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Melissa Smith Fletcher
· February 15, 2018
My mother, 5 sister in-laws, and I visited Outback in Jackson, MS this past Saturday as part of our girls’ night out. I reserved a table online for our party for 7:15. We arrived at 6:45. I informed t...he hostess that we had an online reservation, which she confirmed. We were informed that we would have to wait an additional 30 mins., which was fine because one of my in-laws has not arrived. By 8:00, we were still waiting. We were told it would be an additional 30 mins because they had another table that they were waiting to leave before they could sit us. 8:30 comes and goes, and we’re still waiting. My sister in-law asked for a manager, and we were seated shortly thereafter. Our waiter, Prim, was fantastic. The food; however, was a different story. I had the wings and a side salad. The dish that the salad arrived on was stained with what appeared to be some sort of sauce. Needless to say, I didn’t eat it. The wings were ok, but left a lot to be desired. One of the ladies ordered potato soup. It looked like someone scooped out a baked potato and put it into a bowl. 2 had burgers-let’s just say, at least the fries were good�. I can honestly say that out of the 7 of us, only 1 had a decent meal-she ordered steak. Honestly, there were entire plates of food left on the table when we left. Oh, and that party that the manger swore would be leaving in 30 mins., so we just needed to be patient....they were still sitting when we left. I love Outback. I try to eat there at least 2-3 times a week. We’ve celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, homecomings, etc. there. But this trip left a foul taste in each of our mouths. I suggested outback because it is one of my favorites places, but I don’t think I’ll return anytime soon. Our girls’ night was ruined. The food was disgusting, and management did not seem to care about our concerns. Extremely disappointed. See More
Jalisa Foster Smith
· December 2, 2017
The server was great! However, my food came back twice and it still wasn't correct! My husband and I ordered steaks that were well done. They both came back incorrectly� The broccoli was hard, and did...n't have cheese after I paid for it! He then brought me a cup of cheese(cold). I told him I would heat it when I made it home! My husband cut his steak once we made it home because he was too aggravated to eat it there and it was medium rare. We asked for well Hey done! I have received better service than this at Mcdonalds or Wendy's. I was so aggravated, I left my receipt, and I paid with cash! I spoke with the owner, and he replied, "If you ate the steak, we expect you to pay!" Sir, payment wasn't the problem! We came there expecting to pay. However, your service was horrible! My friends and I will never go back there again! See More
Alley Nicole Conaway
· December 12, 2017
Because me and the party I was with was unaware of the actual closing hours, it made our experience a little pressed..we came an hour before closing! And plus my friend, which it was her was her her steak was not to her liking and the drinks were watered down...but my pasta was great! Get the Tomawannda....not sure of the spelling but it has shrimp and crawfish in it� See More
Kar'Niesha FIelds-Tucker
· January 14, 2018
I think it is so stupid, that i wanted water with lemon and Splenda. But the bartender told me that management told him that if he give me sugar, then he would have to charge me for a lemonade they sell lemonade. Well i didnt want regular lemonade if that's what I wanted I would have just asked for it. Water or fresh squeezed lemons is better than very sugary lemonade See More
Traci Tanner Avalon
· September 23, 2017
I don't think I've ever eaten at an Outback Steakhouse... but I had a gift card and it was close to where I needed to be last night... for one thing the wait staff were over the top!!! So friendly and... accommodating.. I love you all! We ordered the onion petals for an appetizer.. not impressed with that... just a bunch of fried breading... the Wedge Salad was very good! Loved it but too much to eat before the "meal"...Steak and Lobster with a loaded baked potatoe... be still my heart! At the end of the evening the food was above average and the wait staff made it more enjoyable!! We will be back with some Snapchat!! 🤣💕💕 See More
Bell Smith
· October 21, 2017
I wanted to celebrate my birthday this afternoon with my family. The food was awful. I had to request my food and my neice food be done. The second round was better, the quality of the food has change...d significantly over the past few years. Outback steakhouse used to be my favorite restaurant for dining out. See More
Jennifer Nichols
· October 19, 2017
Bread was cold, soup was cold and the waitress said you still want it...? Was charged for the soup when it was brought with my steak. The side order of Mac and Chz was cold. She split up the appetizer... without asking and it wasn’t shared. No refills on the drinks and didn’t even check to see if the food was cooked properly. Worst Outback I’ve ever been to. Never saw a Manager. See More
Keith McMillian
· July 9, 2017
So, I'm at Outback Steakhouse - Jackson - I55 and experienced the most horrible customer service ever. For those of you that know me, you know I am an advocate for customer service. It's definitely no...t about the product, but the principle. I ordered a Cobb salad which is really a house salad that includes bacon and eggs. After Deidre finally put the order in 10 minutes after the order was placed, we received our food. The salad came out with no eggs. I spoke to the manager, Tasha, first. I explained that the salad did not include eggs. She then explained that they were out of eggs. I asked if I would be charged for a cobb salad or a regular salad and she insisted that I will be charged for the cobb even without the eggs. (She said the eggs were FREE -... now that's another conversation.)

