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Haleigh Christine Scibelli
· April 21, 2018
I was here a couple days ago after it being recommended for grabbing delicious slices of pizza, and it is so good! I opted for the eggplant parmigiana and I am impressed! The pizza was super delicious...! I would recommend this for a quick and delish pizza thanks for the delicious food! See More
Melody Marie Wellinger
· November 12, 2017
Very hit and miss depending on the food. I’ve ordered on two separate occasions the crispy buffalo chicken roll and while hoping I would love it I’m not a huge fan of uncooked pizza dough. The dough... on the ends of the roll were literally squishy and raw.... See More
Gemma Knight
· December 2, 2017
I'm a new customer to this business and I ordered one of they're pizza pies. It was delicious and worth the money. I'll definitely be buying from them again! 👍☺
Jennifer Weinberg-Martinez
· September 27, 2017
Ordered a salad for delivery came wrong. Called and the remade it and sent it again and I just put it in the fridge. Checked hours later and bammm wrong again. How hard is it to make a salad? I will them know how ridiculous that is tomorrow. See More
John Stedman
· February 11, 2018
Food is wonderful and the slices are huge and worth the price but they should improve their customer service
John Griffin
· March 17, 2017
Used to give these guys a call twice a month or so...last time I ordered my combination pizza was raw underneath. I also asked for extra cheese and added ricotta on the Greek and it did not come with Wings were so burnt the chicken was inedible and rock hard. They were also butchered horribly and there were bone splinters when you bit into one. Very inconsistent with the food. One day its good and another day its not. So no more for these guys until they get their act together. They are falling off the way the newish Wild Olive fell used to be good. Inedible food orders for 50$. Pass. See More
Alyssa Cori
· July 1, 2016
Food is great however....I work in customer service and the food industry...basic customer service isn't hard. Initially while ordering I kept being placed on hold or told to "hold on a second" for tw...o basic grinders with no modifications. I then am given a 45 minute time frame for delivery. (Totally cool that's a normal time frame.) about an hour and 10 minutes go by and I ask if my delivery is on the way and she says yes. As well as tell me "he's out there somewhere" and "we are just busy with drivers". Basic service tip #1 give a better ETA if it's busy. Tell me it'll be longer than 45 minutes. An hour and a half hits and still no driver. My boyfriend calls the next to be greeted with more excuses and being lied to saying "I've been telling customers over an hour". Not to me you did not because if you did I wouldn't be annoyed. Proper communication would have been nice. And maybe attempt to apologize for such poor service. See More
Gary Crowley
· March 29, 2018
Were loyal customers until they botched our $29 pizza and did nothing to make it right.
Annemarie Hannigan
· March 14, 2015
So I am done with this place. Food has been ok but there customer service awful. I plan on calling Better Business Bureau. They tell you that you can't use coupon on there menus unless you go there ev...en though it says for pick up or delivery. If you want the Sicilian pizza they pretty much tell you we don't want your business. If this location doesn't have it call the other one and they will tell you to call the other one or let me see if we are not to busy we can. They treat there customers like we owe them something. This has happened to me a few times now thought well I would give them another chance but after today I am done. I hope the owner sees this and realizes that they will be loss g business not that they care. This is for there other loction mainly but this location as well seems just as bad. See More
Lena Valdes
· June 9, 2015
If my husband wasn't leaving to work with the car right now, you guys would've got a very unpleasant visit from me. This is his fave pizza spot and I liked it as well. Ordered a pizza today and when w...e opened it at home, we were appalled. The chicken not only is dry and very hard but some of it is so burned, it's black. Looks like they reheated last nights chicken and overdid it. My husband doesn't ever plan on going back again. See More
Michael Morrissey
· September 21, 2015
I order there often so I called in my order for delivery. told the girl I had a coupon for a free 2 liter of soda mind u my order came too $45.00 not including drivers tip... I was told can not use co...upon because of a delivery.. Never heard of such a thing and it dose not say it on the coupon. she said well I am telling u now .. lol time to find a new place to order from lately the food comes burnt anyways See More
Jerry Munic
· July 29, 2017
Enjoyed a delicious mesculan salad while dining on the patio with my two dogs at my feet.
Mike Thomas
· June 29, 2016
Horrible service, kept being placed on hold, for a small order took greater than a hour to deliver and when said delivery driver came to residence they forgot the order. Never again will I spend my m...oney here until they clean house of the incompetent staff hey have and hire new experienced staff. See More
Luis Diaz
· September 16, 2017
Last few times I haven't been impressed.those fries funny tasting and the boneless buffalo chicken was horrible.
Christopher Siciliano
· July 1, 2016
Terrible customer service. Called your sringfield location at 6:50pm, quoted a 45 min delivery time and it's now 8:15. Called to check status of my order and was basically brushed off the phone and th...e counter girl could give a damn. So rude and unprofessional. See More
Shannon Splaquet
· October 21, 2014
Years ago, my roommates and I would order the steak bomb on the weekly. Now a days I try to swing by for a slice when possible. Same great Peppas! ...And same great exploration of new pizza creations ...and ideas! See More
Brendon Sohre
· April 30, 2016
Ordered a take out pizza, took twice as long they said it would, when we did finally get it the $8 of extra toppings was missing. Sill got charged for them, will not be returning.
Kelsey Manley
· June 29, 2017
Yummy pizza! Love all of the choices! Great deals, and always really wonderful service!
Anthony M Savoy
· June 17, 2017
Just waited an hour and a half for delivery. Now waiting some more as I heat up the ice cold food they delivered in the oven....even though THEY ARE LOCATED ON THE SAME STREET AS ME.
What can I say? ...I'm not sure who owns this place, but for the last seven years that I have lived in this neighborhood, the restaurant has been run almost entirely by children. From the people who answer the phone's, go to the child who just delivered my cold food, I have never seen a single adult working in this establishment. It's like Lord of the Flies. That's not to say that the kids are nice, they are just unprofessional. You will routinely be put on hold over and over when trying to order (presumably because they're understaffed). Deliveries NEVER arrive in a timely manner. Food is often cold.

I don't order from here very often, but when I do, it's routinely cold or just incorrect all together. I would have called tonight to complain about my cold food, but for what? To explain myself to a 16-year-old that's probably getting paid peanuts? The food itself is decent if you order in so I can't complain about that.
See More
Kristina Johnson
· April 21, 2016
The food is amazing I love it I live in CT it's a drive but definitely worth it
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