A shared post of Charles Wohletz, who provided some of the photos that appear in my first book: "Images of America: Tyler".

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Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, grass, outdoor and nature
Charles Wohletz to Abandoned East Texas

Another interesting abandoned place was City Park Spring Pond, Tyler, Texas, 200 West Queen Avenue. The many times I went to that park throughout the years, I ...never knew it existed since it was covered with brush and leaves. The park is across the street from Robert's Jr. High School which you can see in the first photo.
The City Park was purchased from Mrs. Fannie Heffler on September 26, 1930, for $4,000.00. It is located on a 1.85 acre site and is one of the oldest parks in the city. A natural spring is located within the park. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built a wading pond of natural iron ore rock to contain the fresh spring water. They constructed a small ledge for citizens to sit on as they cooled their feet in the natural spring water. The original gate valve for controlling the flow of water out of the pond is still working and is in use. This wading pond was constructed long before there were any community or city pools within the city. The date etched into the cement of the pool is 1941, so it is assumed that was the construction date. In addition to the WPA iron or rockwork in the wading pond, picnic tables, benches, bridges, a sandbox, and a lined creek through the park were constructed. The City Park underwent a facelift in the late 1990’s with the installation of a new irrigation system, a covered pavilion, and new picnic tables. However, the spring pond remained hidden and forgotten behind dense brush on the edge of the park until recently, when City employees began clearing in this area.
The Spring Pond is historically significant to Tyler and the United States because it represents a period of our history when our nation was making every effort to put people back to work following the Great Depression. The WPA work within the City Park is a fine example of the many WPA projects within Tyler that needs to be recognized and preserved.

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A shared post of Charles Wohletz, who provided some of the photos that appear in my first book: "Images of America: Tyler".

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Charles Wohletz to Abandoned East Texas

This was the old Dr. Pepper plant in Tyler, Texas which was across from the Riviere House at 1604 Bois D Arc...I believe the Riviere family owned it. It also m...ade other bottled drinks. It has stood abandoned for many years...I took this photo in 2005, but recently most of it has been removed. My Mother and her Sister lived in the Riviere house for awhile and said they would go across the street to buy drinks.

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A shared post of Charles Wohletz, who provided some of the photos that appear in my first book: "Images of America: Tyler".

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Image may contain: sky and outdoor
Charles Wohletz to Abandoned East Texas

Rowland House, Tyler, Texas 104 East Valentine
The Rowland House, built 1884 and demolished 1970, was one block from my Jr. High School and was abandoned for ma...ny years. In the last photo, you can see that it was altered somewhat throughout the years. The kids said it was hanted and would dare each other to knock on the door. It was right out of 'The Munsters' tv show. I would peak into the door windows and see red velvet curtains and carpet. I now regret that I didn't go to the estate sale before it was demolished to see the inside.

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Pamela Cockerham Griffith posted:

"There was a club that was once named Champs & Cody, but then it changed it's name around 1979/80. Do you know the place that I am talking about?"

Please post your comments here!

Did you take drivers' ed from Edsel Ford at Lee?

Did you ever buy a pair of Sledge's jeans, once made here in Tyler?

Remember the neon light on top of the Peoples National Bank?

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Charles Wohletz recently shared this photo, stating "My paper route...1960's...".

What jobs did you have as a kid growing up in Tyler? Share a photo if you have one!

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Traci DeMann Speed posted: "Looking for a longtime resident of Tyler, Ms Patsy Smith. She was a school counselor at Garland Evening School in Dallas. She would be in her 60's. My friend was her office assistant and would love to find her. I have contact info to share if in fact you might know of her."

Can anyone help her?

Past Glimpses of Tyler, Texas updated their cover photo.
January 16
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Happy Snow Day!

Here's a previous post of a Tyler "blizzard", 81 years ago!

Past Glimpses of Tyler, Texas added 8 new photos to the album: Blizzard in Tyler - January 10, 1937.

The 80th anniversary of this Tyler blizzard has just passed!

Allen Nicks, a local photographer, took a series of photographs of a blizzard in Tyler on January 1...0, 1937, which he turned into postcards. More an ice storm than a blizzard, it caused widespread damage with fallen limbs, downed power lines, and lampposts knocked over. One local recalled how it was the only time that all the movie theaters in Tyler were closed at the same time.

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Linda Stephenson wrote:

"Going bonkers trying to remember the name of Jackie and Ted Kamel's restaurant on old Bullard and the loop. Do you remember?"

Happy Holidays from Past Glimpses of Tyler, Texas!

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Did you know Santa built his rocket sleighs in Tyler?

Do you remember these? Please share your memories!

Past Glimpses of Tyler, Texas added 5 new photos to the album: Santa Claus Rocket Corporation - Tyler, TX.

Did you know that Santa’s sleighs were once built and based in Tyler, Texas?

In the 1960s & 1970s, the Santa Claus Rocket Corporation, with Lloyd B. Laster as p...resident, operated these custom-built, space-age-style vehicles, making scheduled, seasonal visits to give children free rides with Santa, his space hostess, pilot, and copilot. There were at least three different designs: Santa’s Rocket Sleigh, Santa’s Rocket Ship, and Santa’s Space Sleigh. Each had their own power plant for flashing Christmas lights and music.

Images and information about these vehicles can be found in Robert Reed’s books “Images of America: Tyler” and “Postcard History: Tyler.”

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Here's a rerun of ice house images in Tyler. Not quite Christmas, but there's snow in them!

Past Glimpses of Tyler, Texas added 9 new photos to the album: Ice House in the Snow.

The old ice house on North Spring on February 4, 2011, when we had one of our rare snowfalls.

Photograph copyright (c) 2011 by Robert Reed.

Letters to Santa from Tyler newspapers dated 1909!

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Past Glimpses of Tyler, Texas added 3 new photos to the album: Vintage Letters to Santa from Tyler!

Vintage letters to Santa, taken from vintage Tyler newspapers.

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Amy Bazan posted: "Anyone remember Rex's? It was at Kinsey and the loop and had a wonderful salad bar."