A historic crowdfunding campaign for a movie about America's biggest serial killer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the media cover-up.

"One court document stated the following indicated that that other tenants had to endure abortion protests along with “patients and visitors of [Nova] loitering in hallways, individuals vomiting in the bathrooms or common areas in and around the building, and female visitors carried from the building in an apparent state of unconscious…This is the reality created by NOVA.”"…/what-really-closed-the-la…/


"passage of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR 1797) in the U.S. House of Representatives, which was designed to protect unborn babies 20 weeks gestation and older. The legislation was prompted by recent revelations that babies were born alive then intentionally killed by Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell....Photos of two late-term babies aborted by Karpen that were supplied by the former employees were shown as evidence of ongoing abortion crimes and abuses during a recent hearing of the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)."…/pro-life-leaders-to-deman…/

Houston, TX – Pro-Life leaders from a number of national groups are holding a press conference to demand that the State take action to immediately close Douglas Karpen’s two Houston abortion clinic...

Are there other clinics out there just as bad, if not worse than the Gosnell clinic?…/

There has been much coverage lately about abortionist and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell, but very little about his co-defendant Eileen O’Neill on charges of conspiracy, racketeering, perjury, a...

Want to thank all of the media who covered the trial while it was happening.…/18232657-abortion-doctor-kermit…

Philadelphia abortion provider Kermit Gosnell was convicted Monday of first-degree murder for the death of three babies that prosecutors said they delivered alive and then subsequently killed. Gosnell, 72, could face the death penalty. He was acquitted of one count of fir …

Please dear readers, if you like the page, and agree with the sentiment, please share us around. Currently only Fox News is covering the trial.

"Seventy-two members of Congress on Wednesday sent letters to executives at three major networks — ABC, CBS, NBC"

Read more:…/72-lawmakers-abc-nbc-cbs…/…
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Seventy-two members of Congress on Wednesday sent letters to executives at three major networks — ABC, CBS, NBC — expressing outrage at their blatant avoidance of Kermit Gosnell’s grisly abortion trial.

How are you hearing about the progress in the case?…/3-7-murder-charges-against-philad…/

A judge has thrown out three of seven murder charges against a Philadelphia abortion provider involving babies allegedly born alive.

Please consider signing the petition being sent to ABC, NBC, and CBS.…/stop-censoring-abortionist-gosnell-ma…


Is asking the media to cover the Gosnell case a "silly" idea as this New York Times editor claims?
"Again for the record, The Times has run six articles on the Gosnell case, including a long one in 2011 (which of course is well before this weekend’s silliness about coverage). "…/kermit-gosnell-and-r…/

The effort to use this case to “prove” that abortion is wrong, is wrongheaded

"We're not talking about [the specifics] because it would show that Gosnell is one of the most evil human beings to ever walk the face of the earth."(April 17, 2013)…/inside-the-trial-of-abortion-do…/

Media slow to react to murder trial

Obama comments regarding the Gosnell Trial on the Today show. (April 17, 2013)

Video on Today: During an exclusive interview, TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie asks President Obama about the trial of Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell, and he replies that anyone “violating medical ethics” or the law should be prosecuted.

Huffington Post video interview. Pennsylvania State Representative, Margo Davidson talks about her 22 year old cousin who died after an illegal abortion at the Gosnell clinic.…/k…/516c4c22fe34442d7f000710

Despite having all the elements of a national story, the Kermit Gosnell case has barely (and very slowly) made the front pages of major news outlets. Is this an attempt by the left-wing media to protect abortion rights at all costs?