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Owner Operator Intermodal Dray Class A CDL Truck Driver | Green Bay opportunity at Paper Transport, Inc #jobs

Owner Operator Intermodal Dray Class A CDL Truck Driver: $1,000 First-Load Bonus! Up for a challenge? In this Monday-Friday Home Daily Intermodal Dray Owner-Operator role, you will make lucrative income of an average of $3,600/week. Overview • Home Time: Home daily and all weekend • Schedule: Mo...
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Ernie Chambers
· March 9, 2018
One of the worst driving companies I ever drove for. Planners suck always sets you up for failure plans you to go somewhere that is over 11 hours away but then gets mad when you tell them you can't ge...t there in the same day the go zip code to zip code so they are never accurate on miles they give you. Puts you on a PIP for not being able to make it almost 12 hours in on shift. They pay isn't as great as they say when you sign up. They don't pay for orientation no sign on bonus. Stay away See More
David Catfish Cathey
· March 8, 2018
I’m still there and like it but I a wonder why the person who referred me never got his referral money. James Hudson referred me and I really thought he would be rewarded with a referral bonus. I’m on 3 years there. Thank you. See More
Mike Bowles
· December 29, 2017
Great company to work for. Growing. Good benefits. Good pay. BUT the greatest thing this company has to offer is respecting the driver. You work here and work hard, you will be treated like you are pr...iority number one. Very easy to work with the good folks up in De Pere, WI. Loved working here. See More
Cody Rose
· June 14, 2017
I was a local spotter driver out of Green Bay and I'm mostly favorable about the position. While the pay is one of the lowest in the area, the benefits are some of the best, at least for my situation.... Having access to Health Savings Account and vacation after only six months is a plus. Not only was it nice being home daily, but having four days off in a row was nice as well. However, it can be a little frustrating dealing with the maintenance issues on a regular basis. It might be four days before they will even look at your truck, and it could be more than a week before it's fixed. I assume this is mostly due to PTI relying on an outside maintenance company for its service, rather than doing the work in-house. I did a job they call Ledger, which has the highest turnover of any position they offer. Honestly, I don't think the work is that difficult, but if you're a fat lazy trucker who is used to sitting on his butt for 11 hours a day, then Ledger is going to be a challenge. The management is firm but fair, but also very accommodating with an appropriate amount of notice. I left mostly due to the headaches and stress that came with dealing with the mill personnel. From the sounds of it, many people don't last in this role as long as the four months I've been in it, although there are a select few (bless their hearts) who have been in this role for quite a while. I give PTI a 4 out of 5 stars, although it just wasn't the right fit for me at this time. There are certainly worse places to work than here. See More
Nikki Perkins
· December 15, 2017
I love working for Paper. Great people who care about what they do and strive for safety and greatness.
Jim Weishorn
· December 6, 2015
Short haul driver out of Franksville (Milwaukee), WI from 10/22/2015 - 12/4/2015. I found my first experience with E-logs to be too stressful. Since everyone will soon be required to use them I decide...d to punch a time clock instead. Working a full 14 hours I averaged a little over $200.00 a day. No touch freight, no HAZMAT, well maintained equipment, no problem to take a day off for doctor appointments (with advance notice) and an awesome driver manager. Before I parked for the day I already knew what I was doing the next day. Messages, schedule and E-logs are all done on a Samsung tablet that was easy to learn, even for a high tech dinosaur like me. I also slept in my own bed every night. See More
Kyle H
· April 25, 2017
It's amazing that very few of your drivers look before pulling out of your sturtevant drop yard. Pulling out in front of a loaded semi is one of the dumbest things you can do and your drivers do it t...o me on an almost daily basis! See More
Greg Jurkiewicz
· October 21, 2015
The transportation industry has it's ups and downs... I had been a dump driver for 12years before upgrading to a class "A" through a CDL mill... I've since learned that "It Is What It Is" from workin...g with other carriers... PTI seems to have a handle on how the industry works and has developed a customer base that makes it simple for drivers to get adequate miles at a competitive pay rate... I would recommend PTI to anyone... And have done so to my friends... See More
Desiree Bell
· June 6, 2016
