Quick video to show how the bindings work.
It was such a blast riding with Jamie and Darcy in Revelstoke a month ago. I was trying to get Darcy's butters on film, but missed it. Alas, Jamie got it! Enjoy. Phantom Splitboard Bindings with Dynafit TLT5s on a Prior Snowboards & Skis split. Shred on Darcy!! Glad to see the west coast getting some fluff.
Finally got the new mill up and running. First task, slotting out TLT6 stops! #splittech #phantomsnow

What an insane season it has been for @tahoepowderguides (☝️) and @tymills up at @eaglepassheliskiing. Why don’t you guys shred some pow for a change!!! 😜#phantomsnow #splitguides #heliguides #deepinthemonashees

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Hesitant to perform surgery on a new pair of boots? Been looking around for a pair of TLT6s but unable to find any? Well, we are now selling off the entire collection of boots we’ve been hoarding in the shop: new/unmodded, new/fully modded, and we also have a few pairs of used/fully modded available for cheap!! CR liners, buckle catches and lean plates also available. #springcleaning

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@gnative and friends continue to crush this season in Austria. Sounds like some billygoating and split skiing was necessary to finish off this awesome line between Kuchenspitze and Kuechlspitze—necessary skills for splitting in the big mountains and just another reason that #splittechistheanswer. #phantomsnow #splitboarding #austria #stantonamarlberg

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Been scoping the zone for a size L RIDE + TOUR package but only seeing “out of stock?” Better fly that bird over to our webstore right now because ONE just appeared! Last size L available this season!! #phantomsnow #nearlysoldout 📸 @tahoepowderguides w/ @eaglepassheliskiing

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It has been one hell of a season in certain places🔥☝️🔥 Not so much in other places. For us, our time on snow has been less than we are used to...but that’s how it goes when you’re pumping out bindings from November-now, securing patents, working on #gamechanging developments in the hooks and boots realms, and growing and raising families. All good tho!! It has been a banner year at Phantom, and for that we owe all of you a massive thanks 🙏 We are just about sold out of our 2017/18 binding packages with only (5) size M RIDE + TOUR packages left. Ready to ship immediately. If you’ve been too busy playing in the snow and/or hesitating to #jointherevolution, now would be the time! #phantomsnow #splittechistheanswer #nearlysoldout Photo: @christinalusti Rider: @marxkarkis Location: #rogerspass Conditions: #epic

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One more from the 40 Tribes Backcountry #splitfest in Kyrgyzstan. Because how cool is it that a gathering of splitters happens every year deep in the mountains of #centralasia??! We are proud to be the #splitboardbindings of choice of the entire 40 Tribes #splitguide team✊️ Pictured here is lead guide @tymills absolutely blowing it up!! #phantomsnow x #40tribes #splittechistheanswer

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Our boys over at 40 Tribes Backcountry have been crushing it in Kyrgyzstan over the past few weeks!! They recently wrapped up their annual #splitfest, guided by #splitguide and Phantom ambassador @tymills. This year’s gathering was attended by Splitboard Magazine’s own @dveperez, so keep your eyes peeled for a few articles and more banger photos to come... #phantomsnow x #40tribes x #splitboardmag #splitboarding #splitfest2018 📸 @40tribes

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We will be strolling around #outdoorretailer this Friday, so please hit us up if you’d like to connect in person (specifically drop John a note at Stoked to share what we’ve got cooking up in the lab—and are just about ready to start distributing—including our #patentpending #herculeshooks. Strong like the name suggests, no loose parts jingle-jangling around, and totally shift-proof✊️ Some exciting developments in the boots realm to share as well... @siasnowsports @outdoorretailer #outdoorretailer2018 #phantomsnow #splittechistheanswer

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Hard to keep track of all of the amazing lines our friends up north get into. Here’s @adamzok dropping into a beaut from a few weeks back. Just another day on the pass! 📸 @fmarmsaterphoto #splitboarding #rogerspass #britishcolumbia #outforarip

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Canuck Splitfest is this weekend and is gonna be epic always!! Sad we’re not able to make it up this year but we sent a RIDE package to represent✊️ One lucky raffle winner will be stoked! Have fun and shred hard. We’ll be down here in Colorado dreaming of that #capow! (while building bindings) #canucksplitfest2018 #revelstoke #splitboarding #splitfest #splittechistheanswer

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40 Tribes Backcountry is running an expedition to #Kamchatka #Russia this April and the zone they’ll be basecamping in looks insane!!!! Guided by ACMG #splitguide and #phantomsnow rider @gregt_johnson. Space for a few more! Hit up Ryan at 40 Tribes for more info:

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If your weekend is shaping up to look anything like this, you must be riding with #splitguide @tymills. #kickinghorse #slackcountry #splitboarding #splittechistheanswer 📸 @markherbison

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The most wonderful time of the year indeed! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all. Thanks once again for your patience this season while we continue to get your binders wrapped up and out the door as quickly as possible 🙏 Rider: @adamzok Photo: @joeyvosburgh #splitboarding #winter #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear

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Not sure if the smaller image size was all part of the plan in illustrating the most #minimalist #splitboardbindings out there, but it worked. Or maybe it’s that we’re the only bindings without unnecessary highbacks and clunky ratchet straps?? In any case, stoked to finally get eyes on the @backcountrymag 2018 Gear Guide and this page in particular!! Note that it’s our RIDE + TOUR package that is priced at $850. RIDE only (pictured here) is $575. Second build bindings are available via the webstore now and will ship in January. #splittechistheanswer #jointherevolution

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@joeyvosburgh steps onto the playing field. Photo: @fmarmsaterphoto #phantomsnow #splittechistheanswer

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WHAAA BAM!!! Adios first build bindings 👋👋👋 Hope you’re heading to snowier climes! Thanks once again to everyone for your patience. You’re about to find out why we’ve kept saying it’s worth the wait. Second build orders ship in early Jan. #phantomsnow #splittechistheanswer #worththewait

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