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Anything with integrity and reflects total truth.
Acoustic, Alternative
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The Animal Farm
Pure and raw in style, POM adds new meaning to contemporary guitar. His spontaneous approach is backed up by phenomenal technique, emphasising a true disregard for electronics with furious contempt.
Born in the UK. Grew up in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, travelling extensively, before returning to England and deciding to become a musician. POM bega...n his musical career playing in Bluegrass circles on steel strung guitar but eventually moved over to nylon strings after developing an interest in Flamenco styles and techniques. He would eventually begin crossing these with a more contemporary approach (use of a plectrum and double-handed playing on the fret board).

After travelling through Europe with another guitarist, settling amongst Spanish Gypsies from the Camargue Region of Southern France. He was accepted into their group where he crossed boundaries and spent time playing, absorbing their culture and comparing guitar styles.

Over time he began developing His own unique style of playing. Influences ranging from players like Paco De lucia through to Eddie Van Halen, though always focusing on the acoustic, never the electric. He continuously tried to cover new ground, exploring the concept of acoustic guitar towards music of popular culture although sometimes finding conflict between the purity of his style and the need for further expression.

POM has been involved with film along the way, composing music for his own award winning short films and producing videos directly aimed at expressing the style and performance of his music. He has also contributed to tribute albums released by BHP Music in New York. He has acoustic guitar recordings on albums saluting, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Steve Ray Vaughn.
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Current Location
Devon, UK
Paco Delucia, Eddie VanHalen, Vicenti Amigo, John McClaughlin, Michael Hedges (R.I.P.) Al Di Meola.
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The Animal Farm.
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