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Judith Benitez
· December 25, 2017
i tried it a couple of years ago and it was great. it really works and the food is delicious specially the treats !!!!
Brian Mosychuk
· December 25, 2017
Bought a gift certificate for wife for her cancer treatment for 100 dollars won’t accept it due to them changing name. Unreal never go here!!
Heather Ketchum
· November 18, 2016
I'm feeling fantastic on the Paradigm weight loss diet! I can't believe the huge change in how I feel. I have so much more energy and a feeling of over all better health! The staff are very inform...ative, supportive and knowledgeable. It is supper easy to follow and it works!! See More
Zia Ferenci
· January 3, 2015
In 8 weeks I lost 22lbs and when I get cravings I snack on veggies.
The best part of it is I have NOT had a migraine and my energy level is way up.
Terry Beaton
· January 6, 2014
This is good if you are looking for a jump start or a sugar cleanse. This is a typical starvation diet that if followed properly you will lose body weight fast. Without exercise and life changes this temporary weight loss. See More
Did you know that abdominal muscles weaken when you gain weight? Here's a tummy tuck exercise to strengthen the deep abdominal wall.
Mousse up your day with one of these 4 fun recipes! You can save them as individual snacks or share with your friends at a get-together!
If you're experiencing some back pain the Single Leg Heel Raise is an exercise you will want to try! It works your hip area, glutes and your hamstrings! IdealProteinFitness tips from Steve Moratto!

Fitness Options at IP
Coming in March

Workshops - Building Lean Muscles Safely
Looking to get an edge on your weight loss goals?


Perhaps develop more lean mass while burning fat for fuel? Afraid of 'hard core' exercises?

A More is Less Approach
Come join us and achieve more by doing less!

Less painful exercise - more knowledge on how to exercises safely and effectively. Less fear of equipment - more specific, easy to use, functional equipment.
Less discouragement of a big class - more encouragement in a small group setting for an investment of $10 come a join us for 30 min of easy movement and leave with a plan that you can continue each time you arrive at the clinic. This workshop will cover basic functional movement patterns that are safe and effective while on a lower calorie protocol. You will leave grinning and glowing.

Small Group and Personal Training with the IP phases
1. Working in small groups or with a trainer will keep you accountable on your path.
2. Do fresh and fun exercises designed specifically for you.
3. Create the shape that you want with lean muscles and a higher metabolic rate.

Workshops are a low cost high return option at only $10 - sign up now limited spots! Small group training classes will be scheduled 1 or 2 times a week $15 per session Personal training packages available - contact

Materials Needed
Your body and your willingness to learn
We provide the mats, weight and use of the vibration plates

Please check out our bio at
Danielle is a highly trained fitness professional and master trainer with over 20year in the fitness industry. She is experienced with the IP protocol and has developed exercise plans that work with all IP phases. Her and her team train out of various Okanagan locations and will be able to join you at this facility.

See More

Oh I can't wait! This will be a nice addition to phase 1! 💖

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Ideal Protein

Available soon! Hibiscus & Watermelon Drink Mix! The uplifting taste of hibiscus and watermelon will add a refreshing feeling to your day! #IdealProtein