The admin of this page doesn't know when the result will be out, but can tell you when it is out thanks.


Sale of form is still on .

You can't put in for nursing wlthout physics , chemistry and biology .

I congratulate our may finalist for doing us proud by having 100% . Congrats once again .

18th june 2016 , entrance date .

Sales of admission form still on , no date has been set for entrance .

Come to the school, the form is still on.

@aazostaa Dont be sad if u re not appreciated by people,it is because it is very hard to convience a monkey that strawberry is sweeter than banana

Happy new month to you all

under normal circumstance, if you are a brilliant student you will pass JAMB and this entrance. they are of the same standard.

Graduation tinz on alumni mind 2000 to 2011 finalist