Happy New Year Facebook Friends!!! Let's see what exciting new adventures in writing 2016 brings us

Happy Thanksgiving Facebook friends! Have a thankful day full of family, friends, and lots of turkey!


Happy New Year Facebook friends! May it be filled with fun and excellent adventures , especially in reading and writing

Merry Christmas Facebook friends! Sending you all warm winter wishes and a very joy-filled Christmas day

Okay, Facebook friends, I need some suggestions on a good, southern, lead female character name. You never know. Your suggestion might end up in a book!

When your story ideas start invading your dreams it's time to put fingers to computer keys...

Beginnings are hard...

With Memorial Day just around the corner the start of summer is almost here which means...Beach Book Season!!! What books do you plan on getting tan with? I have no idea where to even start. Any suggestions?

So I have this habit of watching the movie version of books before I read the actual book, if I can help it. I do this because let's face it - the book is always better. If I like the movie, I'll most likely love the book. If I hate the movie, still a good chance I might like the book. The only book this didn't happen with was The Notebook, but that might have had something to do with Ryan Gosling in all his shirtlessnes... But I digress...I keep seeing all these previews for... Winter's Tale and I gotta say, I'm finding it quite intriguing. I had contemplated not too long ago reading the book before I ever knew there was a movie version coming out. My problem: I don't know if I should watch the movie first or read the book first because every time I see those darned commercials for the movie I'm dying to know how it all ends up. Reading the book would give me almost instant gratification. It might also ruin the movie for me, which, if I'm being honest, I love movies as much as I love books. I'm in a quandary people! Someone help a girl out

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Ok, Facebook friends. I just bought the first book in the Game of Thrones series. I find it fitting, seeing how I'm stuck inside for who knows how long due to the weather, that "Winter is coming..."

Happy New Year Facebook friends! How did you ring in the new year? I partied with a small group of toddlers - my daughter's friends - and rang in the new year playing Scrabble with my husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I know, I know. I pushed the party envelope a little too far, but hey! It was New Years!

Happy Thanksgiving Facebook Friends!

With all this spookiness in the air I'm thinking about reading The Shining. I've never read it before and am curious about it. Any thoughts?

It's amazing what technology can track. I was checking one of my online retailer sales charts today and learned they track what country your book has been sold in. What country has my book been sold in lately you ask? Great Britain! Hope people across the pond are liking it

One can dream and hope, right?

So how much are top authors making this year? Prepare to have you mind blown!…/eeji45eiffk/e-l-james-95-million/

Originally a 'Twilight' tribute titled 'Master of the Universe,' 'Fifty Shades of Grey' vaulted its author from fan-fiction websites straight to the top of every best-seller list. The e-book format was a key factor, giving readers an easy way to purchase the sex-filled sequels -- and a discrete way…

It's a SALE!!! Right now you can get your ebook copy of Broken for just $.99!!! Available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, and more! Nothing like an intriguing read to cozy up with at the beach or in the car on a long drive or in your pjs under the covers creating your very own blanket tepee - my personal favorite So, Facebook friends, it's time to get your summer read on!

Sooo, what do y'all think of Eden?

“Sometimes I get so irritated at the way people describe what love is supposed to be. ‘Love is like an ocean and your relationship is like a boat in which to steer through its waters…blah, blah, blah.’ Yeah, okay, whatever. But sometimes, that boat has a crack in it, which you ignore or try to seal up with a cheap roll of duct tape, and before you know it you’re taking on water and the one life-jacket onboard is currently being worn by ...your sorry-ass-boyfriend who is now safely floating to shore, leaving you with nothing but an empty beer bottle and a broken flip-flop to try and shovel out the water that is now freely flowing into this sinking vessel called a relationship.
All I’m saying is, when you first see the crack, perhaps it’s time for YOU to put on that life-jacket and get off the boat.”

Ask Eden
The Chicago Daily Mirror

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