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Posted by Kelly D. Ware
Kelly D. Ware

I took it to the roof!!! I Built up bags of leaves on my very cold, non-insulated second story wall that pours cold air down my stairs into the main room (new w...indows). It was just as easy to build up on a slight slant on the roof! (Don't worry, its in my back yard north side so only one neighbor will have to look at it!) I filled my own with recycled bags with lighter, dry leaves. The top layer is formed to slope outward with plastic draped over it to keep snow from melting in-between. Composting action keeps them even warmer. Every year I get so frustrated with cold floors in certain areas. This will also keep the foundation and basement warmer. We are all tucked in and ready for the freezes.

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Kelly D. Ware

This is the idea of collaborative business structures technology we really. Working together in an inclusive, multidimensional way is so important going forward as functional communities in our process to localize and build resilience for the future. Check this technology out.

Big things happen when humanity is at the core of business. A New Economy is a feature documentary that asks, "Can cooperation save the world?" See…
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Kelly D. Ware

Some day I will publish my video called 7 reasons why to NOT use weed cloth around perennials: 1) great place for weeds to root. 2) perennials starve, 3) soil web is cut off and compost and moisture is not taken downward by worms and bugs, 4) soil compacts, 5) plants cannot rejuvenate and spread, the old center dies unable to root and renew. 6) Roots spread superficially and dehydrate, 7) expensive to install and remove a few years later. INSTEAD: Replace with layers of diverse mulches, manure, leaves, wood chips, Forest needles, plant scraps like a lasagna and you create great soil moist and nourished underneath. Weeds then are easy to remove that spread from roots- like grass. You will love the soil you create in time.

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This is my most interesting web site latest!!!

The world’s largest database of edible food plants, containing useful information on over 24,000 food plants.
Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing the blueprints for 50 farm machines, allowing anyone to build their own tractor or harvester from scratch. And that's only the first step in a project to write an instruction set for an entire self-sustaining vi…

Welcome ecofiendly travelers. My very nice for a home is open to share with you to research the area, Booking reservations now through in Polson, Montana. Come enjoy permaculture sites in the Flathead! Sleeps 8, organic gardens, lake, local markets, coop, parks, playgrounds walking trails shoreline and mountains close. Sign up and use airbnb for your next travel destination and I get supported with $100! Thank you for passing on the goodness.
About the area: W...e are a zone 4-5b area with lots of permaculture business opportunities! there are several land options to people to co-op/ co oan/rent space in these retreats: Certain permaculture developments work very well in the area go underserved Natural tourism or geo/eco-tourism, from an RV and mini home retreat near airport and Glacier National Park, to mountain retreats and ecological education centers under the ski resorts of Lakeside and Whitefish areas. Bigfork and the swan look for more permies to join them in the forest/river. Welcome to Montana. "Because Nothing is There".
Gardened Wellness Center in town in Polson
House in Polson, United States. Permaculture gardens, double lot is a wellness center/ home. Chiropractic and massage available to guests. Fresh pick your food, quiet neighborhood, air conditioning, 1 block to lakeside park, fenced, hardwood floors, walk to town. Relaxing and q...

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Join Kelly on Airbnb and find over one million unique places to stay anywhere in the world.
Let's reconnect with our relatives in nature In 2013: the plant beings: A group of First Nations People in Saskatchewan Canada are reclaiming their Indigenou...

Amazing! This class in Italy has dropped to $500 INCLUDING food and lodging. Take one of the best Restoration Agricultural Design classes in the WORLD!!!!

Experience Slow Food and Restoration Agriculture In The Beautiful Village Of Veglio For Our Sense And Sustainability Workshop

The tribe here in Montana is winning the water control rights from the federal government. This can be a very good thing as long as they know how to CONSERVE water. Unlike California, that just seeks to diminish use instead of capturing and storing big rain events, Montana and elsewhere has the ability wo manage water through simple techniques each "villager" can use to replenish supplies. See how this man did it in the "desert" region of India. Education.

Revival of traditional rainwater harvesting has transformed the driest state in India and could be used to combat the effects of climate change across the world. - 2015/04/08

Please support. 5 days to reach $500 only. Help this permaculture demonstration farm get going.

Share Peace Project
In a world of limited resources, we are beginning to see the effects of a planetary environmental crisis. We need solutions in order to live more sustainable lives. Ecology Centers and Permaculture Programs are popping up all over the world to meet these needs. Permaculture is an environmental desig…
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Permacultura del Instituto Ná Lu'um is with Gracia Espinosa Ludueña and 42 others.

Ya se viene esta impresionante experiencia. El Instituto de Permacultura Ná Lu´um en Colombia brindando este Curso Certificado de Diseño de Permacultura con la ...Metodología Ná Lu´um.
Desde el 30 de Enero al 8 de Febrero, diseñando para ir mas allá de la Sustentabilidad!!!!, no te lo podés perder!!!!!

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Everything from Urban Agriculture to Robotics and a huge basement full of Aquaponic growing. A 20K Square ft Laboratory that will change the game for the inn...
This video was recorded on Nov. 18th 2014 at the Sustainable Agriculture Symposium sponsored by the Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture. This is segment...
The Red List of montane tree species of the tropical Andes has recently been published, assessing 127 tree species. Andean montane forests are a major global conservation priority owing to their biological richness and high level of species endemism however they remain relatively unstudied. As with…
The aid and orphanage programs were birthed in the heart of Nicholas Burtner with the belief that permaculture and holistic practices truly help and empower the dis-empowered and needy. School of Permaculture provides aid to orphanages, kids homes,...
The controversial practice is banned in the East African country, but women in remote areas are still forced to follow the custom.