
Kelly Ludwig Gill
· July 17, 2015
very bad experience with the Oregon police dept as well as Toledo...I know one thing, they sure cover for each other ....very disappointing that I can't even feel secure in my own neighborhood and had... to contact an attorney for something to be done..... If I could give them no stars ...I would! sadly. See More
Josh Colvin
· November 19, 2015
Best experience Ive ever had or seen from a police dept in 40 years. Thank you for being high class and awesome and keep up the great work I appreciate you all very much
Rachel Dunn
· March 26, 2017
Just one extremely unprofessional individual that was full of demeaning and unnecessary comments made me lose faith in Oregon's police system. Disgraceful! Always remember to have a recording device... with you... there is no honor behind those badges. See More
Enid Jones
· January 2, 2014
With the exception of 1 grouchy cop 7yrs ago, the Oregon police officers for the most part are the kindest, most helpful officers I've ever known! I love living in Oregon OH and the officers that serv...e to help keep it great! Thank You for all you do OPD! See More
Erica Youster
· November 23, 2015
Oregon police is the best there is!!!! I've lived in Oregon for 15 years and yet again they were a tremendous help to my family and me. Thank you!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Rosemary Bonnell
· January 11, 2014
Thanks to the Officer who helped us find our lost dog this morning. I appreciate his willingness to drive through the streets and look with us. We ended up finding him about an hour into the search. T...hank you!!!! See More
Mark Miller
· July 19, 2016
I have lived in Oregon for 3 years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. In the times that I have talked to them, they were very professional. I love seeing them come thru are neighborhood
Mark Majer
· January 28, 2014
Warning I live on Seaman Between Berlin and Ponderosa Watch your Pets!! There is a Fox Running around saw him running down the sidewalk with a pet looked like a cat. unfortunately I have a next door ...neighbor that throw's corn , cookies and whatever out of her window of her house thinks she is feeding the squirrels I have had opossum mama and 9 babies living outside my front door because of this now I think the fox might be under my back porch See More
David Brecht
· November 7, 2015
Having moved here from Pasadena Maryland 12 years ago my wife ,daughter and I feel very secure living in Oregon. My son being a sergeant in the san Diego police dept. I know how tough the job is and w...e very much appreciate the officers . See More
Ed Fishel
· April 17, 2014
I think they are most idiotic police dept lacking comnen sense. They must hire from the bottom of the class. They should be ashamed to call themselves law enforcement.
Funny Friday...Here's something different. Recently our Citizen's Police Academy learned about the use of force and the tools we utilize. These three agreed to experience the Taser and said it was ok to post on Facebook, so others could see their experience. Enjoy!
The challenge was accepted...#ALSIceBucketChallenge Thank you Chief Michael Navarre, Asst. Chief Paul Magdich and Lieutenant Henry Everitt. We heard who Asst. Chief Magdich challenged. Lt. Everitt challenged Miranda Everitt, Marissa Everitt and Steven Everitt.
OPD Incident # 000777-12. Aggravated Robbery at Marco's Pizza on Woodville Rd. OPD is seeking any information that anyone may have regarding this robbery and the identity of the suspect. Please contact Sgt. T. Zale @ 419-698-7102 anonymously.

Tuesday Tidbit from Asst. Chief Magdich...

Well ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say thank you to all of you who expressed condolences after the death of our Dispatcher Scott Baker. I would ask your continued prayers for the family and friends of Scott. Scott was a part of the Oregon Police family and was not just an employee, but a friend and colleague and we mourn his loss.

We would like to thank the individuals that took part in the 2018 Citizen’s Police Academy (CP...

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❤️❤️❤️ Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and to our mamas here at OPD! ❤️❤️❤️

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Oregon Ohio Police Division is with Joyce Theisen.

It is with a heavy heart we report the death of Police/Fire Dispatcher Scott Baker. Scott has been with us since 2013 and was formally a dispatcher at Northwood. Respects can be given at Mainstreet Church, 5465 Moline Martin Rd, Walbridge on Thursday, May 17th from 3-6 with services at 6. Scott was an excellent dispatcher, a genuinely nice guy and will be greatly missed.

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Below is the link for the Oregon Alerts Senior Wellness Check program. You can fill these out and email them to Sgt. Chris Bliss at or drop them off at Police Records. If you have any questions, contact Police Records at 419-698-7052.

PDF Archive - Lecture et téléchargement du fichier oregon-alerts.pdf (PDF 1.4, 536 Ko, 2 pages) - page 1/2

Tuesday Tidbit from Asst. Chief Magdich...

Well folks I gave you a break last week, but no such luck this week. Before I get into it, I have to thank David Brecht Sr. for his comment, a couple weeks ago, with regard to your Readers Digest subscription. You had a few of us lol-ing on that one. I always appreciate a good laugh.

First, let me remind you that today is a primary day in Ohio. The problem with primaries is that there isn’t much hype, so voter turnout is often pr...

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Be careful out there this weekend. Make sure you get yourself a DD if you are out celebrating!

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Spring weather is here. Turn your headlights on if it’s raining, don’t drive through standing water and look out for flying cows.

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Eastern Community YMCA

We would like to thank Officer Mark Potter and Sergeant Tony Castillo, from the Oregon Ohio Police Division, for providing ALICE Training for our Y staff. ALICE... Training Institute offers strategies and trainings on what to do, if you were to encounter an active shooter or violent offender. #ymcatoledo

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Funny Friday...Be good and stay safe!

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Drug drop off day this Saturday the 28th at the Oregon Police Station. No need to get out of your car, just drive on through the police garage!

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Tuesday Tidbit from Asst. Chief Magdich...

Well folks, it’s another Tuesday and you know what that means. Before we get on with that, I want to address something that I have been asked at least a half a dozen times in the past few months. What question am I asked? “Do you really write the Tidbits?” The answer is yes, I do. All by myself. I know I don’t always come across as the sharpest tool in the shed, but I like to think that I’m not the dullest either.

Now that that...

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Congratulations to Patrolman Ted Moore who received recognition from the Northwest Ohio Safety Council for his lifesaving efforts on an infant this past January.

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Congratulations to the eight members of OPD (one not pictured) who competed in the Glass City Marathon today! Great representation and good job!

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