Poo tea!

Why does my horse eat horse poo? We often have enquiries from anxious owners asking why their horse has suddenly been seen eating horse droppings. Their immediate reaction is to question if something is lacking in their horse’s diet. Well it possibly could be, but it’s probably not what you think it…
by Linda Chamberlain Meet Marc Ferrador. He was a much-respected farrier who had serious doubts about nailing shoes to horses' hooves and decided to do something about it. Colleagues thought he was...
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Ulrike Thiel added 4 new photos.

Some of the photo's I took from the cafeteria of the Spanish Riding School

The fact, that the Spanish Riding School was not at all reacting on the lot of mails... asking them to think their cooperation with Anky van Grunsven over has motivated me to publish photo's I myself made at the training of the Spanish Riding School about 4 years ago.

What I had seen there had upset me and I contacted Georg Wahl and Mrs Stückelberger who talked it over at the organization (Verein) and with the Direction of SRS. at that time.

I did not publish them, because I hoped, that this discussion would make the Direction think over the way they changed their training during the past years.

These photo's show riders who are using the Rollkur Method consciousely and riders who are not able to ride their horses in front of the vertical.

Find more shots at a PDF (see link below)…/SpanischeReitschuleRollkur.pdf

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Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid

We will always learn more traveling with an open minded student than we will sitting with a close minded expert.

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Ride With Your Mind

The Neck Shape Test

This is a illustration from my first book, The Natural Rider, drawn by Christine Bousfield. This shows what the horse's muscle should look l...ike from above on his neck when he is working correctly for dressage. The solid drawn line is correct and the dotted line is what occurs when the horse is ridden from the front to the back.

Have fun learning, so you can live the love you have for your horse.


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LAMBOURN’S future as a horseracing centre of excellence has been boosted by planners’ approval of a futuristic horse training monorail. Despite some local objections, planning chiefs have given the go-ahead for the revolutionary Kurtsystem project at Kingwood Stud. The...
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Growing Bolder is with Candis King and 20 others.

#15... We're counting down THE 50 MOST POPULAR Growing Bolder graphics of 2013 ...#15 is...

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Horsemanship Network

Approaching hyperflexion or just normal, acceptable riding technique?

What do you say?

Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid

Horses are great equalizers. They don't care who we are, or what we know, or how much money we have, or which trainer we follow, or how new or fancy our tack or... training tools are. They only care about how they feel when they are around us. It's one of the only places in horsemanship where we all begin, more or less, as equals.

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Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid

Mastery is understanding that you can never know it all. Mediocrity is believing you already do.

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Equus Magazine

Five years ago today we lost a visionary instructor and horsewoman, Sally Swift. Check out this excerpt from the EQUUS archives where our friend, contributor and one-time cover model explained how to develop your “following seat.” >>

Refreshing viewpoint

Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid

Horsemanship is the art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions and behavior. Not the horses.

Love this! The point about rough lead ropes is food for thought

Welcome! We are looking forward to sharing some thoughts and ideas on horses and horsemanship with you. Be sure to check back from time to time for new installments!

Nice idea

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Joanne Hughes

On the papers of a horse coming from Graham Motion. Good move.

Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid

One of the biggest shifts in my own horsemanship occurred a number of years ago when I realized the difference between doing something TO a horse as a way to ge...t a result, and doing something WITH a horse as a way to develop understanding. Another shift occurred when I could finally feel the difference.

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Another perspective that fits so well with horses too

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L.R.Knost - Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources

Connection, Communication, and Cooperation ~ The Three C's of Gentle Parenting…/practical-gentl-effecti…/