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Keith Morris
· March 4, 2016
My name is Keith Morris and am a dog trainer here in the DFW area. I was looking for a stun baton/ gun to take on walks with me as I often have a pack of dogs with me and from time to time off leash d...ogs have approached. It has been highly scary at times as we never know what the approaching dogs intet is. Rather than use physical force with a stick, mase, or another object to get the dog away from me with physical force, Tracy sent me two awesome products. The Onster Model 7800 Stun Gun and the Stun Master that includes a flashlight. Both are rechargable and make enough static noise that it will littteraly scare the daylights out of any oncoming dog or animal away. If you are dog walker, trainer, or just want something that will give you an advantage when approached by something or someone that may cause you harm you canot go wrong with these two products. Also, you cannot go wront the Personal Safety Source, Tracy is extremely responsive and does what she says she is going to do. I highly recommend Persoal Safety Source for your prsonal safety equipment needs. These products are not training tools and should ever be used for training a dog. Five stars all the way. See More
Brenda Hammonds
· April 7, 2015
Love this page. Found it going through the Mesquite Scanner. Lots of great stories, great products and great tips and information on safety. Check it out.
Tracy Lacey
· July 1, 2013
Really neat products you can't find anywhere else!

I wouldn't sit there no matter how many lives I had!

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Posted by Iurii Sinicin
Iurii Sinicin to Наша Бельгия

When you have 9 lives, you can sit like that.

Barricades are for safety

Just another reason you don't drive around barricaded roads.

The vehicle erupted in flames on Summit Avenue and Route 208 in Franklin Lakes just before 9 a.m.