The band is made up of UW-Parkside alumni and friends. Many of the members have been playing together for the last 40 years!

Jim Yorgan -Bass
Dave Sturino -Piano
Mick Heberling -Drums...
Tom Meredith - Trumpet
Al Johnson -Trumpet
Mike Betz - Trumpet
Eric Weiss -Trumpet
Dave Kapralian - Trumpet
Dave Ferguson - Trombone
Katie Plovanich -Trombone
Ken Eschman - Trombone
Jack Plovanich - Trombone
Jim Lemke - sax
Jordan Gardina -sax
Stu Melis - Sax
Patrick Odell -Sax
Steve Jacob -Sax

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Join us Tuesday Dec 26th for our Annual Holiday Hang at McAuliffe's Pub in Racine. Always a great time! The band will play a few Christmas favorites and some classic big band music. Musicians are welcome to sit in with da band!


We will be at Parkside on Tuesday performing in a tribute concert for Tim Bell- hope to see you there.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tim Bell. Tim was the co-founder of The Parkside Reunion Big Band. The reason for the name was because a lot of the players in the band went to Parkside and played for Tim in the Jazz Band.
Tim came to Parkside from North Texas State University in 1975. Tim was the first freshman to play in the One O’clock Lab Band at North Texas State University. An accomplishment that made him very proud. Tim taught us not only how to... play music, but the business of music. “Be on time.” “If you are not gonna make a rehearsal, find a sub and get the music to the rehearsal”. “ ”No matter how bogus the gig is, never complain about the music or the leader” “Don’t suck!”. There are many more. Tim instilled a work ethic that has lasted for decades. Tim and Jack Plovanich started the Parkside Reunion Big Band back in the 80’s. We still play to this day. Tim was a great player, but also a great person. He was always happy and enthusiastic about everything he did. Playing in a band with Tim always made you a better player. Trying to play up to his level would elevate your own playing, even if you could not equal his “monsterness”. Rest in Peace Tim, you will be sorely missed.

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One of Racine’s many hidden gems is the Parkside Reunion Big Band. This group of the area’s finest jazz musicians plays at McAuliffe’s Pub, 3700 Meachem Road in Racine, on
Tue 8:00 PM CDT
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