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Thx @ppccedu: we concur, PPCC's Math, Writing & Learning Assistance Centers have got your back.

I favorited a @YouTube video Writing in the Third Person and Pronoun Agreement


#wcnotes #ppccedu #ENG090Gaming check out this course promo; then sign up! BTW-CP English Fac Emily Forand ROCKS!!!

#wcnotes #ppccedu #ENG090Gaming check out this course promo; then sign up!

#ppccedu just at Art is My Voice opening @DTSC-moving, troubling, liberating-thx BenAmots, Phi Theta Kappa, VACbridges & artists!

Some clouds here @ppccedu with bright sun shining through breaks. This is totally RIGHT ON! #transitofvenus

tried a pin hole camera in Colorado Springs @ppccedu. got the sun, but no visible Venus even with a magnifying glass. #transitofvenus has some AWESOME programming now @ppccedu should check
Check it out

#afagrad Thunderbirds areobatics show was AWESOME!!!! Congratulations 2012 USAFA grads & ALL GRADS everywhere. We live in a great country!

#afagrad Obama sees the 21st Century as another American century. Over 1100 Grads in 2012-each saluting the president and shaking his hand

#afagrad 54Th graduatng class-Star Spangled Banner-Prez Obama-Gov Hickenlooper--pretty good day for a graduation. Go Air Force!

#afagrad waiting for POTUS. Predator a/c on display. AF Band & marches. Snipers in position. Guess I-25 Was a mess earlier. Pretty exciting

AFA GRADUATION-Obama speaking. Sitting right in front of the podium with my daughter. Beautiful Springs Day!

Emily & Dana @ppccedu faculty just rocked our College Reading session-irony? ENG teachers presenting to READING teachers. Wacky world!!!

Hey @ppccedu faculty,#coade Patty-Graham-we must encourage college level reading-prepare selves, our learning environment, and our students

Keynote Karen Patty-Graham: success factors? reading is fundamental, learning communities, tutorial assistance, supplemental instruction