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Melinda Kreis
· April 1, 2018
I was told when I reserved the room that I could come at 5:00 when my event started at 6:00 to set up and decorate. When I got there at 5:15 the room was filled with people with a different party. I not able to set up my decorations until 5:45 when the other party finally left and then we had to help clean off the tables that were dirty. I was still setting up my decorations when my guests arrive which was really frustrating and made me look unorganized. I was also told by multiple people that the meatballs were not cooked and were red inside. After paying for the food I was approached by a worker and asked if the food and everything was ok because the tip I left apparently was not big enough. I have never had that happen to me and thought it was not only rude but unprofessional. I would not recommend booking this place to anyone after the experience I had last night. See More
Cody Laufer
· March 4, 2018
Stopped by for my very first time. I had heard many good things but my experience wasn’t good at all. The server was rude and always in a hurry. She didn’t check on us ever. Tables that arrived after were served first. Four people at our table waited a long time only to have lukewarm food. Although the flavor wasn’t too bad, the temperature of the food was not acceptable.

We went over the next day to Chrome Horse Newbo and loved it! CHN will be our much better stop.
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Chris Burkart
· April 24, 2018
Foor was just ok but far worse is a place to claim to have 56 beers on tap yet whenever i go there they are out of pretty much everything I want. Not just one time but pretty much everytime I go ther...e. And talking to my friends, I am not the only one with this problem. Its almost to be expected to have 3 or 4 beers in mind cause thats how many "guesses" you need to have ready when ordering. See More
Marcus Clark
· January 1, 2018
Some friends were looking for a place to host a party. Their goals were 1) individual tabs, 2) public place, 3) somewhat-private area. I said "Parlor City!"
We had a party in the Pavilion room -- wh...ich is fantastic. It even has a fire place. Unfortunately, many of our group changed their RSVP due to sickness or child-illness in the last 2 days before the party -- but everything else went fantastically.

Jill G was our server, and she was on the ball! She kept separate tabs even though people were not sitting but mingling all over the room. She had to go to the main bar for the taps (outside, then back in again in negative degree weather), but she served us as fast as I've ever been served there.
Thanks Jill!
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Nikki Leigh
· April 13, 2018
Awesome food, great selection on the menu and servers are attentive. Love it when they have live music, the Magnetos are a ton of fun to go see there. They have an amazing vanilla rootbeer drink too ...that you have to try. See More
Jason Beardsley
· April 12, 2018
Service sucks and the food was dry. Maybe if the owner put half as much effort into training his staff as he does collecting old signs to hang up around his buildings the food & service would reflect it.
Katie Lacina
· December 30, 2017
We had our highschool reunion here and Kirsten was one of the best servers I've ever had! She made sure we were all taken care of and was so personable and sweet. She has the best drink recommendation...s. I'll be coming back because of the service. See More
Becky Eden
· December 4, 2017
Great music on Sunday. Great bartenders keeping up with all the people. Only issue s was food... had the parlor city appetizer basket was VERY greasy! Shared with others and none of us could stomach t...he grease. Left half on plate. Pizza looked good. Would try the food again. See More
Justine Glandon
· April 2, 2018
Came here for the first time with family in February. My food was pretty good although it was bland. My mother was disappointed with her food, her sandwich's meat was mainly fatty. My father had no co...mplains. The service was average at best; was a little busy.

