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Aj Williams
· October 31, 2017
Have bought several vehicles from them over the years and they always worked with me and did me right.
David Lumpkin
· November 2, 2016
had a issue that need to be fix on my car, they take cure of the issue and did not cost me much to fix as will. thank you for a good job. i will go back for others things to be fix. good day.
Angie Golden Young
· July 19, 2016
Come by and check out the sea doo, golf cart, scooters, motorcycles.

Everyone hates to change their motor oil every 3,000 miles!!! And most people are too busy to keep this stringent schedule. I have been using "full" synthetic motor oil and replacing my motor oil and filter every 10,000 miles for years! Use this link to see if your manufacturer recommends the 10k mile oil changes. Also make sure you get the" full synthetic" and not the "synthetic blend" oils...

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