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Risks regarding using Virtual Reality in Classrooms.

Studies shows the number of teachers using VR tools in classrooms could jump to more than "15 percent" by 2021. During, their research they founds that VR could effect kids balance and depth of perception, if they're indulged in content created for adults. Children who displayed issues with balance, spatial awareness, vision and depth of perception in the pre-test, those problems can be intensified after using virtual reality tools.

Virtual reality has yet to become a reality in most classrooms. According to a 2016 survey of 38,000 U.S. educators, just around 5 percent of teachers ...

Why I Stopped Writing on My Students' Paper.

Michael Millner is an English professor at a public school and he shares his experience of why he stopped writing comments on Students’ papers.Most of his students spent little time taking in his comments on their papers. They quickly skimmed, looking for the grade, and then shoved the papers into their bags. He took a new approach to it, instead of writing comments on their essays,he started inviting students to his office to discuss their essays and grades one on one.

A professor decides it’s time to reconceive how he comments on essay assignments.

People who don’t go to college are getting sicker and dying younger.

Research has shown that education makes a difference in terms of health outcomes. People with college degrees are more likely to lead a healthier and prosperous life. Without a degree, and, for a number of reasons, chances of facing a range of health problems increases. Colleges should devote resources and expand access to low-income students to combat this issue.

Americans who don’t go to college are getting sicker and dying younger. Here are strategies that colleges can adopt to narrow the widening gulf in health outcomes.

10 ways schools, parents and communities can prevent school shootings.

After the shooting killed 17 people at a Florida high school, many people express concern for gun control laws. But, the gun control debate has been proven to be ineffective. We need to study the kind of aggressive childhood behavior that often leads to school shootings

While politicians argue endlessly over gun control, here are 10 practical ways the rest of us can work to prevent school shootings.

Online Learning Wins Over Textbooks.

Researchers tested four interactive online science units in a randomized control trial in 13 middle schools in Oregon and Georgia, some were thought using traditional textbooks and others used online platforms for learning. Studies shows the students who had taken the online units improved their test scores by an average of 16.7%, compared with 5.7% among those who had studied using traditional methods.

Students who used online materials in their science courses made significantly greater test gains than those who stuck to traditional textbooks, according to a new study.

Student satisfaction is “unrelated” to academic performance.

Researchers indicate that higher student satisfaction was found in modules in which students received large amounts of learning materials and worked through them individually, than in courses where students had to collaborate and work together.Students who were “spoon-fed” learning materials also spent less time in the virtual learning environment, and were less engaged in the classroom.

Open University study finds that, while students dislike collaborative learning, they are more likely to pass if they take part in it

Elon Musk puts his three kids in a school called "Ad Astra." He himself is among the board of trustees of this really secretive school. There are no classes in this school, instead students are catered to the education matching their aptitudes and abilities.One element that is persistent in the academia is the conversation about ethics and morals, a conversation manifested by debating real-world scenarios that kids may face one day.

A recent tour of Ad Astra School uncovered an ethical role-playing game which is common at Elon Musk's school.

MicroMasters Surge As MOOCs Go From Education To Qualification

EdX is offering MM or "MicroMasters" which cost around $1,000 and it's a quarter of a master program which could later be used for attaining Masters qualification.These courses were designed from instructors from leading schools like Berkeley and MIT. They're not just offering business qualifications but also provides subjects like Programming, AI and analytics. Many companies like GE, MicroSoft, IBM, Hootsuite, Fidelty, Bloomberg and Boeing are accepting these degrees.

The future shape of graduate and executive education is being shaped by the surge of “MicroMasters” on edX, to which 1.7 million students have registered. The number of programs on offer has exploded from one to 46. This is the kind of exponential growth that disrupts and rebuilds industries.

The differentiation and stratification of higher education makes a diversion for people from lower social background, in a process in which working class people are diverted from opportunities to attend high status institutions and courses of study and are instead channeled into lower level institutions that lead to lower status occupational positions.

The widening of participation in higher education in recent decades has been heralded as a means toward the reduction of social class inequalities in higher education. Research findings indicate, though, that simply increasing the number of people attending higher education does not mean that social...

Setting Up Effective Group Work

Collaboration is integral part to learning as it helps students build social and emotional skills to get a better understanding of the world. But, group work can be messy and complex sometimes, none of the student want to take the ownership of the work. In this article, Jeff Knutson talks about what could be done in order to improve collaborative learning.

Truly collaborative group work is complex and messy, so we have a few tips and tools to get students working interdependently.

What's the point of a D grade?

A community college in North Carolina improved their transfer success rate by 15 percent by just eliminating "D" from their grading scale. In order for students to transfer to a 4 year school, they need a "C" or better grade. Giving students D would make them pass the course but they weren't able to transfer the course. Meyer said,"By eliminating the D's we showed them if they set the bar high for themselves, they can achieve that."

Transfer rates at North Carolina's Stanly Community College increased after the college made the simple grading change of no longer awarding D's.

Future of Workplace learning

The economy continues to progress faster than previous decades, forcing people to retool many times over throughout their careers.As Carlson said “We’re entering a lifelong learning economy.” So companies are finding that supporting the education of their workers isn’t just the right thing to do but it also produces a valuable return on investment. Higher education is evolving to fulfill the needs of the future workforce.

The Future of Workplace Learning Illustrations by Tonya Harris A number of factors ailing the traditional higher education industry have some calling into question what its role will be in preparing students for the future workforce. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .....

Better education starts with honesty about achievement gaps

Arne Duncan, U.S. secretary of education talks about the finding of PISA.There is a need to be honest about the achievement gaps in our educational system in order to understand what needs to be done. Among the 65 countries and education systems that participates in PISA, United States was 27 in math and 14 in reading.

Arne said," ... there's a national failure to make nearly enough progress to keep up with our com...petitors."

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Educational improvement comes when we are honest about achievement gaps.

Helping Students Develop Critical Information Processing Skills

Digital information has shifted the focus of higher education from developing critical thinking skills to developing critical information processing skills. However, still many college students lack information processing skill. Faculty should incorporate these information processing skills in a variety of ways to the context of any course in order to give students a better understanding.

Critical information processing skills are best taught rather than caught. Adding a few targeted activities to your course can assist your students in developing these important skills that will serve them well in your course and beyond.

5 Trends of Higher Education in 2018

The uncertainty in 2017 has caused fall in international student body across US. Universities are coming with new innovative ways to expand their footprint globally. Technology will enable better interaction between teachers and student and in near future, schools are moving toward unbundling and micro-credentialing.
As Mariana Cavalcanti, Ellucian’s vice president of user experience, said, “The rise of non-traditional students will force colleges to think outside the box and use technology to deliver a comprehensive student experience."

Campuses will need to be more technology-enabled and globally focused in the coming year.

Tailoring the Admissions Experience

Most Schools debate if the job of admission staff is of a counselor or a salesman. Aaron believes if we help students see what they could become at your university, they're likely to choose the school.

"Students are coming to the admissions counselor at a time of major transition and celebration, and it is the counselor’s job to help students imagine the future," says Aaron Basko.

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I remember that when I started my first job as a college admissions counselor, one of the interview questions was, “Do you see the role of admissions counselors more as counseling or as sales?” I had no experience, so I really didn’t know the right answer.