The folks over at 31interactive Ltd are recruiting for a PHP developer. If you're serious about your career and developing your skills, then this so the job for you.

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May The 4th be With You as we talk about collections.

Talk 1: Collect the dots If you stand back far enough, everything is a list.We store lists of items in database tablesThe items in a list often reference of other items such as tags, categories, prope

This month, we mostly open the floor to new speakers with no minimum talk length lightning sessions, seriously - if you only have 1 slide you can still give a talk.

The session will open with a talk by Tim from Ardmore, with a talk on getting involved with and contributing to the open source community.


Open Floor
Come prepared with your own 5-15min talk and have your say on any topic related to web development. maybe you discovered a new library on Packagist you think we should all know about. Maybe you want to have your 2 cents worth on the 11 lines of code that brought down NPM - whatever it is, if you have the slides, you can have the floor.

To keep transitions between speakers simple, please bring your presentation on a USB stick in either PDF, Keynote, HTML or, if you really must, Powerpoint and a laptop will be available on the night.

Networking Opportunities
As usual there will be opportunity to catchup and discuss any and all things after the talks are finished, The Duke of York is the usual venue for that.

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Thu 6:45 PM UTC+01University of Ulster, BelfastBelfast, United Kingdom
There are many PHP testing frameworks and methodologies available to choose from. Here, Minus40 CTO Darren Craig talks about developing using phpspec. phpspe...

December meetup is on Thursday 10th Dec

PHP Spec...
Messaging with Twilio & Laravel

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Testing with PHP Spec ======================= There are many PHP testing frameworks and methodologies available to choose from. This month Minus40 CTO Darren Craig talks about developing using PHP Sp

Less than a week until the next PHPBelfast

It's 3 Talks Thursday! ========================= Talk 1 - ZeroMQ Message queues are great for offloading the work that doesn't need to be carried out by your application right away. This ena
Join us this September 24th, when at our meetup we have two new speakers for our group. Local Developer Paddy Carey will give us a demonstration of Docker, and Scottish Consulant and seasoned PHP...

Typical CMS...

Lightning talk by Ryan Kilfedder

Did you miss the Laravel 5 talk?

Talk by Darren Craig

Whats New with Laravel 5

January 2015 saw the release of the eagerly anticipated Laravel 5 framework, which comes bundled with a whole host of new features. Exploring some of the more interesting features, we’ll discuss how Laravel is deliberately trying to challenge developers to think harder about their architecture to create better applications.

Over the course of his career, @MinusDarren has been lucky enough to work with some of the largest companies in Northern Ireland..., delivering a mix of digital strategy and hands-on web solutions. In August 2014, he co-founded MINUS40, a new Belfast-based digital agency, where he acts as CTO.


Did you fix a problem recently? did you fix a bug, find a new (to you) useful library on github, maybe you discovered a cool jQuery plugin that saved you 2 days of development.... Thing is - everybody knows something, everybody can share something. It is the collective sharing that makes a community stronger.

We're opening the floor for 5-10min talks to anyone that can bring along an idea. Send us a tweet to @phpbelfast with your #TenMinTalk title so we can get a running order for the evening.

Here's the big secret... You don't need to be an expert to stand up and talk, but by doing so you become more knowledgable in your chosen talk subject.


To find us, head in the main entrance to the University of Ulster (Belfast Campus) on York Street. More directions can be found at:…/location/belfastsigns.html

Once inside someone you’re there for PHPBelfast, they’ll give you access and directions to the room. You need to go up to floor C in the lift, turn left out of the lift, 82C02 is the first door on the right.

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Thu 6:45 PM UTCUniversity of Ulster, BelfastBelfast, United Kingdom
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The next PHPBelfast meeting has been scheduled for Thu 29th Jan

Intro to Deployment with Capistrano 3
Creating your own command packages as *.phar files

Thu 6:45 PM UTCUniversity of Ulster, BelfastBelfast, United Kingdom
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Details to be confirmed - but probably an xDebug talk.

NB: Registration opens 17th Oct.

Thu 6:45 PM UTCUniversity of Ulster, BelfastBelfast, United Kingdom
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PHP Belfast shared a link.
This month we're very lucky to have Simon Whittaker from Vertical Structure Limited (@vsltd). Simon is a security and penetration testing expert.
PHP Belfast is at 52 Hill Street, Belfast.

Next Meetup - Thu 10th April at Blick Studios.

See…/8088…/meetup-5-build-with-components for info

Building a website tends to be done with a full stack framework like Zend, Symfony or Laravel, or by using a full featured CMS system such as wordpress or drupal. But what if you just want something...