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Thu 8:00 PM EDTFlowers for all OccasionsNew York, NY
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My catalogue is now on Spotify, search “Redding Hunter”, if you listen to a hundred songs a day I can buy a new T-shirt once a month


new project I Am Veronica: playin round NY all March, check me out

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@distrokid just accused me of stealing material from peter and the wolf. so I stole my phone from my pocket to type this.

preview new album: "vesper moon" by yours truly -- a collection of earliest recordings (some never released, some remixed, some alternate performances) -- dark lullabies / inward journey nonsense recorded on acoustic guitars with dana falconberry, jon and jaime jones, josh duke, and a few other friends here n there -- on bandcamp now, or find it soon wherever music is streamed/sold:

Long Nights Short Mornings Original Soundtrack by Redding Hunter (of Peter and the Wolf) -- link to add to Spotify below:

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Long Nights Short Mornings (Original Soundtrack)
Redding Hunter
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Long Nights Short Mornings soundtrack by Redding Hunter now available in full.

Stream it on iTunes / Apple Music or on spotify, pandora, tidal, bandcamp--anywhere music is sold/streamed online

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Long Nights Short Mornings (Original Soundtrack)
Redding Hunter

scary ghost track from my new album now streaming at…/long-nights-short-morn… -- i'll put a couple more tracks up in the next hour or so / full album now available for pre-orders which arrive 8/22 woohoo:

14 track album

FINALLY this soundtrack by yours truly is coming out on Aug. 22nd everywhere music is sold / streamed / etc -- press / blogger / writer homies that want an advance copy and press release type junk just message me and I'll get it to you immediately. We aren't doing some big lengthy press campaign for this because the movie is already out on Netflix, but if you want to hear it / review it / feature it or whatever that's cool with me, hit me up.

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7 MONTHS: amount of time since Cosmote Greece started running commercial campaign using my song
4 MONTHS: amount of time they were in breach of contract without paying me / giving runaround / generally ignoring emails
72 HOURS: amount of time between when I started posting about it on Twitter and Facebook and when they wired me payment in full.
in other words:

4 NEW ALBUMS by Redding Hunter (one soundtrack preview, one full album, and two demo collections) now downloadable for free / donation, check them out yall:

good music should make you feel like you've gone insane

2-track preview of next lil album coming v soon:

2 track album

Redding Hunter 2017 FILM / TV reel is up now and features professor X (sir patrick stewart) reading jules verne, kristin wiig being a creep, SyFy channel eeriness, an ocean of bud light… two new movies i did the soundtracks for released this month (Long Nights Short Mornings / Stake Land II) -- so yeah, let’s talk 2017 projects and beyond!

Redding Hunter's 2017 Film / TV Reel includes clips from the new feature films crediting Hunter as composer: Long Nights Short Mornings (Last Pictures) and…

New Album TODAY and it's FREE (donations very much appreciated!) so nobody give me no GRIEF

13 track album

today I heard ari fleischer say that college educated Americans and a liberal press don't understand why "heartland" Americans would vote the way they did, and my little brain-dots connected immediately to the anti-Chavez article that went viral this weekend by Andres Miguel Rondon in which he reminds those who oppose a populist not to forget who the enemy is: themselves, easily painted by a corrupt administration as pompous elites, not real patriots, and then the dots connec...ted further to chief strategist (now national security council member) steve bannon telling the press yesterday to "be quiet and listen for awhile" and that they're the "opposition party" which, combined with fleischer's statements, is code for "a critical press / educated public represents accountability, therefore a critical press / educated public is the enemy," and finally the dots connected back to Rondon warning of the Venezuelan example: you're going to think you should be screaming about the insanity / blatant factual errors / lies, but that will only divide you further and strengthen the populist regime. with all this in mind, it seems to me the most important thing to do today is speak directly to the people in your lives on "the other side" of this looking glass, reinforce those bonds between you (familial in many cases) rather than diminish them, and be patient about what is actually true (science, statistics, historical events) but be INSISTANT.

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