Rapolu Ananda Bhaskar (born 15 January 1964) is an Indian journalist turned politician belonging to Indian National Congress. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha from Andhra Pradesh.[1]
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Konda Laxman Bapuji (27 September 1915 - 21 September 2012) was an Indian freedom fighter who participated in the Telangana Rebellion.[1][2][3] He died on 21 September 2012 at his residence in Hyderabad.[4][5]

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The Padmashalis are the third community in Andhra Pradesh. They are spread all over the world, but have a visible tendency towards urbanization since the occupation of weaving and marketing cloth becomes easy from urban and semi-urban centers. This community produces cloth from cotton and animate yarn (silk).
Caste communities involved in the leather and wool-based household industries - which prehaps have an older history than cloth weaving - have developed an integr...ated process of production of raw material and its conversation into commodities. But unlike them, the Padmashalis developed exclusively cloth-weaving skills. They produce cloth as a marketable commodity, without having any organic links or skills in the production of the raw material. The Padmashali men have no expertise in ploughing and their women lack seeding and crop-cutting skills. Thus, their skill structure, over a period of time, became one-dimensional

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In Brief

* The Padmashali caste is completely dependent on weaving

* The introduction of Lancashire cloth created the first crisis for the Padmashalis


* Technological development and globalisation caused further problems

* Withdrawal of protection and subsidies has driven many weavers to suicide

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What is the difference between padmashali and Brahmin's apart from their work?

Padmashalis are non-vegetarians
Most of the Padmashalis except Pattusalis of Srikakulam are non-vegetarians. Padmashalis either do business or get employed or do their traditional occupation-weaving and they dont do chapliance whereas brahmins do chapliance and other Veda-related jobs. Padmashali is a backward community while brahmins are socially advanced.
Brahmins themselves are not a homogenous ...

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Hearty welcme to 2 al Padmashali frns n Community