The district office threw down a "Get Moving Challenge" on Twitter and we were one of the schools who were challenged. Of course, I could not just ignore a challenge,so I recruited Ms. Somma's kindergarten class to help out. Twitter only allowed 30 seconds of this to post, but it was too cute not to show more. Hope you enjoy!
Look what happened in kindergarten overnight!
Look at what is happening in Kindergarten! The students have had several lessons with their teachers about the chicks and how they hatch. They have been taking care of them and watching them very closely. This morning they got to watch some of them hatch. What a great experience for our young children, and for us as well. This is an actual video of one of the chicks as it broke out of its shell. Thank you to Ms. Somma for the video and to Mrs. Giordano and Ms. Occhipinti as well, for sharing this with us!

If you have a child looking for a job working with animals click the link for more information....

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