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Brrrr... thought the sun would never come out to burn this chill away from the morning air. But it did and how beautiful...


We invite you to come kayak on Perdido River. . .

When I lived in San Francisco, I drove across the Oakland Bay Bridge to work. The city skyline was magnificent but the Bay itself presented a much more interesting mixture of sights. There was Yerb...

Make sure to include us in your 2015 Adventures and Fun Activities Calendar. . .

Make a reservation and meet us at: Fran's Country Grill, 5539 Highway 29, Molino, Florida Shuttle to the river by appointment and reservation, starting at 8 am until 3 pm. 2 - 4 - 6 hour trips. St...

The water plants not only add beauty to the river, they nourish the waters and the marine life...

Paddling up-stream's easy, relaxing. Rowing a light canoe or paddling a kayak, one can take time to look and admire the surroundings. The water swirls and makes a tympani sound as the wooden oar hi...

Welcome to Perdido Natural Adventures

The wilderness... imagine an arid desert, a vast expanse of sand dunes sculpted and re-sculpted by the night wind. Shifting sands with lonely outcroppings of hardy date palms, bull-rush and ground creepers, even maybe an oasis with a small watering hole for the creatures who live there. It is heaven for them - unspoiled, with its natural beauty secrets kept intact. [ 142 more words. ]

Dear Friends - make sure to put us in your 2015 recreation calendar for kayaking, canoeing... Tube trips, or for simply just relaxing by the river's edge, even maybe cooling off your toes in the pristine waters after a walk, or perhaps a family picnic... the activities are endless.

Our environment... so fragile and so delicately balanced. Our quality of life and the lives of other creatures depend on it. We must take time to manage our surroundings and natural resources well.

Hello World! Happy New Year to all... our environment is certainly becoming healthier thanks to your efforts at conservancy. We salute your act of responsibility as good stewards of God's creation. We firmly believe that there are folks who litter, there are folks who do not litter, and then there are folks who pick up others litter. It is a New Year and we are asking... which kind of folk are you?

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The road to The Pipes today

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Due to the heavy rain that we have had this week, the river has gone up a bit. Here are some pictures from The Pipes today. We had some customers on the river today and everything went fine.

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Here is one good size fish that Matt got on Saturday from Perdido river

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This coming Memorial Day weekend we will have a river clean up based at Otto Hill. Come help us, free food and refreshments or bring something you want to grill or share. You can camp out with us from friday after 2pm till monday 10am for free. Call us if you are coming, 850 587 3002. Hope to see you, PNA.

I have tried to answer Pricillas question about our tubes but somehow it does not go through.... Our tubes are black natural rubber without handles.

Hi all river lovers ! Did you know that Otto Hill is now opened for private parties or camping up to 25 persons. You can reserve it for the whole weekend from fri 2pm through mon 10am. The reservation should be sent to NW Florida Water Management District but you get the form also from us. Send an email to us at and ask for the Otto Hill fillable campsite permit form. And ofcourse you can rent the canoes and kayaks from us .