I then asked to speak with another manager and Mckinnley came out. He insisted that since the portion was larger than a regular house salad, I would still be charged for the cobb salad... (even though it was really just a house salad) He basically gave me the ultimatum of either paying full price for the incomplete salad or choosing another item and wait another 10-15 minutes for its arrival.

Neither Deidre (server), Tasha (Manager #1), or McKinley (Manager #2) handled this minor situation the way a good manager should have in my opinion.

What do you think?
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Cheronne Vaughn
· October 1, 2017
Service was was mediocre! 4 lousy little shrimp and a dried up sliver of toast was considered shrimp on the barbie.
Erica Colindres
· October 8, 2017
The food was gud!! But I was mislead to thinking I'm finna eat a porterhouse pork not steak bottom line I paid 40$ for a 22 ounce steak again the food was delicious �
Angela Weems Kyzar
· February 9, 2018
Absolutely terrible. The take out order was completely wrong. We called back to tell the manager and she couldn’t understood English. Terrible terrible
Shane Fulton
· September 8, 2017
Worst ribeye I've ever had EVER! Not going back. The people were nice but garbage cuts of streak. The wife loved her prime rib. Not paying $28 for a $10 ribeye. Longhorn will be getting my ribeye money.
Kathy Renfroe Glenn
· September 1, 2016
Well...It went like this....My mom and I got there before my son and grandson and we asked for a bigger booth..apparently in a closed we sat there and waited,,and then the boys showed up.......and finally a young man came by and asked if anyone had helped us....we said no and he started away to check on it and so we asked if He could wait on us....He was so personable and had such a nice smile..he agreed although his station was on the other side of the restaurant..and that was the beginning of a wonderful meal. We had drinks, an appetizer and bread within minutes. And he was awesome all through the meal. We ordered dessert to top it off! He even introduced us to the new kitchen manager and then the manager. It was one of the best steaks I've ever had and Prim turned what could have been a bad experience into an awesome evening! Thank you Prim and tell your Grandma we said hello!!! See More
Yvonne Dell Esch
· December 23, 2017
Food was great. We went early than usual. Service was good and fast.
Ta Ta
· October 21, 2017
Please stop precooking steaks and serving them later I know fresh beef
Robbin Middleton
· July 24, 2017
the steak was great, the crablegs over cooked. the service was excellent, other than the rude host, seater, whatever you call him.
Matthew Hooks
· May 16, 2017
Set in there for about 12 minutes. We had to ask for a waiter. The waiter never showed up. Got up and walked out. If you walk out of the outback don't bother going to the cracker barrel beside it. It just as bad if not worse. I highly recommend driving the extra 10 minutes to Flowood. There is a cleaner friendlier atmosphere there with excellent customer service. See More
Michelle Townsend
· March 31, 2017
We absolutely loved everything about it.... The food was fresh and hot the drinks were amazing the waitress was unbelievable very helpful very respectful we will be back.... I have been going to thos...e Outback since I was a child with my parents now we take our children with us.... See More
Felicia Myrick
· November 3, 2016
To be honest the waitress was so rude. My daughter has a peanut allergy, so I asked the waiter did they use peanut oil?? She replied,"I don't know, for what?" And that she'll check. It took her 15 min...utes to come back to the table to let us know.. After we order our food and she brought it to us she never came back to check on us until she brought our bill.. See More
Henry Williams
· April 2, 2017
Well went at 6pm on a Saturday and the wait was only 15 min which we only waited 2 min then we were seated! Tabitha was our server and she made sure me and my friend had a great experience! We will definitely be back and will request her! See More
John MacLennan
· July 31, 2017
Great Food and Service. Highly recommend trying Weevie Road a brand new Ale Beer brewed in Mississippi.
