Todd Pendergrass - Updates (and Instructions)

Some Pix from our concerts at First Baptist Church Cuiaba, Brazil

Need your help PLANT Friends. TEAM Brazil's 2nd Team leaves leaving tomorrow for Brazil. Can you please drop off a jar of Peanut Butter (any brand is fine, but all they are familiar with is Peter Pan) to Faith Baptist Church today? Know it's last minute but the Translators asked us last night. Seems neither Peanut Butter nor Maple Syrup are available in Brazil. PLEASE READ 1ST COMMENT FOR FULL POST.

You just GOTTA love Pastor Todd Pendergrass. Pretty much the entire country of Brazil shuts down every time their Team plays in the World Cup. They play today at 2:30 EST. Past Todd rented out one of the Meeting rooms at our hotel and decorated it to the hilt in their colors. He has invited the ENTIRE Hotel staff to come watch the game with us on the Big Screens. How cool is THAT?!?!?!?!?

WOW! Incredible day
yesterday. Started out at a Childrens Cancer Hospital and was TOTALLY
humbled at the response. And THAT was just the begging!!! Read the
comment below for more. GREAT DAY!!!

Friday 06/11/2010 (4:35PM EST): TEAM Brazil just made it safe on the ground to Cuiaba. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Just got
to the Hotel. Bro Todd is updating his blog, while I update the PLANT
Facebook site. Will work to have pix and video on both. Check out the
Blog at: 3 Concerts tomorrow, 3
Concerts Sunday. More later. Much love to you all. phil

Today, Thursday, Brooke Pendergrass will depart Memphis for the summer and spend the next two months in Cuaiba, Rio and Netal, Brazil. She will be working with mission teams and serving at various Mission points throughout Brazil.

I have had a ton of requests to put this video up.

You need to know the story behind it. Because of the crowd and congestion in the parking lot, EVERY Sunday, at the end of the services there is an ongoing saga of Brother Todd Pendergrass (Faith's Executive Pastor) giving exit instructions from the parking lot. Some weeks he is an absolute hoot!

When we were in Brazil, we wanted to send an update in between mission teams (Evangelism and Medical).


So he and I went out to record the update and he had a great idea of getting the Brazilians to "creatively" help us out.

Now imagine sitting in church on the next Sunday thinking, "Bro. Todd's not here this week, so he's not going to say anything about the parking lot".

OH! But just wait. When folks saw this video, I was told people were laughing about this all the way to their cars that day. I LOVE my CHURCH!!!

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Just one of the thousands of reasons we are here EVERY year!

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