Not certain when we will come again.
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Kenze Lyn Tutton
· December 17, 2017
Great drink selection, good food and absolutely fantastic service from Carissa! All around a fun and great experience. Would definitely recommend!
Bruce Bascom
· December 27, 2017
Very good service and knowledgeable staff. Great onion rings. Only drawback was the juicy Lucy and juicy bluesy was missing the cheese in the middle. Apple chicken wrap was spot on.
Michele Lee Pisman
· September 17, 2017
A great place to hang out and enjoy a meal! My husband tried 2 of the beers on tap and liked both. Our server was friendly, prompt and attentive. We will be back!
Hayley Hartgrave
· July 14, 2017
We have tried for years and years to love this place. The food is delicious but the service we receive isn't worth the hassle. (Unless we manage to get one of the 3 waitresses that we personally know ...& then it is fantastic.) Well we tried yet again this week and after standing at the door in front of the "Please wait to be seated" sign minute after minute and having staff member after staff member stare at us from across the restaurant, walk by us in a hurry, or avoid eye contact entirely... we just walked out. There was no crowd. There was no shortage of tables available. I believe we are finally done trying. :( See More
Pat Bishop Scholtes
· September 17, 2017
Great food very busy place noticed all ages were having a good time. Great live band that night. Loved the Decore. We are from DesMoines but we'll be back
Joe Gluba
· July 16, 2017
Stopped in their late Saturday afternoon for dinner with my toddler age daughter and sat on the patio. The food was great, service was fast and the server was more than wonderful with dealing with my ...toddler age daughter See More
Kim Tebbe
· March 10, 2017
We come here all the time! In fact my wife threw my surprise 30th birthday party here. We reserved the room in the back for the party and we also were able to purchase a whole keg of craft beer for th...e event. Servers did a great job of keeping the drinks flowing and taking food orders all throughout the night. Don't mind some of the negative reviews this place does get busy *which there is a reason why!. So service does sometimes reflect that but we have never had a problem. See More
David Stover
· January 20, 2018
Great atmosphere. Huge selection of beer 🍺. Nice party room.
Tiffany Kankelfitz
· February 26, 2017
We decided to go to PC because my fiancée and I came here frequently with friends and loved it. Our bachelor(ette) party reserved a private room (because we planned to get a little rowdy and didn't wa...nt to bother other customers) for approx 25 people and we called to verify 3 days prior. We were told we had a private room but we're sharing with another group, which was fine. When we got there they had pushed a bunch of tables together in the middle of the restaurant, not in a private room. When questioned about it they tried to get us in a semi private area but there wasn't enough seating. Not sure if they can't count or tried to hide it. Then we decided to just sit at the tables pushed together. Still not enough seating so we grabbed a nearby booth as well. The staff then became very rude at people in our party because we were "taking profit from another waitress." This also doesn't make any sense because the waitress that would have had that table could have just waited on the part of the group.

Then the poor ONE waiter we had for all of us couldn't keep anything straight. He had people ordering food at all different times. They then forgot someone's order all together that they ended up bringing after everyone had their checks and were ready to go. The kitchen messed up orders and the poor waiter was frustrated with them as well.

I WILL say the server kept the alcohol coming. They tried to make up for the whole mess with a couple pitchers of free beer. We were frequent customers and a few people from my group, us included, decided we will not be returning because of the attitude from the staff this night. Had our waiter not been as patient and nice to us, we would have just left. I'm so disappointed in this place. If I weren't with the good group I was, this would have been a total disaster.
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John King
· February 19, 2017
Very disappointed. Went to their web page and was excited about their list of 56 beers. Their food selection looked okay, nothing exciting, but figured with the choice of beers it should be fun.
Get, sit at the bar and I am handed a beer menu that has 28 beers and a "good news" message, "we'll be back to our selection of 56 beers soon". They have been rebuilding their beer cellar, and based on conversations overheard at the bar, it's been an 'in progress' effort for quite a few months. So I struggle through the list to find 4 beers for tasting, my first 3 were not on tap (even though they were on the beer menu). Finally decide on 4, and the wait 10 minutes for the bartender to stop socializing with regulars and friends. Order food (pizza) which met expectations, mediocre. Ordered another beer, which had run out, asked what else in the way of IPAs on tap and was offered an American Ale, really?
Very disappointed in the lack of honesty in their web page, beer listing, atmosphere was noisy, service was inattentive and surly. Not a place I will be going back to.
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Wade MacTaggart
· April 7, 2018
Ambience, food, drinks, history. Eat & drink here.
Cenosillicaphobia - the fear of an empty beer glass. We won't let your pint go empty:

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