Lakecia Garrett
· July 29, 2017
I love Outback and their service!! It's crowded but I'm always #Blessed with a great server! #YUMMM
Deidre Russell Johnson
· August 20, 2016
I just received the worst service by a MANAGER ever!! My party waited on our ticket for 1 hour and 30 minutes after they messed up 2 of our orders. Ben Rowley the manager on duty came out and totally ...dismissed us and basically insinuated that we were black women looking for free food. I am completely offended because we are all working women and we ABSOLUTELY were NOT looking for free food. I make it my business to patronize businesses in Jackson. But after tonight I will NEVER eat at this restaurant again because the proprietor Dustin Higginbotham was just as bad because he hung on my friend Kesha we she called him to try and rectify the issue!!!! See More
Charlene Dunlap
· February 1, 2018
Very very good....great waiters and waitresses....i was very impressed....tonight....
Brandy L Montgomery
· December 27, 2016
Food was great. Little too expensive when it comes to like add shrimp to your meal for 6.00 and when it came out only 4 shrimp. Dinner � for two cost 100.00 good food bad cost
Karondra La'Rosa Joi Jackson-Shalton
· January 8, 2017
Went there for my birthday and the service was awful the food was terrible nothing has any flavor management sucks and was very rude I would never go back there again food was messed up 2 times in a r...ow and it seemed like no one cared anything about it will not recommend anyone to eat there ever. They really ruined my birthday all the way I was very disappointed had to eat McDonald's when we left that night bad management team See More
Marilyn Little
· August 13, 2017
I visit Outback Steakhouse on yesterday evening my food was great and the services was good I will be returning
Dee Jolly Jr
· September 28, 2015
Two waitresses were hassling over a table. One had it and the other wanted it. The steak lacked flavor and the only thing I would recommend was the blooming onion. Even though it was almost burnt and ...should of been thrown out it was still the best part of the meal. See More
Helen Kay Wares
· January 4, 2017
We were passing through on our way back home to Iowa. We've never had a bad meal at Outback....and this location held true! Awesome meal and the blooming onion was amazing as always! This location... is highly recommended! See More
China Banks Stephens
· January 12, 2017
Yesterday was my first time eating at Outback Steakhouse in Jackson, Mississippi. I was there with some friends for dinner. From the time we walked in till the time we left we enjoyed ourselves. The... food was absolutely delicious and the waiter was so polite and accommodating. This was his first night on the floor and I tell you, you could not tell because of his professionalism!!!! Hats off to you and your wonderful staff. I will be returning. See More
Angela Cockrell Schad
· March 18, 2017
My food was the only one correct out of the 4 of us that went and it wasn't that good! They had a lot of open tables but had to wait for 30 minutes to be seated! Don't plan on going back anytime soon
Shameka Banks
· December 18, 2016
😐I was so disappointed 😔 My steak was so tough. I didn't eat it. It cost $27 and it went in the trash. I was on a date so I tried not to send it back. I ordered Medium rare. Maybe I should have jus go...t well done. 🍷My drink was great See More
Loretta Usry Mart
· March 6, 2016
Outback has the best salmon
Grilled with their 80/10/10 seasoning I mean awesome !
No fishee taste ! Nothing but delicious ! I believe when it's good you should SAY SO!...
They have a great new menu at both locations 155 & Flowood!
I love both locations so whatever area you are in its all good !
So go to outback and try it today !
You will be glad you did !
See More
Elaine Farrar
· August 6, 2017
Always great! Seated in less than 10 minutes. Excellent service!
Andrew Hester
· July 10, 2017
Service was very slow very busy order was wrong but overall food was great
Melissa Kitchens
· May 15, 2017
Outback is one of my favorite restaurant! Wait wasn't long, food was great, food came on time, waitress Breanna was great! No complaints
Michelle Davis
· November 7, 2016
the food was great but lots of people like crackers with the salad but outback does not have crackers nor texas toast
Saundra Dianne Atterberry Lee
· May 27, 2017
Service and food was Great! My grands ordered ribs and fish tacos for me.
Glenda C Biles
· December 11, 2015
Never have ordered n got the correct order. Steak ordered med rare got well done. Cheeseburger no cheese. This is the outback in flow old. They leave a lot to be desired
Janie Supper
· February 27, 2017
There were empty tables ALL OVER but I was told they didn't have enough employees working to fill all the tables!! Ridiculous!!!!! I and 2 other groups left.
I will never go back to that store again

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