And the winner is....Kathryn!!

Hello All! Been a long, shouldn’t left you without a dope beat to step to 😂 Jumping on here real quick just to shamelessly promote my 4 Week Challenge starting next week! The challenge will be done via Skype, with the hopes to encourage anyone and everyone to join! If you have any questions or are interested at all, email me at with the subject “ I deserve this!” Also you can head over to my other page Juanita James to get more information! Hope to hear from some of you 💛

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Fall photos of my sweet goddaughters Derica Mayfield Jackson Derek Jackson


Sometimes it never hurts to ask! I was thrilled to see this family after so long. Last time they were just a family of three but now they have grown. It was such a joy seeing you all yesterday! I will be PASSing your photos to you later this evening!

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Hello all! Long time no post lol. It has been over a year since I have posted any updates, pictures etc. I have been busy being a mom, fitness instructor and all the other titles that go along with mom. Next week we will be celebrating our Rosebuds third birthday! And about three months after, celebrating Levi's 2nd. Kayla began 3rd grade this year and is already becoming a math genius! (Common core is no joke but she gets it!)

I have been struggling with the idea of photography again. I have prayed on it and kind of left it up in the air. Well about a month ago my computer officially died. I had gotten that computer as a gift almost 6 years ago. I panicked when it happened, in fear that not only my pictures had disappeared but some of my clients pictures that hadn't been backed up yet, were gone too. Quickly I realized, everyone's gallery had been PASSed to them so everyone's pictures are safe and sound in the cloud and backed up! However my personal photos were not 😢 Long story short, a computer god at the store is going to be able to save them all!!!

Most people would ignore such a sign but I saw it as a way to let go of the idea of continuing Persnickety. I have loved capturing every single moment you all have allowed me to be apart of. Your families mean a lot to me, which makes the decision much more difficult. BUT I am not going to leave you without some recommendations of local photographers in the area who are AMAZING. Thank you all again for being awesome and letting me be apart of your lives.

Tracy Parron Photography
Alicia Wiley Photography
Twist Photography


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I got to spend some time with three of my favorite people. My goddaughter is the cutest thing ever and her parents are some of the best friends I could ask for

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Loving these photos! bareWHITness beauty you did an amazing job on these ladies make-up! If you are looking for a MUA, I highly recommend Whitney!!

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"It's almost Friday!"

Ms. M is so excited she turned 3!

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Yesterday was AMAZING! bareWHITness beauty asked me to photographer her work and all I can say is "WOW!" She is an awesome MUA! Looking forward to seeing what's next for her

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Busy day ahead! I am beginning to edit two sessions from last weekend then off to take some pictures this evening and ending the night celebrating three years with my wonderful man! What are you all up to?

It was such a joy spending my morning with these two and their parents. Mr. C is quite the story teller! And Ms. M is so excited to turn 3! Thanks you two for making my morning awesome And thanks mom and dad for the apple was SO delicious! #bestclientsever

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In Ellicott City getting ready for B Family!

Hello everyone!! Happy Fall or is still summer? September is the most confusing month. So much has been happening lately, I don't know where to begin!

Some of you may be aware of my love for fitness, while others may not be surprised. I recently started teaching a class at Believer's Fitness Bootcamp (The BFB) called Boot Camp Jam. It's a cardio and strength class with great music. Since I have slowed down with the photography, it has been a great way to get out of the house... and do something I love!

Next, I have been utilizing my creative talents by making scarves for the fall. I will attach a picture below in case anyone wants one! They too have been a awesome distraction from my mom life lol.

Finally Levi turned 7 months on the 26th, Rose will be 2 in November and Kayla started 2nd this year! Isn't that crazy?! I hope you all are doing well. See some of you soon!

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My best friend got married this past weekend. I had the pleasure of being the MOH but she had asked me to snap a few of her getting ready since the main photographer wasn't arriving until the ceremony. Here are some of the detail shots. Hope you all are doing well!!!

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Persnickety Photography added 3 new photos to the album: Curls Rule!

In our house, we clog drains there is so much hair! We abuse Target's natural hair aisle every two weeks. And we stand behind the motto," BIG HAIR DON'T CARE!"

I encourage my girls to LOVE their hair. It doesn't matter if it is straight, curly, long, short, black, blonde or even purple, their hair is just an extension of themselves. It does NOT define who they are as individuals.

ENJOY these curls as much as I do

This little man is 5 months old! How are your little ones doing?

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