My husband was employed as an over the road truckdrver for 14years. PTI hired him and took him for orientation. He as there for 5 min. Never set foot in their truck, did a pretest on the truck and was... told to follow to their office where he was told because he did not examine the 5th wheel to see if it was attached, they sad they could not hire him. Obviously the 5th wheel was attached! That like sayin are the door on their hinges? Obviously he company has a problem with my husbandof 22 years. He's not a flon, has no accidents, has no tickets, a spotless driving record, yet within 5 min they let him go?? Gee, could it be because he is bi-racial??? See More
Dave Raddant
· December 26, 2016
Currently employees by PTI and am a spotter that is troubled by the secret what secret nothing gets fixed ice been asking for answers and have been brushed you realize that if you or somebod...y don't start doing there job I won't be able to do mine don't get me wrong I cause use a couple days of sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it at the expense of 2 corporations not 1!!!!! See More
Amy Romeros
· August 7, 2014
A driver in one of your trucks just blatantly ran a red light in Dallas, TX, and nearly hit the car my daughter and I were in (and the car next to us.) The truck was turning west from Preston Road ont...o Beltline Road and if the car in the next lane hadn't stopped and caught my attention (even though our light had been green for several seconds), the truck would have plowed into us. When it passed the intersection I looked for a phone number on the back and failed to get the tag, but maybe you could trace this despicable, unsafe driver. It happened about 1:30 on Thursday, August 7. Grateful to be alive! See More
Ron Schroeder
· November 27, 2014
this company is not behind its drivers like they say they lie and do anything they can to get the drivers to do what they want you spend more time sitting in docs as free labor and when you are not on... duty you are still sitting in docs and not being paid for a while their customers take their time unloading your trailers they have brand me without sleep so much over the last 2 years I finally had to walk away because I could not bear knowing I had killed somebody or hurt somebody this company does not care about its drivers or the people around them See More
David Reisinger
· February 11, 2016
Company does need to clean house, but from my personal experience it is some of the drivers that need to go. If they would just do their job, ie. Do a proper pretrip, including tires, registration and... inspections, do their best to get there on time and if there is a problem communicate it the right people it would be a better place for everyone involved. See More
Jerimiah Jones
· August 9, 2017
Bottom feeder company. Will leave negative marks on your dac report when you quit. Has old equipment and company is filled with ### holes! Drivers Beware!!!??
Sara Morrison
· April 4, 2015
I've been team driving for 10 years, the best co-driver I ever had started working here. In less than 3 weeks they accused him of having an accident and terminated him. I seen the pictures, there wasn...'t even a smudge mark on one of the dirtiest trailers I ever seen. I know there is absolutely no way he hit anything, everybody who seen the pictures agree with me. My father is an accident investigator and he agrees with me. They screwed up his DAC report, now nobody will hire him. He lost his apartment because he couldn't make a living. He was living in his car and now nobody heard from him in weeks. This company will stab a driver in the back in a heartbeat. I would avoid them at all cost! They positively will not stand behind their drivers. See More
Daniel S Webb
· June 16, 2016
Just got cut off by a PTI driver then I watched him change lanes WITHOUT a blinker and almost run someone else off the road after that, then he went at least a 1/2 mile using part of 2 lanes! This was... at 7:00am so I assume he wasn't drunk. I believe the truck number was 8351 if that helps find this driver. and it was near Milwaukee. See More
Bud Weber
· January 23, 2015
I came over from Roehl and I can say without a doubt, it is much better here at PTI, the pay, the planning and the routes! I'm driving a brand new Freightliner and pulling 18 month old or newer trailers!
Joseph Hawter
· May 26, 2017
I recently came back to pti, I enjoy their attitude towards safety & to our drivers. All companies have SOME issues, with that said This is a company I hope to retire from 😄. Contact me if you want m...ore info from a driver who is proud to work for pti. See More
Mark Skoczynski
· September 6, 2017
Not the best company to work for ,keep looking ,,,
Tanya Horton
· June 15, 2017
If it wasnt for my love of the south i would honestly think about moving here���
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