FourSquare Founder Dennis Crowley Crowned Mayor of SXSW
PR Newswire Launches ProfNet Connect
PR Newswire Launches Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring Tool
MediaMath and Cision announced a joint partnership that enables brands to integrate data from earned media with paid media, giving brands a holistic view of their customers. The partnership addresses the need for marketing and advertising professionals to integrate their efforts.

Cision Impact reports are valued for their ability to showcase:

1. Major story themes from the conference and which speakers generated the most engagement
2. How the major pharmaceutical companies fared with the press – and on social media
3. Emerging companies that generated significant media attention...
4. The most influential outlets, journalists, and social media authors

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In case you missed it, this report is a timely distillation of the significant themes raised and discussed by top pharmaceutical executives at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

These days, startups are feeling this pain more than ever because the tech media’s in flux — fewer companies are getting covered, and there’s a daunting amount of noise to break through.

Eventbrite's VP of Global Communications Terra Carmichael offers her advice.

Terra Carmichael leverages two decades of comms experience with companies like Eventbrite, Yahoo, Mattel, Nike and more to dispense advice to young startups finding their footing with the press.

Any tool that helps you stay organized is one worth investing a little time in to set up. Having an editorial calendar helps you streamline your content marketing efforts and reduces the stress of knowing what to publish when.

With so many moving pieces in your marketing strategy, it can be challenging to stay on top of it all. Plan your year with this free content calendar.

“While the communications and PR space has changed drastically over the past few years, it’s also come with some challenges that we’re still working out solutions for.”

With a new year around the corner, communications professionals are gearing up to get their plans ready to conquer the world in 2018.

In the following video series, Cision talks with Jay Baer to get his point of view on the future earned media and influencer marketing measurement, as he sees it:

Cision talks with Jay Baer to get his point of view on the future earned media and influencer marketing measurement, as he sees it.

If there’s any key insight that PR professionals need, it’s demographic and firmographic data.

Know who is reading your releases or viewing your content to ensure that the right people are hearing your message. (Story via Forbes)

Measuring earned media with data-driven tools is making it possible to know who your brand is reaching.

What marketing tech companies are you following in 2018?

MarTech RADAR 2018 brings you the Top 150 marketing technology companies that are expected to make the biggest waves this year. We have our eyes on them.

With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire.

This week 'On PR Newswire' we’re taking a look back at some of the most significant releases of the first half of 2017.

Keeping up with the latest news can be overwhelming. Here are some of the biggest headlines we saw on PR Newswire in 2017.

- Only 23 percent of millennial consumers say they have a relationship with brands, more than half say that they have brand complaints that aren’t addressed. (Inc., August 2017)

- 56 percent of millennials say they interact with brands weekly, if you aren’t listening, you’ll miss them! (Astound Commerce Global Brand Survey, August 2017)

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Looking for the latest earned media stats and trends? We've got you covered with 2018 The Ultimate List of Earned Media Statistics.

The survey underscores the struggle many comms teams have connecting the dots between content and tangible business results.

63% of the respondents cite their inability to measure impact effectively as one of the most difficult challenges they confront.

PRWeek, in partnership with Cision, conducted a global survey to better understand the challenges PR professionals are facing.

The new and enhanced Cision® PRWeb packages are powered by PR Newswire’s industry-leading distribution network and reporting. With native integration into the Cision Communications Cloud®, it’s never been easier to reach, engage and impact your target audience. Watch the video, or read the transcript below to get started.

PRWeek, in partnership with Cision, conducted a global survey to better understand the challenges PR professionals are facing.

Take a comprehensive tour of the industry’s most powerful monitoring and targeting software – the Cision Communications Cloud®.

Take a comprehensive tour of the industry's most powerful and innovate monitoring and targeting software, Cision Communications Cloud®.

You can earn many times the amount of media coverage you’re getting now, but without all the hard work. Leverage our media relations hacks, and spend less of your time garnering more earned media.

Hack #1: Pitch as many people as you want, but make sure you give 20% of the people 80% of your attention.
Hack #2: Master the pitch customization triad and use the right tools for the job.
Hack #3: (Click below to read more!)

A smart strategy and a willingness to take the right actions ensures you're earning the media coverage your brand deserves.
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Imagine the CMOs surprise when the PR team plops down a report...

"Imagine the CMOs surprise when the PR team plops down a report that shows precise leads, sales, and ROI from their efforts, in nearly real-time!" Jay Baer, Fou...nder of Convince & Convert.

In this video, Jay Baer discusses how you can pull the same metrics from an influencer or media outlet mentioning your brand as you could from your own advertisements or content.

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