2410 organic restaurants worldwide ... and the listing is not finished. If you heard about a new organic restaurant or store, feel free to inform as these green places deserve to be added to the map. On the contrary, if you heard that a restaurant has closed definitly, here is the right page to alert.

ORGAnic I AM > organic food for a planet and a humanity healthy

If you wanna eat good products, you have to support local farmers! For that, let's invest in BIO. The BioCoin's project is changing the future now!

BioCoin–crypto and real life: a bridge between two universe. (photo: © BioCoin) Last centuries were those of… by begood
I have the pleasure to announce a partnership with the great organic farmers cooperative LavkaLavka (same name that their famous organic restaurant in Moscow). –– Their idea to create a cryptocurrency supporting green economy is heartening. So my job is to help them. I’m so glad that this map, creat...
Hi everyone, This summer, at last, I take time to manage this website. As you know, the french version had a bug last november and I lost all its content (especially long articles all concerning organic item . . .). But fortunatly, the map is still going on. 2300 restaurants have been added! During…

Biocoin is the first eco-crypto of the cryptocurrencies story. Everybody needs food... if you want to preserve your environment as well as your health, this project of LavkaLavka is the concret green idea to follow! Biocoin

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2250 Organic Restaurants Addresses!

The organic restaurants worldwide map (orwam) is for you. Simple, fast and free. Find an organic restaurant nearby.

Why an organic restaurants map?

This is note a new guide. Just a MAP to show you the organic places around the world. Travelling as an orgaveg (organic and vegetarian) or orgavegan, was a real challenge few years ago. I am organic (organic i am = orgaiam). Since, more and more organic restaurants (or organic cafés) opened here and…

About "Golden Mean", organic restaurant in Los Angeles (US).

The story of Golden Mean Vegan Cafe is an ironic story about the law of attraction.

About 'Randita', organic restaurant in Saxonburg and Aspinwall (US).

Background Although the name Randita's Organic Vegan Cafe implies a special class of dining, the menu can be enjoyed by just about any palate. Many ...

1642 #organic #restaurants nearby on the #map.

The organic restaurants worldwide map (orwam) is for you. Simple, fast and free. Find an organic restaurant nearby.
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This was one of the best meals I ever ate in Nicaragua at a little organic restaurant off the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. They grew their own produce, made their own hummus, yogurt and dairy products and baked their own bread. So healthy and delicious!

About 'Ohisamaya', organic restaurant in Sendai (Japan).

If you're looking for a delicious break from processed foods, or know a hungry vegetarian, this is the cafe for you!

About 'Chirimoya', organic restaurant in Fiengirola (Spain).

I can’t tell you how excited I was to learn that an Organic health food restaurant had opened in Fuengirola[...]